It’s About Time Book Testimonial – Bob Webster

david signingThe Book of Mormon Evidence Conference was held the second weekend in April. It was an honor to be a forum speaker. The subject of my address was: The Lord’s promise: “Nothing Shall Be Withheld,” which was divided into two, one hour lectures.

I was also privileged to assist at the booth of my editor, Boyd Tuttle, of Legends Library. It was delightful to meet so many people and sign their purchased book, “It’s About Time.”

Also, kind individuals who had previously purchased and read the book stopped by to say, “Hello!” It was nice to chat with them and received their feedback.

Recently, I received this much appreciated testimonial from Bob Webster of Pleasant Grove Utah, which I would like to share.

“Dr. Allen:
You are a global treasure! And so is your precious book, “IT’S ABOUT TIME.”
I ordered it online in 2015, and immediately devoured it. As a university graduate in the natural sciences, I had expected to find a mostly scientific book, loaded with difficult factual information and formulas.

To my surprise, and delight, it is mostly about factual religion, and the reality of how God intelligently, purposefully and precisely organized the elements and forces existing in what we call space, into not only this earth – specifically for us His children – but coordinated it all so incredibly among His existing creations in space. All we experience in mortality testifies of Him and His love for us.

The contents of your book blend so beautifully with revealed principles of both religion and science, that they significantly enhance my understanding and conviction of both, particularly man’s mortal agency. I feel honored to know you and meet you in a public occasion. Your humility to present your historic material in such humble circumstances, and your open oneness with others of similar spirit, is truly a touch of the divine. Thank you for being you, and for being a tool in God’s hands for truth and true progress.”

Bob Webster,  April 2016
Pleasant Grove, UT. 84062

Thank you Bob, I value your kinds words.

David Allan

P.S. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Book Of Mormon Evidence Conference, don’t hesitate to do so. It is always held semi annually, the second-week in April and October, on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are over 156 classes covered by 70 speakers, expounding on subjects which range from “Book of Mormon Research” – “Emergency Preparedness” – Health and Wellness” to the “The Signs of the Last Days” and much more.
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