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Sprituality and Health. David W. Allan with his wife, Edna at Solar Home.
David Allan with his wife, Edna, at their solar home.

David W. Allan is one of the world’s premier time experts. He also has an unusual zeal for matters pertaining to spirituality, health, freedom, and all good things. He was born in Mapleton, Utah, September 25, 1936.


David received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in physics from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, and from the University of Colorado, respectively.

Professional Work – US and World Atomic Clock

David W. Allan - physicist for the Atomic Clock. David W. Allan is an American atomic clock physicist and author of the Allan variance.David helped develop the atomic-clock timekeeping system for the US and for the world, while working for the National Bureau of Standards (later renamed the National Institute of Standards and Technology — NIST) with the responsibility to generate official time for the United States.

“This People” magazine said, “Timex has nothing up on David W Allan, who’s perhaps the world’s more sophisticated time-keeper. But now, his timely scientific methods have led him to what may prove one of the more exciting discoveries in recent times – a new planet.”

What Is the Atomic Clock?

Atomic clocks are the most accurate time pieces in the world. Over the years, the US atomic clock team has developed the most accurate clocks with astounding precisions and accuracies of much better than a billionth of a second in a day.

The benefits of high precision timing are way beyond most anyone’s comprehension.  GPS would not work; telecommunications would not work, which includes telephones and cell phones.  Computers would not work, which includes i-phones, i-pads and essentially all digital electronic devices.

Distribution of electric power depends upon it.  Airplane and ship navigation depend upon it.  Even the check-out stand laser scanner at your grocery store uses precision timing.  All modern cars would not run without the precision timing devices that are now built into them.  The stock market and banking transactions use precision timing at the millionth of a second level and are looking for better synchronization techniques.

New robotic cars which are now operative, are critically dependent on precision space and time measurements, and they have a perfect accident report. And the benefits list goes on, which includes all the high tech, satellites, and space exploration fields in astronomy and otherwise.  These kinds of clocks are backbone to the internet.

The above uses are for the civilian sector of our population.  Precision timing is totally integrated into our military and security systems.  If you did away with precision timing, you would be back in the dark ages.  It is, technologically, the backbone of our high tech society.

After retirement from the Boulder labs, he helped Hewlett Packard develop a method for synchronizing cell towers around the world.  The also asked him to write a definitive article on the “Science of Timekeeping” for the lay audience.


Davaid W. Allan has published well over a hundred peer-reviewed papers, has contributed chapters in several books, has organized and lectured at several — internationally attended — tutorials and seminars on time and frequency, has chaired and attended several international timing committees — including being the U.S. representative from NBS/NIST for more than two decades on the international Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Second.  The CCDS determined official time for the world under the umbrella of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. The International Bureau of Weights and Measues (BIPM) generates official time for the world, UTC (Universal Time Coordianted).

After retirement from the Boulder labs, he helped Hewlett Packard develop a method for synchronizing cell towers around the world.  The also asked him to write a definitive article on the “Science of Timekeeping” for the lay audience.


His inventions include:
1) The writing of the algorithm for keeping official atomic-clock time for the United States of America — assisting several other nations as well;
2) A technique for characterizing the performance of precision clocks – named after him, the Allan variance (This technique came out of his master’s thesis and is the most cited publication to come out of the department and has been adopted as an international standard.  GPS clocks were judged by this standard.)
3) A time-difference measurement system that allows the time difference between two clocks to be measured to better than a million-millionth of a second – now used internationally;
4) Using GPS, his group developed an international time-transfer system with a precision of a few billionths of a second –- now used in generating international atomic time;
5) A time variance to assist the international telecom community to better synchronize their networks.  He received the “Time Lord” award in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011 for this contribution;
6) A “Smart Clock” patent that provides a way for a clock to always read the correct time.
7) After retirement from the Boulder labs, he helped Hewlett Packard develop a method for synchronizing cell towers around the world.

He claims no genius for his inventions, but gives credit to God for the inspiration received in helping make the world a better place.


Author and physists, David W. Allan - "It's About Time" Book - International Symposium on Time and Space held in Suzdal, Russia.1.  The honor,  pictured on the right, was a surprise to David. He was invited in September 2014 to give a plenary talk at an International Symposium on Time and Space held in Suzdal, Russia.  Here they are presenting him with a plaque “To the founder of the modern time and frequency measurement statistic from Russian thankful users.” 50 YEARS ALLAN DEVIATION statistic with signatures of over 40 of their top scientists.  He received numerous other awards – including the Department of Commerce Silver Medal and the I. I. Rabi Award.  Nobel Laureate, Isidor Isaac Rabi was the first person to think of an atomic clock in the 1940s.  The award was named after him, and he was the first recipient,  David was the second.  One may note that five of the Rabi Award winners are also Nobel Prize winners in physics: http://www.ieee-uffc.org/frequency-control/awards-rabi.asp

2.  The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the biggest scientific publishing house in the world, and the special issue celebrating the 50th year of the Allan variance came out 4 April 2016 is an awesome issue.

All by itself, I felt greatly honored by the nomination letter submitted by the who’s who in international time and frequency to the IEEE, let alone be chosen to receive their highest award in recognition of my work.

On May 10th, 2016, my wife, Edna,  and I  had an amazing experience in Nor’lens (New Orleans) where I received IEEE’s highest recognition for my work. This annual symposium was the 70th providing for the international community the best in atomic-clock and precision timing research results.

The IEEE Highest Scientific Award – David W Allan


David W. Allan and wife Edna Allan - It's About Time Book - Spritual HealthDavid’s loves are the Lord, his Sweetheart and precious family and friends, and he is ever on a quest for the truth.

He keeps fit as he approaches his 80th  birthday by riding his mountain bike, exercising, and walking with his wife, Edna.

Here they are pictured before going to participate in a Christmas concert performed on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  They love beautiful music and to sing sacred hymns.  They are now practicing for an Easter Offering concert to be performed in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Below is a picture taken at a family reunion at Lake Tahoe with Grandma Allan being proud of her children and grand-children.

David W. Allan - Family Reunion - Spiritual Health

Check out Dad’s book IT’S ABOUT TIME! My dad is the real deal. A true Scientist, Father, Husband, Teacher and Man, through and through. He currently lives in a Passive Solar Home he mostly built, with some new inventions of his, such as a solar air conditioner. (Check that out on his Allan’sTime.com website) For years he has been WAAAAAY ahead of the “green home revolution”. 

He’s a man of his word, and he’s an atomic physicist. All my growing up years he taught his 7 children that; “God is the Greatest Scientist of them all.”

His own book—It’s About Time—was written with care and heart and contains only tested and tried information.  I always kid him that there are “three books in this one!” First book would be; tuning into the “Greatest Scientist of All—God our Father”…Second, learning the REAL scientific process and some fun stories I got to see happen out of his solar laboratory, and the Third “book” contained in this one are health tips that he has discovered and used to tune-up his athletic body…even on those rare days when it seems to be “running out of time”.

Yet, at 82 years of age, he still is challenging to keep up with and can do more pull-ups than the great grandkids! As a person he has ALWAYS been balanced, fun, kind, INTELLIGENT, deeply spiritual and great to talk to. He’s a guy that enjoys—and improves upon—each minute to the fullest. It’s never a boring day with Dad! I love my Dad, and know that wherever he is on this planet or any dimension, he will be inventing more great instruments and designs to help mankind.  Thank you Dad!”   Karie Allan Clingo

Healthy Exercise

Below is a picture of Grandpa Allan with his grand-daughter, Mary Owen, near the summit of Mt. Tallac overlooking Sierra Mountains near Lake Tahoe.  Mt. Taloc is rated “Difficult.”  They made the 2,500 verticle climb and back in nine hours. The documented miracle of finding Mary after she fell and was injured on Mt. Hood – spending six days and nights – is Chapter 5 of David’s book.  This was her first hike after that accident.

Pictured also is David with his two sons, Sterling and Nathan, and grandson, Christian before starting a grueling 25 mile mountain bike ride.  They didn’t look so fresh when they got back.

David W. Allan and Mary Ellon - Hiking for Spiritual Health - spirituality and health Spirituality and Health - David W. Allan famiy bike ride.

Healthy Eating

“I am convinced my plant based diet has not only saved my life, but reversed twelve of the “Western diseases” that were afflicting my body. The benefits are profound, and I have found flavors and enjoy my food more than I ever did before – thanks to my Sweetheart wife, who is one outstanding ‘cuisiniere.’”

David W. Allan - Spirtuality and Health  David W. Allan eating healthy for spirtual health

Solar Home and Green House

David W. Allan solar home, spirtuality and health. David W. Allan, year round green house for herbs and fresh food, spirtuality and health.

Located in the cooler central Utah climate at 6,000 foot elevation, the Allan’s solar home integrates at least ten different forms of solar, including: trombe wall, solarium convection, photovoltaic cells, propylene-glycol heat exchange, eutectic salt chamber, berm insulation, black chimneys and under-ground intake for passive solar air conditioning, and dehydration of food. Their solar green house provides fresh veggies and herbs all winter long.


In the LDS Church he has served as a bishop, stake president. He served in the Denver Mission presidency and completed two missions (one as a young man and in 1997-99 with his wife, Edna, in French speaking Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa). Most recently, he taught institute for eleven years for the Moroni Stake.

David’s devotion to learning and the pursuit of truth has revealed a surprisingly strong connection between things spiritual, scientific, physical, political, historical and mental. He feels “It’s About Time” we became aware of the ideas that bind us to the eternal.

This is the most exciting time in the history of the planet, and he has written this book to help you understand that – especially as you gain a better understanding of what the future holds.  Is there a better person on the planet to write about time, man’s time, where we are in God’s time with science harmonizing with religion, and bringing health to body, mind, and spirit?


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