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My Involvement With GPS Development
I owe it to my family to share my involvement with the Global Positioning System.  GPS is, of course, an enormous program costing many billions of dollars over several decades and involving many thousands of people both in its development, in its operation, and in its implementation.

The Ideal Society & Priorities
John Forbes Nash Jr., the 1994 Nobel Prize winner in economics and whose life story is portrayed in the movie, The Beautiful Mind, shares a meaningful insight into the “Ideal Society.”

How Are We Saved – What Does the Bible Say?
Are we saved by grace? YES! Are we saved by works? YES!  How can this be?  Which is it, GRACE or WORKS?  Can it be both?

50 Year Anniversary for the Allan Variance.
David W. Allan has been instrumental in becoming world-famous in his field of atomic clocks, which are used widely throughout the earth.

How To Be Healthy In A World Spiraling Down
In a world where “General Health” is spiraling down and “Heart Disease” has become the number one killer, there are those, who I believe have been inspired to help turn around these devastating trends in our health-care system.