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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is an avid spokesperson for “liberty and justice.”
Presently, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano calls for an alliance against the globalists. He does a great job of exposing the globalist agenda.

Chapter 16 – Is the New World Order Taking Over the Globe?
Some call it the “Deep State. The new world order (NWO) folks are aggressively trying to seek power, gain, and control of the whole world. Most seriously, they’re planning to take away our liberty.

Seven Suggestions for Improving GPS
I enjoyed working with those who developed GPS. I have recently had the opportunity to suggest improvements to the present system. You can download a copy of those suggestions by clicking the red title above

God Is The Greatest Scientist
God is the greatest Scientist.  I know Him, and you can know Him. God has a perfect plan of Salvation.  This is a Scientist’s View of the Gospel and an unusual tie to the Allan Variance.

The Book of Mormon Tells Us  Who – Where and What
How blessed we are to have the Book of Mormon, which contains wisdom that is as current today as it was 2,600 years ago. There is no reason to be deceived when it comes to future events. The Book of Mormon bears testimony of who, where, and what.

What Really Happened on 9/11? – /Wake Up America
As of today (25 Dec. 2019), three thousand two hundred and thirty-five architects and engineers, and over 24 thousand at large, have signed a petition “…calling for a new investigation of the World Trade Centers’ destruction.”

The Resurrection Disproves the Theory of Organic Evolution
I appeal to logic, reason, reliable data, and what we can KNOW! The scientific method depends on observable, repeatable, and reliable data to validate a hypothesis or theory. I expand the scientific method to include God and things spiritual. Spiritual things can also be “observable, repeatable, and reliable” and contribute to our database.

How Important Is English Now In Sharing The Gospel?
The Savior said, “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bring forth much fruit: so shall ye be my disciples.” (John 15:8)  Notice, there is a colon after “fruit.”  True disciples share the gospel with valiancy knowing that this is the best way to show our love to Heavenly Father and to glorify Him. In Divine appreciation, His love fills our hearts as we do so.

My ASEA Experience
We are born with 100% of the redox-signaling-molecules (RSM) needed to communicate with all of our cells to tell the mitochondria that the cell is healthy, needs repair, or needs to be replaced.  Because of this major medical and scientific breakthrough, a company was formed, ASEA, to market amazingly important molecules for healing.

Who Is Israel?
Israel the man, Israel the patriarch, Israel the nation, Israel scattered among all nations, Israel gathered in the latter days, and Israel of the covenant have profound importance to all who care about God’s dealings with man.  The great covenant that the Lord made with Abraham is vital, in an eternal sense, to us today.  Understanding what promises were made, how the Lord has, is, and will fulfill them, and when and where they will be completed is enormously valuable in understanding the great plan of our Heavenly Father.

Where Does The Book Of Mormon Really Take Place and Does It Matter?
It matters greatly because the Lord has said through the prophet Moroni, who saw our day: “For behold, this is a land which is choice above all other lands; wherefore he that doth possess it shall serve God or shall be swept off; for it is the everlasting decree of God. And it is not until the fullness of iniquity among the children of the land, that they are swept off.”

Glyphosate – A Health-Care Crisis
If you knew your neighbor was being poisoned and you love your neighbor, you would tell them.  That is where I am.  I have recently learned of the horrible extent of poisoning by glyphosate including myself and that it tends to be cumulative.

My Involvement With GPS Development
I owe it to my family to share my involvement with the Global Positioning System.  GPS is, of course, an enormous program costing many billions of dollars over several decades and involving many thousands of people both in its development, in its operation, and in its implementation.

The Ideal Society & Priorities
John Forbes Nash Jr., the 1994 Nobel Prize winner in economics and whose life story is portrayed in the movie, The Beautiful Mind, shares a meaningful insight into the “Ideal Society.”

How Are We Saved – What Does the Bible Say?
Are we saved by grace? YES! Are we saved by works? YES!  How can this be?  Which is it, GRACE or WORKS?  Can it be both?

50 Year Anniversary for the Allan Variance.
David W. Allan has been instrumental in becoming world-famous in his field of atomic clocks, which are used widely throughout the earth.

How To Be Healthy In A World Spiraling Down
In a world where “General Health” is spiraling down and “Heart Disease” has become the number one killer, there are those, who I believe have been inspired to help turn around these devastating trends in our health-care system.