Mark of The Beast

The Messiah is Coming!

Two of the several signs that will proceed His Coming are 1) the gospel will be available to everyone because of His Loving kindness and before the final destruction of “wickedness,” and 2) Satan will unleash the “Mark of the Beast,” to counter the Christ and the great gospel outreach that will occur.  The more we can expose Satan’s subtle and seditious ways the less power he has to deceive us and the more effective we can be in helping share the Lord’s glorious gospel message with everyone.

Some of the Subtleties and Warnings Regarding the Mark of the Beast.

The New World Order (NWO) folks are seditious servants of Satan.  Their basic atheistic goals are control of the world and its resources and depopulation.  We will see that a significant part of their strategy is well modeled by the prophesied coming forth of the “Mark of the Beast.”

Warnings Regarding the New World Order Agenda:

  1. The NWO has used the COVID-19 pseudo pandemic to generate fear, and it is working most effectively.  However, many competent doctors across the globe have spoken out against this pseudo pandemic, and the lack of safety of the vaccination, and the lack of proof of its effectiveness.  Several Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!
  2. Accounts of death and illness are being reported. More than half of the people in the State of Israel have received the Pfizer vaccination, and there have been more deaths following their vaccinations than from the virus!
  3. WAKE UP WORLD! Here is solid data from Israel’s experience.
  4. Listen to the James Corbett Report on “who is Bill Gates” and on vaccines. These reports will open your eyes to the dangers we face: The Future of Vaccines.  Even though Corbett doesn’t name it as such, for me, what he describes has the characteristics of the “Mark of the Beast.”
  5. Dr. Lee Merritt shares that the NWO folks have prepared a chip, which reminds you of the “Mark of the Beast” and they have already started implementing it in Bangladesh, though she does not call it that.  The chip is readable with an RFI reader and the data are stored in Switzerland.  Corbett talks about this as well.
  6. Under Satan’s influence, the NWO folks are about control, taking away our liberty, tracking the human population, bringing about depopulation more cunningly but much worse than the Nazi holocaust, making of us slaves, and taking away our God-given sovereignty.  As the scriptures clearly share: “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (666, Rev. 13:17-18) Most of the NWO folks are atheistic and believe in a godless evolutionary model for the world.  Some, who may not be atheistic, but who are involved think they are doing the world a service in this subtle, seditious, satanic agenda, as part of the “green movement” to save the world from overpopulation.  There are very bright folks working their agenda.
  7. The 5G technology is part of the NWO strategy as well.  It is interesting that Brussels, Belgium, refused 5G technology in their city. Brussels Belgium.  The NWO folks are using nanotechnology, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and planning special apps for our i-phones with the goal of moving the world into slavery and using vaccinations as one of the paths for reaching their seditious goals.
  8. Dr. Richard Fleming documents how SARS-Cov-2 is a bio weapon, and he shares treatments and that the vaccinations should be stopped.  He also share treatments for those who have been vaccinated: (17Jan.2021) COVID-19 | Fleming Method
  9. The NWO is now using artificial intelligence (AI) to police the internet in order to take down anything and as much as they can, that disagrees with their atheistic agenda.

Pure Logic Shows the Falsification of their Model

Using the scientific method, the theory that “the only cure for the pandemic is vaccination” can be proven false.  As Dr. Lee Merritt shares, there are lots of countermeasures, and her hero and mine is Dr. Zelenko, who has had 100% success when people follow his protocol.  Since the vaccine has not been proven “safe or effective,” it would be good to be well informed on this life-and-death issue.

As near as I can tell, Dr. Merritt isn’t particularly religious, but she shows evidence of the “mark of the beast” being implemented.  On her website, she shares the treatments that are readily available for COVID-19, and having a strong immunity system is critically important.   My immunity article includes her suggestions.  I believe her messages are profound, insightful, and correct, as are the doctors’ who “are speaking out” on this critical issue.
Dr. Merritt further shares that “Bill Gates negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal with Democratic Congressman (Rush) Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic.” The TRACE ACT.  Ironically the House Bill number was HR 6666.

Dr. Mercola’s Alarming Facts Regarding the Vaccine

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a natural health activist, is probably the most popular health website on the internet, and he just posted (9 February 2021) a detailed article and information on “The Alarming Facts Most Don’t know about the COVID Vaccines.”  He shares:

  • By referring to COVID-19 vaccines as “vaccines” rather than gene therapies, the U.S. government is violating its 15 U.S. Code Section 41, which regulates deceptive practices in medical claims.
  • By calling this experimental gene therapy technology a “vaccine,” they are circumventing liability for damages that would otherwise apply
  • The mRNA injections are gene therapies that do not fulfill a single criterion of the definition of a vaccine
  • COVID-19 “vaccines” do not impart immunity or inhibit the transmissibility of the disease.  They only are designed to lessen your infection symptoms if or when you get infected.  As such, these products do not meet the legal or medical definition of a vaccine
  • Since a vast majority of people who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 have no symptoms at all, they’ve not even been able to establish a causal link between the virus and the clinical disease

The Confusion in the Media and on the Internet

Regarding being vaccinated, many are confused because of all the apparent contradictions and especially on the internet and in the media where Satan’s influence is broadcast in his clever seditious ways that everyone should be vaccinated.  They say, “Trust the science.”  I say, “Trust  in the Lord and search the data.”

I know many good people who are atheists because of this confusion.  I have written the following blog article for those who have lost faith or who those who don’t know God and would like to.   But please don’t take the chip, which is part of the “Mark of the Beast” being brought forth by the NWO technocrats, regardless of how good they make it sound.  And if you haven’t been vaccinated, you are wise, as the data support that decision.

Economic and Bio-warfare

In a previous blog article, The Watchmen On The Tower,  we saw how Satan had launched with the pandemic a bio-weapon warfare to take people from Christ and to take down America.  Now, we are seeing with the coming forth of the “Mark of the Beast,” Satan is launching economic warfare to take people from Christ on top of the disastrous effects the pandemic has already had on our economy.

The Future

The purging times ahead will be horrific – depending upon our repentance and on how Christ-centered we are.  In Him we will find peace, love, and joy.  We will see in due process the end of “worldliness,” as the wicked destroy the wicked and the righteous – those who have fully embraced the Christ — move into the new heaven and the new earth — the paradisiacal glory during the Savior’s reign for a thousand years.

We are seeing a large number of Christians waking up and praying for this nation, which makes me very happy.  I know the Lord hears and answers sincere prayers.  Know that our faith in Him will be tested to the limit during the purging times ahead, but He has promised that He “will gather his people even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, even as many as will hearken to my voice and humble themselves before me, and call upon me in mighty prayer.” (D&C 29:2)  And we know that we can totally trust in HIm.

The more we expose Satan’s anti-Christ tactics, the less power he has, and the more effective we can be in sharing the beautiful truths of the His gospel.

I Love our Church and its Leaders

I am grateful that our Church respects our individual choices. “Individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. In making that determination, we recommend that, where possible, they counsel with a competent medical professional about their personal circumstances and needs.”  I love our church leaders and many of them have been vaccinated. It is certainly their choice; I don’t know their reasons.  I pray for them.  I don’t pretend to be more competent or knowledgeable than they.  I just do my research, and try to find the truth as best I can.  I continually pray to know God’s TRUTH and His will in what I am doing!

The Signs of the End Times are Evident

Regarding the end-time events, along with the prophets warning us in scripture, the Lord gives us signs that Satan cannot duplicate. The great deceiver would if he could.  “And they shall see signs and wonders, for they shall be shown forth in the heavens above, and in the earth beneath.” (D&C 45:40)  It is fascinating that we are in the middle of the signs of the end times.

America is God’s covenant land to take the gospel to the world in these latter days, and Satan knows that.  The best thing we can do as Americans is to totally turn to the God of this land, who is Jesus the Christ and repent, and help share His glorious gospel message.  He is the “Way, and the truth, and the  life.” (John 14:6).  This I know, and He will help us expose Satan’s seditious, liberty destroying tactics as well as share His message of glad tidings of great JOY.

David W. Allan