The Book Of Mormon Tells Us Where Are We In God’s Time?

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At the Book of Mormon Evidence EXPO held in Sandy, UT on September 29th, 2018,  I answered the question: “Do you know where we are in God’s TIME”?  It was exciting  to prepare this presentation.  Some 500 people or so hopefully respond to the message.

In my address, that man’s time is not God’s time, and that understanding God’s TIME is extremely important in knowing where we are in it and in knowing the exciting events the future holds. This understanding is clearly reinforced in the Book of Mormon. For those who have lost faith, I validate the grand harmony in the scriptures and between science and religion.

It was an exciting talk to prepare and I got excellent feedback from those who were there. I feel the Lord blessed me in my efforts.

As many of you know, I helped develop the nation’s official atomic-clock time generation system and helped as well in the development of GPS, and was the nation’s official time keeper for most of our 32 years in Boulder, CO.

David W. Allan