Healthy Habits Healing- Recovery From a Stroke

A stroke can come on suddenly. So often those who suffer a stroke do not recover, but many do. However, the recovery period can be slow and arduous. I believe because of my previous healthy habits and the goodness of the Lord, I recovered quickly and have been able to resume an active lifestyle.

My Two Strokes

On 14 May 2018 I had two strokes; one in the morning and another in the evening.  Since blood pressure and heart issues are associated with this health problem, I share here what I have learned through this miraculous experience.  The Lord’s ways are often contrary to our ways, but as we trust in Him, we come to the deep appreciation that His ways are always best.

In conjunction with the Keithley Award, which I had received, I was invited to give a talk at an international IEEE Instruments and Measurements Conference in Houston, TX, on 16 May 2018 – a Wednesday.  As you can see from the above link, the Lord had other plans, and miraculously in spite of two strokes on Monday, I gave the talk on Wednesday.  Needless to say,  I got everyone’s attention as I stood up and said to an international audience of scientists, “I don’t know how many if you believe in miracles, but we just had one.”  Then I explained. The response of my colleagues was phenomenal. I was miraculously healed enough to give my full hour and ten-minute lecture.

My daughter Karie, had come down to Texas the day before to be with her dad. While I was hospitalized, and she made tons of friends, and we sold two cases of books with many wonderful gospel conversations.  That would not have happened if I had not had the strokes.

A Bit of Health History

In 1977, I was invited to give a lecture on flicker-noise in atomic clocks in Tokyo, Japan. I have always had a slow heart rate because of my athletic heart. In Tokyo, my resting heart rate was down to 38. While there, I would jog for an hour or so every morning.  One morning I got lost, and thanks for the Tokyo Tower, I found my way back to the hotel after two hours.

My Stroke Causes

We found out my stroke was caused by three things, 1) blood clot build up in my heart because of 2) arrhythmia and 3) because of my high blood pressure.  I will discuss the solution to arrhythmia in a future blog article, but here I share how I have dealt with my high blood pressure issue.

Healing From My Stoke

I inherited my hypertension problem from my mother and after my stroke they put me on BP medication (Pradaxa).   On 2 Jan. 2019 I felt to go off of Pradaxa and that I could manage my BP by proper hydration, good diet including red beets, daily exercise and doing Dr. Khalsa’s exercise to manage stress.

Today 23 May 2019, as I write this and by doing these things, I am happy to report that my blood pressure is 111/68 and my heart rate 58 bpm.

David W. Allan

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