It’s About Time

“You are in for a special treat.” — Chauncey C. Riddle  (Foreword)

 Spritual Science and Religious Science - Its About Time Book by Author and physicist David W. Allan.

  • Is God’s Time the ultimate in knowing what life is about?
  • Is man’s time different from God’s time?
  • Where are we in God’s Time?
  • Am I a child of God or am I evolved?
  • Is there science behind my prayer channel to God?
  • How does understanding time help me to know who I am and find meaning in life?

If science is true and religion is true, must they not harmonize?  Two truths cannot contradict one another.  As Galileo said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

What is time has been a puzzle for philosophers and scientists throughout the ages.  We know that time as generated by man has contributed enormously to our high-tech society – providing such things as GPS, cell-tower synchronization for cell phones, and an enormous number of other benefits.  But do they use time?  They use time interval.  A calendar measures time since the birth of Christ. The typical watch measures time since noon or midnight, etc.

If we can “discover” God’s timing, will it bring true science and true religion into harmony?  Will it give you a strong connection between things spiritual, scientific, physical, emotional, political, historical and mental?  Will it help bring peace on earth and good will among men?

In God’s timing, is now the most exciting time in the history of the Earth? David Allan desires to share with you answers to these profound questions.  It’s About Time to harmonize true science and true religion with enormous benefits for you and a world in need of this vital message!  You will be amazed at the answers and value you will find in his book.

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After that experience of receiving direct guidance [in master’s thesis, aka “Allan variance”], I knew that the Lord can and will bless us in all that we do as we seek for light and Truth and to do His will. Further, it doesn’t matter whether it is in religious activities or school or family or work or wherever.

After that experience, I sought Him at every opportunity and that has made a great difference in my life. Also, I learned that if we seek not for self-aggrandizement but to serve and use our talents, as my wise BYU physics professor counseled me that makes a big difference as well.

I believe that the Truths of God will harmonize in all areas of life if we will but try to understand the Truth from Him, who is the author of all Truth, and live in harmony with those Truths to the best of our abilities once we receive them. I believe God is the Master Physicist along with being the Master of the Universe.

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