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The Star of Christ – An Eight-pointed Star

star of christThis Star appears in the center of my book cover “It’s About Time.”

I gave some ideas of what I wanted on my book cover to my grand-daughter, Rachel Oliveri.  She, with the help of Kevn Lambson, my son-in-law, designed the art work. Both are gifted artists. I explained to them that I wanted the essence of the book cover to express the message that “Light” and “Truth” come from Christ. “He is the way, the truth and the life,” and the Star of David has great significance as well.

I believe Rachel and Kevn were inspired in the artistic development of this book cover to convey the message I desired to you, the reader.

A Little Background

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Why Did I Write the Book?

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A book about science and religion is a rare combination in today’s world, especially coming from a scientist.  However, I felt inspired to do so and thus took on the task.


Upon returning home from Mesa, AZ., after helping  my  friend with his science book,  I had the strong impression that I should write a book. My friend was some years away from finishing his and I felt as he did, that science without God is not true science.

For me, God is the master physicist, as well as master of any other discipline you care to mention.  Having published a lot of papers and having been involved with writing chapters in several books, I had a good feel for what I was up against in such a task. However, being in my late seventies, I wasn’t sure I wanted to write a book.  Self-aggrandizement was not a motivator, but for me the question was, “Did that impression come from the Lord?”

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