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Layman’s Explanation of the Allan variance
We can think of the Allan variance as a measure of change.  Some say the only thing that is constant is change!  My good friend, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy from BYU, Chauncey Riddle says, “Time seems to be the possibility of change.” 

David W Allan – Physicist – Biography
David W. Allan was born in Mapleton, UT, 25 September 1936 and was raised on a farm.
He obtained a BS in Physics from BYU and an MS in physics from the University of Colorado.  His 1965 master’s thesis gave birth to the Allan variance. He later developed the Modified Allan variance and the Time variance, all three of which became international standards.

Seven Events in the Seven Steps of the Atonement of Jesus the Christ  
1. Gethsemane ( Alone) – 2. The Sanhedrin (Rejected by is own, Israel)
3.The Romans (Rejected by the Gentiles) – 4. Seven Sayings on the Cross
5. Voluntarily Gave His Life 6. – Visit to the Spirit World – 7. Glorious Resurrection

Christ will Gather as a Hen Gathers Her Chickens
Christ’s lament for the people of Jerusalem, the descendants of Jacob and warning to the peoples of the earth because they would not hear Him. Now He give three key characteristics for those who He shall gather.

So You Want To Be One With God?   
One can show mathematically and experimentally that our frequency (our different world views) will move ever closer into perfect resonance with the Father through the Son as we make choices that move our character to be one with them and their teachings.

The Time Table Of The Lord
The earth was created for this purpose — nigh unto Kolob near the center of our galaxy and was launched on its divine trajectory going from the presence of the Lord to its Garden of Eden state.  After the Fall, it moved into our current telestial state, where we are about two-thirds of the way out from the center of our galaxy.

Don’t bypass “And it came to pass”
The remarkable phrasing of “It Came To Pass” is appreciated by a gifted linguist.  Our story begins with linguist, Professor Felix Mijnhardt, back in 1971 when the Book of Mormon was critically needed in the Afrikaans language in South Africa.

And It Came To Pass=El=God
During the process of translating the Book of Mormon from English into Afrikaans, Professor Felix Mijnhardt of Pretoria University – a gifted linguist determined that the phrase “And it came to pass” was an ancient Egyptian phrase. When this phrase is studied in all of scripture, we find it gives evidence for the pure language of the family of Adam and Eve.

And It Shall Come To Pass =Jehovah
In contrast, all of the 200 plus occurrences that I found in the LDS scriptures of the phrase “…shall come to pass” It ties in an inspiring way to our day and to events leading up to and including the Second Coming.

“Shall is Sure”
The word “shall” appears to be an important word in the English language. The paramount dictionary in the English language is Noah Webster’s 1828 monumental work. I learned from him that “shall” is an intransitive verb with no infinitive form with ancient origin. When you see the word “shall,” it is sure to happen as declared by the Lord.

A Third Witness of Grand Scriptural Harmony   
We have in the two phrases, “And it came to pass” and “And it shall come to pass,” two
witnesses of the continuity and validity of all the scriptures: the Bible, and modern scriptures coming forth through the instrumentality of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
A third witness is “And now it came to pass….” gives final scriptural harmony and these three phrases tie to the Lord/s definition of truth.

As Old As Adam  
It has also been argued that the Clovis Culture ended in a very abrupt fashion. The archeological data are compatible with the family of Adam – as both to timing and location –  ending cataclysmically with Noah’s flood.

Where Did The Book Of Mormon Really Take Place and Does It Matter?
It matters greatly, because God has a covenant with those who live on the promised land spoken of in the Book of Mormon.  If they worship the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ, they will be blessed.  If they don’t, they will be “cut-off” at His Coming.  Physical and historical evidence are now accumulating rapidly that North America is the Promised Land. Hence, there is a critical need for the people of this land to turn to Jesus Christ, as our founding fathers and mothers did.

The Book That Influenced the World More Than Any Other
Yes, you guessed it, the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. Interestingly, no other modern translation of the Bible in English, has that level of inspiration and literary power. How did it come about and why is that so?

“Left To Tell” (Book Report)
Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust is the true story of Immaculée Ilibagiza
that will change your life – bringing you closer to God. Immaculée’s message is most profound and applicable for our day – especially as we look forward to the end-time scenario and the coming of our Lord and Savior.

Six Magical Skills In the Art of Listening
Our minds think and work about four times faster than typical speech speed. We can think at about 500 words per minute, and typical speech speed is about 125 to 150 words per minute. So, there is a great tendency to be thinking about other things as a person speaks to us. Learning to listen greatly enhances loving relationships.

A Super Food That is Too Good To Be True  
Gives you energy
Helps your digestive system
Naturally helps you lose weight
Is very good for your cardiovascular system
Gives you glucose balance – helping diabetics
Gives you all the omega-3 fatty acid that you need

The Magical Benefits of Vitamin K2 (Interview)  
It really is one of the foundations for health and as important as vitamin D. Why has it been overlooked for so long? Why has it been eliminated from most modern diets when it was used so beneficially by our ancestors?

Four Simple Secrets For Living To Be 100 
Improve “your mind and memory.” How you can “regenerate your concentration, energy, and learning ability for a lifetime of peak mental performance.” Learn how to deal with stress – the biggest killer in modern society.

Protect Yourself During A Pandemic   
The divine design of our bodies is to self-heal. Being aware of both healing modalities and how to resist disease is the key.

Natures Natural Noise Processes – Flicker-Noise and Timing Errors in Clocks
This is like a spectrum of noise colors in a rainbow. The more one studies these the richer one’s observations. They are found everywhere in nature as well as in the timing errors of clocks.

The Science of Keeping Time  
We live in a world in which time is nearly as important— and taken for granted — as the cycles of nature. “What time is it?” is a question asked almost as automatically as taking a breath. Far more seldom the question is asked, “What is time?”  David Allan was commissioned by Hewlett Packard in 1997 to write this comprehensive article for the lay audience – explaining how time is kept in the world, is critical to GPS and to most of our high-tech society.

Letter to Key Coordinators of GPS Program 
Suggestions and explanations of how to obtain a significant increase in the navigation accuracy of GPS as well as in international timing.

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