Glyphosate (Roundup) – A Health Care Crisis


By David W. Allan

If you knew your neighbor was being poisoned and you love your neighbor, you would tell them.  That is where I am.  I have recently learned of the horrible extent of poisoning by glyphosate, (Roundup) ncluding myself and that it tends to be cumulative.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff shares the harmful effects of glyphosate.  She is a senior research scientist at MIT.  She has many papers, books, and is a credible researcher.  She is top in her field and testified in a Congressional hearing (14 June 2016), which I will discuss later.  Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round-Up, which now permeates our society. Most of us are eating this stuff every day and are ignorant, as I was, of its devastating effects.

Ten years ago she became greatly concerned with the exponential growth of autism.  The research dollars were going into genetics, but she knew it had to be environmental.  She looked at vaccines for about six years, because parents were saying their children got autism after a vaccination.

Four and a half years ago, Prof Don Huber at Indianapolis, Indiana, gave a talk on glyphosate.  She didn’t know what it was.  Following his lecture as he described its toxic effects, she knew she had found the answer.  Basically, it upsets the gut microbes.  When they are broken, we are broken, and when kids get this disruption, it is a downward spiral, and gets into the brain.

At that point, she dropped everything else and started studying glyphosate, and she has published several papers.  It has a unique toxic effect as synthetic amino acid; 2/3 of the usage of GMO is in the US.  The correlation of the usage of glyphosate with not only autism but many other debilitating diseases has put us in a health care crisis.

She asks the question, “Why is the government not concerned about why there are so many sick people with more and more getting sicker?”  My answer is the NEW folks want people to die; they believe there are too many.  This is a classic example of conspiring men in the last days.

We are eating poison foods and then taking drugs to try a deal with the health-care crises we are in, which are not the answer because of all the side effects causing a cascade to poorer health.  In addition, drugs typically deal with symptoms and not with root cause of an health challenge.

Our society wants cheap foods not knowing they are poisoning us and then we spend huge amounts on drugs to deal with all the horrible diseases we are experiencing.
Gerald Pollack’s structured water seems key to explaining how the cells use water necessary for proper cell health and electrical flow.  Generates sulfate, which is essential to health.  Electrical circuitry falls apart without it.  She believes that most Americans are suffering from a sulfate deficiency because of glyphosate.  Nathan and I heard Gerald speak at an electric universe conference.  His work is groundbreaking.

Main Toxic Effects of Glyphosate
·       Kills beneficial gut bacteria and allows pathogens to overgrow
·       Liver toxicity
·       Interferes with function of cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes
·       Chelates (keeps them from being useful) important minerals (iron, cobalt, manganese, etc.), which are essential to health
·       Interferes with synthesis of aromatic amino acids and methionine
–          Leads to shortages in critical  neurotransmitters and folate
–          Disrupts sulfate synthesis and sulfate transport

While sulfate is essential to health, sulfite is very toxic, and glyphosate causes sulfite to linger; otherwise the body would get rid of it as a poison.  Americans consume 25 % of the glyphosate while being only 5% of the world’s population.

Sunglasses prohibit pineal gland from making sulfate; sulfate is added to the melatonin to go to the brain to clear the garbage and get proper sleep (rest and recovery time).
Glyphosate messes up melanin, which is needed for proper tanning.  Sunscreen creates more problems than it solves.  Melanoma cancer has gone up with the use of sunscreen, while natural tanning is healthy.  Don’t get sunburned.

The role of glyphosate is as a synthesized amino acid.  It replaces glycine (has not been proven by chemists).  The evidence is there, but need more work.  Autism prevalence in 6 year olds is 99.72 % correlated with glyphosate.  She can pick a disease and look at the protein affected with that disease, and glyphosate replacement is the problem.  For example, she gets a very high correlation coefficient with celiac disease when they started using glyphosate on wheat.

Although correlation does not prove causality, Dr. Seneff goes the next essential step to study pathway causes for various diseases where correlation has been found.  In her presentation before congress, she lists the vulnerable proteins and the resulting diseases.  The following are some of the diseases that correlate and several of them have proteins affected by glyphosate, and she understands how that happens.

Here are some of the diseases that correlate with this protein replacement problem with glyphosate: Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes, DNA damage causing cancer, kidney failure, dementia, heart disease and arrhythmia, Parkinson’s, ALS, Gout, glutton intolerance and Prion diseases.  It can cause autoimmune diseases, because the proteins are not working properly.  It also ties to diabetes.

There are only a few molecules that can metabolize glyphosate.  These show up in fermented foods and apple cider vinegar.  These are very beneficial foods for the gut along with pro-biotics.  A study on cows with high levels of glyphosate showed that by eating sauerkraut and minerals from the soil (bentonite clay) they were able to clear some of the glyphosate.

The application of glyphosate to corn and soy correlates with autism in children as well.  One third of a group of women tested positive at high levels of glyphosate in breast milk.  Soy formula has glyphosate, and she believes glyphosate is passed on to the fetus.
Organic food is the answer.  Glyphosate tends to be cumulative since it is taken up by the proteins, but can be gradually purged if we eat right.  Glyphosate is quite pervasive.  It is in drugs, cotton, tampons, vaccines, gel caps as well as almost all processed foods.  She says, “If everyone were to buy organic, we would change the world.”  Farmers will want to switch if they understand the damage they are incurring by using Roundup.

The following is extracted from the presentation by Anthony Samsel at the Congressional hearing:  He is a chemist and a farmer with a tenacious appetite for the truth.  He uncovered Monsanto’s secret research, which was also being protected by the EPA.

Glyphosate disrupts life at the most fundamental level
•Mis-incorporation into peptides and proteins
•Disruption of enzymes and function
•Disruption of hormones i.e. serotonin, testosterone, TH
•Disruption of bacterial symbiosis
•Disruption of amino acid biosynthesis Phe, Tyr, Trp, Met
•Disruption of vitamins and other biomolecules
•Destruction of glands and organs

Monsanto long-term Trade Secret studies in mice and rats reveal that Glyphosate destroys the tissues of glands and organs. Tissue destruction leads to gland and organ dysfunction and failure. The effect of glyphosate mis-incorporation into diverse proteins leads to disease by mis-folded proteins. These diseases and increases in diseases include but are not limited to Alzheimer’s, ASD, PD other neurological disorders, obesity, diabetes, cataracts, CKD, celiac disease, liver disease, heart disease, lung disease, asthma, deterioration of joints, destruction of teeth, acid reflux, other digestive disorders, birth defects, infertility, sterility, sexual disorders, skin disorders, scleroderma, cancer, lack of vitamins D, B vitamins including cobalamin (B12) and folate, chelation of necessary minerals and more….

Glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid • It is a structural analogue of our canonical amino acid Glycine. • It is NOT found in nature • It was created in a laboratory • Synthetic and non-coding amino acids are capable of mis-incorporation into peptides and proteins • Glyphosate forms peptoids due to its structure and like peptides can be incorporated into proteins changing their function.

Outside of proteins amino acids particularly glycine and glutamine(ate) function as neurotransmitters as well as participate in biosynthesis.

Glycine is an amino acid and precursor of our protein structure that makes us who we are. It is used in the construct of peptides and proteins. It is a major structural component of our cells and 25% of the amino acid which forms collagen, the main structural protein of the extracellular matrix and our connective tissue. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our biology. It makes up approximately 25 to 30% of our body’s protein. Our connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, skin, corneas, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, gut, invertebrate discs and dentin of our teeth depend on collagen.

My latest laboratory analysis of porcine and bovine gelatins show a problem with the global gelatin supply contaminated by Glyphosate Gelatin is used in J-ELLO and thousands of products Fining of apple juice, beer, wine Pharmaceuticals, gel caps and vitamins gummy candy, marshmallows, pastries, yogurts, ice creams, dips, cheese cakes, cosmetics and even VACCINES Everything I have tested so far containing gelatin is contaminated including the global vaccine supply that uses gelatin,

Glyphosate a causal agent in Alzheimer’s Disease.  Postmortem studies on Alzheimer’s patients revealed that Amyloid beta is also present in the cytosol of cells from the lenses of people with Alzheimer’s disease and that it is associated with cataracts.  In fact, amyloid plaques in cataracts and in the brain in Alzheimer’s patients were identical. Furthermore, B-Crystallin is found in association with brain plaques and fibrillary tangles in Alzheimer’s disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, and Parkinson’s diseases. [Samsel and Seneff, Glyphosate Pathways to Modern Diseases V:Amino Acid Analogue of Glycine in Diverse Proteins,]
Monsanto’s 1990 Stout and Ruecker chronic rat exposure study found significant incidence of y-sutures and other ophthalmic degenerative lens changes caused by glyphosate.

The pathologist for the study, Dr. Lionel Rubin, noted in his ophthalmoscopic examination report that: “There appears to be a dose-related occurrence of cataract affecting male group M3. The type of cataract affecting this group is the diffuse posterior sub-capsular type and to a lesser extent, anterior polar and sutural types.” Displacement of pupils and ocular opacities in the presence of glyphosate were also noted in 1983 by Knezevich and Hogan.

There are no safe levels of glyphosate.  Glyphosate functions at the molecular level.  Glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid that participates in biology.  Glyphosate incorporates into biology causing mis-folded proteins.  Glyphosate destroys the tissues of all glands and organs.

Glyphosate is used on all major Genetically Engineered crops of corn, soy, canola, sugar beet, cotton, tobacco and for pre-plant and post harvest on most other crops. Glyphosate is sprayed on 160 approved crops and or crop groups for food, animal feed and forage. The herbicide is also applied in staging for preharvest control of weeds and also used as a desiccant to dry crops like peas and beans for harvest. Glyphosate residues are found on everything it’s sprayed on, as well as in some crops due to soil migration.

The use of Glyphosate is unprecedented and ensures passage of the chemical through the food chain which includes meat, milk, cheese and eggs. Some crops sprayed in staging and desiccation are: Sugar cane (ripening) Wheat Barley, and cereal grains Dried peas, peanuts and beans Sunflower and safflower Sweet potato, potato and tuber group; vegetable bulb group(most growers have stopped dry down on potatoes due to tuber damage. However, potatoes still absorb glyphosate from the soil from pre-plant and post harvest applications. It is also sprayed in orchards around fruit and nut trees and between crop rows, where it is also absorbed by plant roots. The crop residues are passed through the food chain which includes bees and other pollinators. In combination with other pesticides, like the systemic neonicotinoid Imidacloprid, Clothianadin and others, it becomes synergistically toxic.

The following is extracted from Zen Honeycutt’s presentation at Congressional hearling:
1 out 2 of our children have a chronic illness.  Millions of parents are struggling.  Americans eat the most GMOs in the world and have the worst health.  GMOs are in 85% of America’s processed foods.

The following are from Dr. Cynthia Smith’s presentation at Congressional hearing
What My Clients Report
•       Brain fog, poor memory
•       GI Issues
–      Bloating
•       Low energy
–      Poor ATP production
–      Oxidative stress at cellular level (impaired SOD2 due to low Mn)
–      Poor fat assimilation so less “fuel” for Krebs
•       Food in stools, bloating, floating stool, gas, heartburn
–      Think about how many folks are medicating heartburn with PPIs, and resulting impact to Vit B12 absorption and impaired methylation and all  that flows from that.
–      Carb cravings to compensate for lose of fatty acid “fuels”
•       Extreme PMS and Infertility
•       Low libido
•       Kidney stones as a high oxalate accumulation
–      Genetics are in play, encourage by conversion of Glyphosate to Oxalates.

·       Go totally organic and grow as much of your own food as possible.
·       Eat fermented foods daily and use apple cider vinegar in your salad dressings.
·       Let the stores know where you shop that you are only buying organic.
·       Some states have taken action; let your legislature folks know of the critical nature of this poisoning.
·       “Eat dirt.”  Here I am joking, but not.  I don’t know what they used with the cows to help purge the glyphosate, but Dr. Seneff mentioned bentonite.  I believe Redmond Clay would be excellent.  One could mix these in smoothies.  They apparently bind with the glyphosate and carry it out of the body.
·       Dr. Weston A. Price (1870-1948), a Cleveland dentist, has been called the “Isaac Newton of Nutrition.”  Perpetuating his excellent research others have set up “The Weston A. Price Foundation” for Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts.
·       Sally Fallon is one of the main contributors to this foundation and her cookbooks are the best I have ever seen.
·       Having a clean gut is key to good health, and one of Sally’s books is, The Heal Your Gut Cookbook.  In this regard, the work of Dr. Natasha Campbell-BcBride is extremely valuable.  Her work is featured in an article I have on my book’s web site:   Whereas, Dr. Seneff shows how glyphosate can cause autism, Dr. Natasha shows how to reverse this epidemic and debilitating disease – mainly by cleaning the gut through diet.

 Listen to you heart regarding your own personal situation.  We all have challenges, and a loving God is always there to hear our prayers and the “still small voice” will teach you what to do.
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