It’s About Time – Kindle Book

It's About Time Kindle Book

For your convenience, enjoy the Kindle version of “It’s About Time for only $9.99 on any of your communication devices as well as your desk or lap top computer. (Click Here)

If you do not have the Kindle app on any of your devices or computers,  follow the instructions below.

Free Kindle App for Your Devices

You must have an Amazon account to take advantage of Kindle books.

Here are “no fuss” instructions for putting the free Kindle app on your hand held devices and tablet. (PC or Mac) Click here.

1.  Put in your e-mail address and your app will automatically be installed on your device.

Register Your Kindle App with Amazon

To register your devices with Amazon Kindle, make sure your device is connected to a wireless or data network.

1. From your device, tap the Kindle app icon.
2.  Enter your Amazon account information.
3.  Your Kindle content appears under the Cloud Tab.

Once you have registered, place your order for “It’s About Time” by going to the search bar and selecting Kindle Books.  Add:  It’s About Time Allan.

There you go… Enjoy “It’s About Time” on your communication devices.

Kindle for your PC or Mac table top or laptop computer

To put the Kindle app on your Mac or PC table top or laptop Click here.
Click on this Icon: 

1.  A download will appear on your screen.  Follow the simple instructions.
2.  Once you have the App on your computer go back to Amazon. In the search bar, select
Kindle Store.  Add: It’s About Time Allan
3.  Purchase “It’s About Time” for only $9.99