Christmas – Gospel of Good News

Christmas is a wonderful time to share the “Gospel of Good News” and I would like to share a brief account of my conversion to Christ. It has do with my losing most my hearing in my left ear, for which I’m grateful and I will tell you why. First, let me give you a bit of background which taught me that the Lord’s ways are not man’s ways.

My Way

After graduating from BYU, I accepted a job at the National Bureau of Standards, where they would pay my tuition to the University of Colorado, if I worked full time. We had a goal to get a doctorate and come back and teach at BYU.

However, I was in no hurry; we were raising our family, were active in the church, and helped build a chapel in Boulder and the Denver West Stake Center in Arvada for our church. I also taught at the university.

In 1965, I was working on my master’s thesis toward understanding how to best use atomic clocks, as they were relatively new at that time. It was a challenging problem, and classical theories were not adequate for the task.

The Lord’s Way

At the same time, I received a call to serve in the bishopric in the Boulder Ward. As this seemed contrary to our goal of getting a doctorate, I asked for some time to fast and pray about it. It was the most intense fasting and prayer time of my life. Into the fourth day, I received my answer. The Spirit whispered that this was His call and that it was preparation for me to serve as a bishop, which totally surprised me, as I had never envisioned myself as a church leader.

A year later, the Boulder Ward was divided, and I was called as bishop of the Boulder Second Ward. The Lord had additional plans for me than just getting a doctorate. In our 32 years in Boulder, I spent 23 of them on the stand, either in a bishopric, stake presidency, or mission presidency.

However, the Lord made it up to me in ways I could not have ever dreamed. Because I was willing to do things His way and not my way, He gave me the inspiration for my master’s thesis – knowing that I would openly share the gospel as I traveled around the world. This thesis became the most cited publication to ever come out of the Department of Commerce and it became an international standard for how to characterize as well as optimally utilize atomic clocks. It was used in the launching of GPS. If you do an internet search for “Allan variance,” my Russian colleagues told me they found 2 million hits for this information.

Once I learned that the Lord will bless us in any area of endeavor as we apply ourselves to do His will. I became the praying physicist, and the Lord gave to me several other innovative ideas which had a major impact on international time, frequency, navigation, and telecommunication fields of endeavor.

My master’s thesis gave me the tools to write an algorithm in 1965 for combining the readings of atomic clocks in an optimum way so that the calculated time was better than the best clock. Even the worst clock enhanced the performance of the algorithm’s output. With improvements by my very capable colleagues, that algorithm is still keeping time for this nation and was a model used by the folks in Paris, who had the responsibility for keeping international time, which used to be called Greenwich Mean Time but now it is UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).

Life Changing Opportunities

My success led to an invitation to help the Italians and the Israelis with their atomic time scales. This took us to Israel four times. Going to Israel is like going to the temple – being where Jesus performed His ministry and worked out the infinite atonement. These opportunities changed my life.

The BYU Israel campus is amazing. It sits on the side of Mount Scopus facing Jerusalem. In the chapel you face massive windows on the sides and in front as well as which overlooks the old city. To your left is Gethsemane, in front of you, across the Brook Kidron, is the east golden gate to the old city where Jesus rode in triumphantly, where he was tried by the Sanhedrin, and where he was sentenced by Pilate. To your right is the place of crucifixion and the Garden Tomb and place where He broke the bands of death. You have before you the places where the seven steps of the infinite atonement were worked out for all of Father’s children. Sitting there, partaking of the sacrament, with that magnificent view before me, was a life changing experience, as the Spirit witnessed the truth of it all to my soul.  Step six one has to see with spiritual eyes as outlined by Peter in 1 Peter 3:18-20 and 4:6, and as explained in detail in  Doctrine and Covenants Section 138.

We came home and were attending our sacrament meeting in the Boulder Stake Center when I began to weep as I remembered where I had been the week before. I blew my nose so hard, I destroyed most of the hearing in my left ear. Even today it is a reminder of the scared experience I had while looking over the city where Jesus walked and worked out the infinite atonement.

The Best News

I don’t want to be healed; I want Him in my heart all of the time. He is my best friend, my Redeemer, my Savior, my Light, and my perfect example of pure love. I rejoice to share his glorious gospel message. It is not only the “good news,” it is the BEST NEWS! He has promised he will bring me and my precious family and friends back to the Father, to receive a fullness of joy and eternal lives –  if we will simply “Follow Him”

Have a wonderful Christmas!

David and Edna  Allan

P.S.  In keeping with the true spirit of Christmas, we invite you to watch this amazing video.  click here to watch.