Table of Contents – 2014 Edition

Author’s Background________________________________________ix

Sections and Chapters
Section I
Expanded Scientific Method Brings Harmony with Religion and Answers
Many of Life’s Most Challenging Questions.

Chapter 1___________________________________________________3
It’s About Time to Put God Back into the Scientific Method.
Chapter 2__________________________________________________23
It’s About Time We tackle Some of Life’s Most Difficult Questions.

Section II
Applying Our New Basis for Scientific Thinking to Several False Traditions
Chapter 3__________________________________________________49
What Is God’s Word?
Chapter 4__________________________________________________69
What is the True Nature of Love?
Chapter 5_________________________________________________127
Mary’s Miracle; God Is Closer Than You Think; Documented Miracles
Debunking Atheism
Chapter 6_________________________________________________143
The Theory of Evolution Is Pervasive. Have We Been Deceived?
Chapter 7_________________________________________________159
Food, Water, Toxins, and Nutrition Toward Optimum Health of Body,
Mind and Spirit.
Chapter 8_________________________________________________197
Can All Additions Be Overcome?
Chapter 9_________________________________________________207
Can All Cancer Be Cured?
Chapter 10________________________________________________209
Should We Have “Mind Over Medicine?”
Chapter 11________________________________________________213
The “Biology of Belief and Healing Modalities
Chapter 12________________________________________________217
Stress, the Killer of Body and Brain? How Can We Best Deal with It?
Chapter 13________________________________________________219
Growing the Brain and Fullness of Joy
Chapter 14________________________________________________231
About Energy
Chapter 15________________________________________________235
Is Our Defense for Our Defense?
Chapter 16________________________________________________241
New World Order Infiltration of the Internet
Chapter 17________________________________________________245
Are We a Christian Nation?
Chapter 18________________________________________________253
How Are We Saved?
Chapter 19________________________________________________261
The Ideal Society and the First Law of Heaven

Section III
Man’s Time and GPS, God’s Time, Transcendental Time, Where Are We in
Gods’s Time and the Wheel of Time
Chapter 20________________________________________________267
It’s About Man’s Time, How GPS Works, and How To Improve Them Both
Chapter 21________________________________________________295
It’s About the Fifth-Dimension Beyond Man’s Time and Our Mortal
Sphere of Existence, Where God and Angels Dwell
Chapter 22________________________________________________317
It’s About How Transcendental Time Couples To Both Mortality and
the Eternity-Domain
Chapter 23________________________________________________331
It’s About Where We Are in God’s Time
Chapter 24________________________________________________359
It’s About the Wheel of Time – One Eternal Round
Chapter 25________________________________________________365
It’s About Time!
Index ____________________________________________________385

Appendix A: The Seven Events in the Seven Steps of the
Atonement of Jesus the Christ

Appendix B: At It Came To Pass=El=God

Appendix C: Christ will Gather as a Hen Gathers Her Chickens

Appendix D: Six Magical Skills In the Art of Listening

Appendix E: As Old As Adam

Appendix F: A Super Food That is Too Good to be True.

Appendix G: The Magical Benefits of Vitamin K2

Appendix H: Four Simple Secrets For the Living to Be 100

Appendix I: Nature’s Natural Noise Processes – Flicker-Noise
and Timing Errors in Clocks.

Appendix J: The Science of Keeping Time

Appendix K: Letter to Key Coordinators of GPS Program

Appendix L: “Left To Tell” (Book Report)

Appendix M: And It Shall Come To Pass=Jehovah

Appendix N: Protect Yourself During A Pandemic