Following Australia is Hell!

WAKE UP, Americans!

Australia lockdownYou may not know that the globalists have taken over Australia bringing about horrific tyranny and control of the populace.  Unless you already know, you will be appalled when you see what they are doing.  URGENTLY Americans need to know that the globalists are planning to do the same seditious-controlling activities in the US of A – taking away more of our freedoms and liberty, and killing us with the COVID planned pandemic and its vaccines.  There are videos linked at the bottom of the page you should watch, and which will be very helpful as solutions — moving you out of fear and into faith, hope, peace of mind and love.

If you think the same tyranny that is taking place in Australia can’t happen here in the United States, you are mistaken.  It is already in process!

What Can We Do About It?

As my wife shares, “When you are RIGHT with the LORD, you are RIGHT.”  Then you need not fear the pandemic or anything Satan throws at you.  “Perfect love casteth out fear.” (1 John 4:18)

Most are worried, “Will the pandemic never end?”  Using fear tactics, that is exactly what the globalists want you to think, as they move to take control of our lives.  The patriots think about getting the government back to US Constitutional principles.  Christians think about getting rid of the moral corruption in our government leadership and in the world.  As individuals, we tend to think about how we can save ourselves and our families. “Thinking” about the solution is different than “Doing Something About It.”

The answer begins with us individually FIRST.

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Who Owns The World?

who owns the world WHO OWNS THE WORLD?

The simple answer is SATAN owns the world! To know how he is doing it and what we can do to counter his attack on us is presently one of life’s biggest challenges. There is no doubt that bigger forces are becoming more and more obvious as we are facing worldwide challenges that we have never seen before. However, the curtain is being drawn back to expose the big players in Satan’s plan of owning the world. The wealthy own the world for now, but we know that Christ has “overcome the world” (John 16:33) through His infinite Atonement.  At the end of the end-times — before His millennial reign — this will be Gloriously manifest as the wicked destroy the wicked.


I like to write blog articles that are filled with hope, love, purpose, ways to deal with life’s challenges, and helping people to know of God’s infinite love for them.  My hope here is to help as many as I can to stand for liberty.  As we unite arm-in-arm, we know we will win because of the Savior’s promise. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32) As President Ezra Taft Benson, former Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower,  aptly shared that if you don’t know the enemy, he will deceive you.


Wealthy men and women can have great power over our lives. Here are just a few: Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk of Tesla,  Bernard Arnault of LVMH luxury goods,  Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Not all wealthy have ill intent but we are seeing an increase of monopoly, control, and the influence they have on the world stage. From vaccine promotion to censorship of free speech, which are being exhibited, are just some ways we are seeing our “right to choose and be heard” being compromised.

Dr. Mercola has an article where other players on the world stage are listed and have a great influence on what is happening.  Knowing the article would disappear from his website with his permission since I am doing it altruistically, I made a copy and have it attached as a pdf document at the bottom of the page so that you can know some of the players in Satan’s plan and not be deceived by him or them.


1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Destroying Liberty and what we can do about it.

2. The Mark of the Beast and how to avoid it.

3. Our biggest opportunity in life is to come to Christ.   America’s greatest armor is to repent.  America is the ENSIGN spoken of in Isaiah to take the gospel to the world.  Her effectiveness in doing so depends on Americans repenting so that they can enjoy God’s blessings in sharing His glorious gospel message.

4. To meet the challenging plagues Satan is throwing at us, the best thing is to have Strong Immunity, which should be broadcast to the world.  The globalists totally downplay it because they are about depopulation; they want us to die or to make us slaves.  The COVID vaccines have been shown to deplete a person’s immunity.

5. Vaccine mandates are our current satanic plague!  Don’t take the jab.  Many are threatening to quit their jobs rather than do so, and a lot of good is coming out of their efforts to chose the right (stand for LIBERTY).

The  Covid vaccine was designed by them and is bio-warfare – unbeknown to most. We are not getting all the necessary information about the vaccine through the standard information sources because they are censored under the guise of “misinformation” by so-called “Fact Checkers”.  And,  just who are these fact-checkers, and should we trust them?

“Free Speech” is being curtailed and we are not getting the full picture by way of standard news sources so we can decide for ourselves the path for our own lives.  However, the information is there if you are willing to search.  Here are two links that I feel are important for you to view. Dr. David Martin regarding bio-warfare and the Corbett Report: The Future of  Vaccines.

Our love to you and yours in this most interesting time.  How grateful we are that God is over all and fundamental part of His plan is “free-choice” (Agency). (See 2 Nephi 2:25-27)

David W. Allan

Dr. Mercola Article In PDF Form

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Destroying Liberty  

Liberty destroyed The uses of artificial intelligence (AI) have grown exponentially. And now we live in the information age because of artificial intelligence and the digital computer, which is now conveniently in everyone’s cell phones.

Quoting information from an earlier blog article: It States: “Because AI has no conscience, it only reflects the intelligence of human programmers. Hence, AI can be used for good or evil depending on the intent of the programmers and the computer architects who designed the programs. In recent times we are seeing how AI is taking away the freedom of speech on the internet.” (The entire blog article is in a link at the bottom of the post).

My scientific work began before the use of computers.  As they became available in the ‘60s, I learned to program and knew what a powerful tool they could be. We had these two common jokes among computer programmers. 1) “Garbage in, garbage out!” 2) “There is always one more bug!”  There is no perfect computer program, because we are imperfect.  The flaws in any computer program can be technical and/or ethical — including AI.

The globalists use AI to police the internet and to take down or flag that which doesn’t agree with their agenda and with the intent to take away our God-given individual sovereignty. In addition to controlling us, the globalists have three main goals: wealth transfer, global depopulation, and taking away our liberty — using fear to make us compliant. In their atheistic view, they have effectively no conscience in doing that; so, using AI toward their depopulation goal is no problem for them.  They think they are doing the world a service in doing so.

The Globalists’ Propaganda is Vaccinate!

The globalists’ propaganda is that the only solution to the pandemic is vaccination. This has been proven totally false. And recently, at an FDA hearing, the following was shared showing that the COVID vaccinations are neither safe nor effective. In addition to tens of thousands dying following the COVID vaccination, a large number have had serious side effects typically caused by blood clotting issues.  BOMBSHELL: FDA Allows Whistleblower Testimony that COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing and  Harming People!

Satan is using the globalists in a most seditious way. Using fear tactics, the globalists are using their orchestrated pandemic to move their agenda forward with lies and using the communists’ disinformation strategy — telling you one thing and meaning something else. As mentioned before, their satanic goals are the transfer of wealth, depopulation, state control by taking away our liberty and our God-given individual sovereignty.  In the history of the earth, there has not been a greater satanic outreach.  In the link shared below are suggestions about what we can do about this enormous worldwide encroachment.

An Example of AI Filtering

An important example is how AI on the internet filters out the truth, which is, natural immunity is better than the vaccine.  Everyone should be practicing and preaching natural immunity’s importance.  Our God-given natural immunity is a major miracle in the human body – showing His loving watch-care without taking away “free choice.”

As an example of how the globalists are going forth with their agenda that the COVID vaccine is the answer and ignoring natural immunity, during a Sept. 30 U.S. Senate hearing, Sen. Rand Paul, (R-Ky.), went head to head with Health and Human Services Sec. Xavier Becerra. Paul called out Becerra for ignoring the science of natural immunity.  As Paul pointed out, Becerra is neither a medical doctor nor a scientist, but Becerra is traveling the country calling people “flat-earthers” for believing they don’t need the vaccine if they’ve already had COVID.  Paul confronted him, “We find that very insulting. It goes against the science,” And, Paul added, Becerra is doing this in spite of an Israeli study of 2.5 million people that found the vaccinated group was actually seven times more likely to get infected with COVID than those with natural immunity from a previous infection.

Sen. Rand Paul Calls Out HHS Sec. Becerra for Denying Natural Immunity.  Children’s safety is at risk and they are in serious danger after receiving the vaccine.

Because of Serious Technical Problems with AI

The IEEE, which stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers,  has the largest membership (400,000) and the largest repository of scientific papers in the world. Most of my more than a hundred published papers are in this “I triple E” database.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the leading question posed in the IEEE Spectrum periodical, October 2021 issue, with the major probing title page question: “Why Is AI So Dumb?” This special report issue is totally focused on this serious question.  One of the excellent articles in this issue is entitled, “7 Revealing Ways AIs FAIL.They are: 1) BRITTLENESS, 2) EMBEDDED BIAS, 3) CATASTROPHIC FORGETTING, 4) EXPLAINABILITY, 5) QUANTIFYING UNCERTAINTY, 6) COMMON SENSE, and 7) MATH. This profound article shares the details of how these seven fundamental ways AIs fail. I don’t have space in this article to review these, but to let you know the globalists are using AI in massive, liberty-destroying ways.

These 7 Ways Carry Over to Ethical Problems

Many of the globalists are brilliant, but because AI has no conscience, and the globalists are for the most part atheistic, their lack of COMMON-SENSE  is an enormous  problem. The ethical “EMBEDDED BIASES” of the globalists is a huge world problem as well, and their use of AI is turning the world upside down. They are extremely well funded and are using the internet and the media to move their agenda forward.

The globalists’ use of AI have all the technical problems that the IEEE identifies in addition of their great misuse of AI ethically.

Censorship of Constitutional Rights 

There are 27 amendments to the US bill of rights that are to protect Americans. The first amendment states that citizens have the right to freedom of religion, speech, press assembly, and petition. We see the curtailing of “freedom of speech” every day in the press, and social media  under the guise of “Fact-Checking.” And, that begs the question of who is “Checking the facts?”  The restriction of free speech is not only being abused on the internet and social media but dialogue between school boards and parents and city councils and local citizens.

A Victim of Unconstitutional “Fact-Checking” 

Dr. Joseph Mercola began his practice in 1985 in Schaumburg Ill. In1990s. He began shifting to natural health medicine and opened his main website,, to share his treatments,  cures, and advice. The site urges people to “take control of your health.” In that time, he has garnered thousands of readers who have enjoyed the benefit of his counsel.  He has become the most popular health and wellness website on the internet.

Because of his stance on Covid-9, his site has been threatened to be taken down through “Fact-Checking” which claims many of his positions are not factual. His position on Covid-19 is the rub.  Again, who’s checking the facts? Whether you agree with his position on not, it’s not the point.

Dr. Mercola has served the needs of thousands of individuals who have better health and extended life. His position on Covid is supported by thousands of doctors in the world. Dr.  Mercola has the right, under the first amendment, to offer his medical expertise on any platform he desires. Unfortunately, thousands of doctors have been silenced as well.

Importance of Vitamin D

I just listened to a lecture he gave, where I learned a lot. He shares that most have “drunk the cool-aid” from the Global Psychosis orchestrated by the wealthy globalists, and have swallowed their propaganda distributed widely on the internet and through the media, which they control with AI. Most of what I learned from him in this talk was about proper nutrition and proper exercise, which I’ll not share here, except about vitamin D.

He shared a graph of the COVID death rate as a function of the vitamin D level in the blood. The graph showed a 100 % death rate, when the vitamin D level was too low, and going down to 0 % death rate when the vitamin D level was at or higher than 34 ng/ml, which with supplementation can be most probably reached with 8000 IU of Vit. D-3 per day. To know for sure that you have high enough Vitamin D, you should have your blood tested.

I subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s daily newsletter, which is available for free. I have learned many important nutritional suggestions from him. His motto resonates with my soul: “Take Control of Your Health.”

Dr. David Martin’s Great Insights

Regarding the pandemic, I also highly suggest you listen to the outstanding interview by Mike Adams with Dr. David E. Martin, which has received over two billion views. Both are God-fearing men, and Dr. Martin provides the best documentation of anyone I have seen about how the pandemic came about: Dr David E Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ,  Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW – Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Dr. Ryan Cole Shares Serious Blood Clotting Issues after COVID Vaccination

Another must-watch is a short video by Dr. Ryan Cole, an Anatomy Pathologist who discusses the negative effects of the vaccine that is just now beginning to appear in the body and we don’t know what other issues those who have taken the jab face.   His data showed that 60 % of those vaccinated for Covid had blood-clotting issues.

Because God Lives and Loves Us, there is HOPE  

However, as Dr. Mercola says, “We know with absolute certainty, we will win!” It is God versus Satan, liberty versus slavery, light versus dark, and joy versus misery.  We know on whose team we want to be on — and living and sharing what we know to be true.

David W. Allan

P.S. I highly recommend you read the following blog article as it ties into what the Lord has in store for those who follow Him and is complementary to the above. It will fill you with hope, faith, and to know that trust in Him puts you on the winning team, and tell you things we can do to combat the evil encroachment: Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Don’t “drink the cool-aid” and be compliant!  STANDUP for LIBERTY!

Another Missing Christian Teaching

God the Father A Vital Missing Christian Teaching was Removed During the Dark Ages.

The greatest of all the gifts of God is eternal life (D&C 14:7), and Jesus said in his last great High Priest’s prayer, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” Hence, the most important Missing Christian Teaching is to help you and me come to know the Father and the Son. (John 17:3)  The Creeds have destroyed that knowing.  We need to know the true nature of God – His character and attributes and emulate them.  Did you know that Heavenly Father in His infinite love and ability to do so gave each of us a mission for our mortal journey during that pre-mortal epoch.  Then following the Spirit and exercising true faith will take us back home to receive all the glorious promises offered in Eternal Life — life with God, life like God, which promises are not known in most Christian religions.

In 1990, I participated in a comparative religion debate at the University of Colorado.  Each person was given seven minutes to share their religious beliefs.  We had a Jewish Rabbi, a Catholic Priest, two different Protestant ministers, a leader from the Baháʼí Faith – headquartered in Haifa, Israel, and we had an atheist.  I was then serving in the Denver Mission Presidency and was asked to represent our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I was able to share our beliefs including the Fatherhood of God.  It was a most interesting evening, and went on for three and a half hours!  I made friends and had good visits with the Rabbi and the Priest afterward — wonderful gentlemen.

The Priest said to me, “May I ask you a question?”  I, of course, said, “Please.”

“Do I understand you correctly, that you believe you can become a god?” He quarried.

I responded with a question, “Did Jesus say to be perfect like our Heavenly Father is perfect?”

He responded, with an enlightened emphasis, “I never thought of that scripture in that way!”

Most of us are our own worst enemy regarding our true potential.  We need to believe as the scriptures tell us that we are “children of God,” (Romans 8:16) and Their “offspring.” (Acts 17:26-29)

Knowing that the students would not be able to remember what I shared in a seven-minute summary of our religious beliefs, I prepared a handout for them. There are some fascinating information and statistics in the handout.  Since then, I have updated the information, and it is available in the link listed at the end of this article.
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A Missing Christian Teaching

Premortal Epoch Missing from Most of Christianity

In millennial preparation language, the Lord declares this profound statement: “And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold I make all things new…” (Rev. 21:5)

Fiona and Terry Givens new book entitled, “ALL THINGS NEW”, comes from the above scripture. The book shares two truths that are missing from Christianity: 1. The understanding of “Premortality”, and 2. The “Parenthood of God.”

Fortunately, these truths have been restored with deep meanings and implications.  In this blog article, I deal with the great importance of premortality, as part of Heavenly Father’s perfect plan of happiness.


Two of the world’s best experts, Sarah Heinze, and Roy Mills have written about pre mortality because of their personal experiences. I introduce and expand upon the validity of their experiences and information in my book, “It’s About Time”. Their premortal account supports the scriptures and amplifies upon them significantly.

Premortality – Midwest Earthworks

It is particularly fascinating to me that the Jaredites and the Nephites, in the Book of Mormon, paint the picture of the importance of the premortal state as part of a 4 and ½ square mile earthworks near Newark, Ohio.  Fortunately, these were documented by Squire and Davis back in 1848, before most of them were destroyed.  I share a link below describing these earthworks.

Why is it Important to Understand Premortality

The importance of the truth about premortality is to know we are literally spirit offspring of Heavenly Parents and hence gods in embryo with the potential to become like our infinitely loving Heavenly Father and Mother.  When we were with them there in that premortal epoch and witnessed their love and celestial greatness and goodness, we were motivated to do everything we could to be like them.

They created the earth for us to gain a physical body, to house our spirit, and through the perfect plan of happiness come back to them in celestial realms of glory.  In so doing we fulfill our grand purpose here in mortality as described in the following blog article: What Is Our Purpose in Life?  How blessed we are to have had these beautiful truths now made available in exciting detail for all to partake of if we will.

Remembering Heaven

We are also fortunate that recently an award-winning movie was made by Sarah and Brent Hinze, REMEMBERING HEAVEN, documenting the premortal.  It was shown at BYU Friday evening, October 8th, 2021.  It was wonderful to be there and see Sarah and Brent again.  We became very good friends with them in 2013 and 2014, when I was writing my book down in Mesa, AZ, and we spent a lot of time in their home.  Brent is a very good racket-ball player, which became most apparent to me, as we played together; he is much better than I.

This film won all the major Utah and Latter-day Saint film awards this year, including the Best Feature Film Documentary at both the LDS Film Festival and the Utah Film Festival, Best of State Award for Utah, and Audience Choice Award at the LDS Film Festival (where it sold out in record time).

Premortality Ties us Back to Our Heavenly Parents

The perfect plan of happiness was explained to us by our Loving Heavenly Father in our premortal epoch.  We rejoiced as God’s children with our anticipated opportunity to come to earth, to gain a body, and to experience mortality.  We knew it would be challenging, but that as we looked to the Christ, who walked the mortal path perfectly, and as we embraced His teachings and came to know and partake of  God’s love, we knew the grand plan was there for each of us to be like our Heavenly Parents.  THIS IS ENORMOUS!

David W. Allan

Newark Earthwork Explanation Link





What Is Our Purpose in Life?

Eternal Life What is our purpose in life? Many great thinkers of the ages have struggled with the answers to this hard question. Scrutiny seems to simply cause more inquiry such as: How and why does the Lord create evil or allow it? Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?

If there is a loving God who loves us, why does He allow so many bad things to happen – causing people to want to exit the planet? Suicides are now epidemic with all the ugliness, pain, and suffering in the world. Victims of this horrible resolution have even infected our youth at an alarming rate.

One individual who suffered from doubt and lack of hope was C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century. During his teenage and apostate years, he felt that the strongest force for atheism was expressed in a poem of Lucretius:

“Had God designed the world, it would not be A world so frail and faulty as we see.”  Lucretius

How can we help individuals who are void of hope? How can we best help ourselves and one another better understand the purpose of life? How can we best help people who are suicidal?  The soul is eternal, and suicide will only lead to regret on the other side of the veil.
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Book of Mormon Conference – The Three Gospels

The Firm Foundation sponsored the 28th International semi-annual Book of Mormon Evidence Conference on September 23 – 25th, 2021.  I have been privileged to address an audience for this semi-annual event and share my testimony for twelve of those fourteen years.

A Special Day

My presentation was given on September 25th,  which also happened to be my 85th birthday and the audience sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to me.  In addition, several members of my family were in attendance, which made the day extra special, which is the best birthday present they could give me — to appreciate my exciting research.

My discourse was well attended and I received a wonderful response from the audience.  After the lecture, an individual from the audience asked if I would be willing to share my slides because of the abundance of material that was presented and I agreed.  (See Link at the Bottom of Post)

The Three Gospels

The title of my presentation was: “The Three Gospels and Preparation for the Lord’s Coming. “

1. The Gospel of the Good Earth –  Preparing our body, mind, and spirit.  Get out of the harmful modern foods and know what to eat to be the healthiest so that the “destroying angel will pass by.”

2) The Gospel of the Bible –  Preparing a people for the millennium. All who have faith in Jesus Christ and keep His commandments will make it into the millennium regardless of denomination.

3. The Gospel of the End-timesPreparing a Zion people. The fullness of the gospel will help bring about ZION to prepare us to meet the Bridegroom at His Coming.

  • These three “Gospels” are the most important blessings God has given and is giving in these last days in preparation for the return of His Beloved Son, and for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven (Matt. 6:10).
  • Those who integrate and internalize these three gospels will be the best prepared for His Glorious millennial reign.

It is my prayer for you that you may internalize and share these three gospels and be prepared for His glorious coming.  To this end have I done the research and prepared this important information to help you in your preparation for His Coming!  IT IS EXCITING TO KNOW HE IS COMING SOON.

Enjoy – The Three Gospels Slide Presentation

David Allan

P.S.  After my slide presentation, my publisher, Boyd Tuttle of Digital Legend,  sold all the copies of my book “It’s About Time” that he had in his booth.  You can buy it on the book’s website: and it is available as Kindle or in audio formats.




Why are Mormons Leaving Their Church?

Public records show that the worldwide membership growth for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has slowed. Also, many members have chosen to either drop out, become inactive, or have had their names removed from the rolls of the faith.

This is close to my heart because someone near and dear was one of them.  She is a very devote Christian and very bright.  She and her husband have raised a beautiful family.  She served a mission for our church and married in the temple, but has chosen to reject Mormonism.

What Are Some Of The Causes of Discontent?

She recently shared with me the details of why she left the Church.  I felt the sincerity of her heart as she shared how hard that decision came.  I am deeply grateful she was willing to openly share these feelings with me.

She sent me the link to the book, CES Letter, by Jeremy T. Runnells that she suggested I read giving some of the reasons why she had left the Church.  CES stands for the Church Education System, and he had reached out to them for answers.  I downloaded the book and went through it in quite a bit of detail, as he explains why he left the Church because  they couldn’t, “answer my concerns and questions.”

As I went through the book, I found many miss leading quotes and misinformation.  Unfortunately, many of them were from BYU professors and Church intellectuals that I knew were wrong from my personal research.  A lot of people are leaving the Church because of these confusing and contradictory statements.  For example, Jeremy says there are 100,000 changes in the Book of Mormon since it was first published.  This is incredibly misleading.  I have a copy of the original and have read it, and was thrilled with the consistency with the current edition.

Are There Problems Within Mormonism?

Every church has it problems and Mormonism is not alone.  Several years ago, I was attending a General Conference of the Church in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, when I heard President Benson, the President of our church at the time, say that the condemnation the Lord had placed on the Church had not been lifted, as he quoted from Doctrine & Covenants Section 84:

49 And the whole world lieth in sin, and groaneth under darkness and under the bondage of sin.
50 And by this you may know they are under the bondage of sin because they come not unto me.
51 For whoso cometh not unto me is under the bondage of sin.
52 And whoso receiveth not my voice is not acquainted with my voice, and is not of me.
53 And by this you may know the righteous from the wicked, and that the whole world groaneth under sin and darkness even now.
54 And your minds in times past have been darkened because of unbelief, and because you have treated lightly the things you have received—
55 Which vanity and unbelief have brought the whole church under condemnation.
56 And this condemnation resteth upon the children of Zion, even all.
57 And they shall remain under this condemnation until they repent and remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon and the former commandments which I have given them, not only to say but to do according to that which I have written—
58 That they may bring forth fruit meet for their Father’s kingdom; otherwise there remaineth a scourge and judgment to be poured out upon the children of Zion.

(Bold is mine)

Today we are seeing the effects of that condemnation as people fall into the clutches of unbelief, vanity, and sin, and do not know the  voice of the Savior.  Also, many leave the Church because of so much conflicting information, which dashes their trust in a consistent theology.  Let us look deeper.
The Book of Mormon is basic to our religion.  The fundamental purpose of the Book of Mormon is to bring people to Christ and help prepare for His glorious return so that we are not “under the bondage of sin…” and “know the  voice of the Savior.” 51 “For whoso cometh not unto me is under the bondage of sin.”   The Book of Mormon, as a second witness with the Bible, is designed to help us get out from under that bondage and receive His mercy and grace.  This is fundamental to Mormon theology.

Two Credible Defenders of the Faith and Book of Mormon

There are many credible researchers and defenders of the Book of Mormon, both member and  non-member.  I share two examples that come from outside independent sources.

1. Rob Kay, is a good friend of our daughter, McKaylee, and her husband, Scott.  Rob is a Jewish convert, with a strong Hebrew background who at age fifteen, by chance, picked up a copy of the Book of Mormon and immediately recognized it as a Hebrew document.  “This book is written in the manner of the Jews.” Three years later he joined the Church.  He let me put his remarkable conversion story on our website; the link is below.  His profound understanding can be supported by his website posts, and the link is below as well.

He took the 1840 edition of the Book of Mormon, which was the last one Joseph Smith was able to edit before he was martyred, and created a three-volume set, called, Voices from the Dust —  showing the Hebrew structure, but in English.  I have read his adaptation three times, and have greatly rejoiced in his insights and the content from this new, but old Hebrew perspective.

One of the things I learned from Rob  and from another Jewish convert friend, David Doane, is that the Book of Mormon is full of Hebrew Midrash occurrences. The concept of Jewish Midrash was totally unknown to Joseph at the time he translated the Book of Mormon, yet the Book of Mormon has several profound examples, as Rob Kay has explained.

In Hebrew, there is no punctuation, and Rob has no chapters and verses in his three-volume set, “Voices from the Dust“.  So, I was totally fascinated as I read his adaptation to observe that the sectioning he uses often begins with one of the 1,800 Adamic phrases that I have found in my research.  I was pleased that LDS Living Magazine picked up on this work from an article I wrote.  It is a unique perspective.

2. Jonathan Neville, who, in my opinion, is the best church historian because he is not attached to any church research system subject to correlation. He is “freelance” and a very brilliant researcher, retired lawyer, and has found many mistakes in the Church history books – mainly using the Joseph Smith Papers and many other dependable research resources.  I recently reached out to him as a friend.  He was familiar with the Runnells CES Letters book and has written a blog article addressing the question of the accusation that the Book of Mormon was plagiarized, which was one of the concerns of the person mentioned above.

Jonathan shared with me:
“I started a blog responding a while back”  This is a blog written in response to Jeremy Runnells’s letter to the CES director.

Jonathan said: “Recently I responded to FairLDS’ attempt at a response to the CES letter.”

In his usual fair and insightful way, he deals with plagiarization, misinformation, and relevant questions that have caused members to question their membership in the Church and the Book of Mormon.

Science Vs. Faith

For me, the bigger world problem is all who are turning away from God and assuming science will save them.  In a recent survey, 93% of the leading American scientists believe the Bible is a myth.  In the Book of Mormon, both Nephi (1 Nephi 13:38-41) and Joseph in Egypt (2 Nephi 3:11) prophesied this would happen, and that the Book of Mormon would come forth and validate the Bible.  It is doing that in a major way in  fulfillment of those prophecies, which also validates the Book of Mormon because these prophecies are coming about as we speak, and Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matt. 7:15-20)

We know religion is a matter of faith, but I believe the following article gives undeniably validation of the scriptures including the Bible, and showing the fingerprint of God and evidence of the Adamic language.  I used the scientific method to validate these findings.

I pray for all our Christian Missionaries who are using the Bible to bring people to Christ and His great gospel plan of happiness and peace in the midst of the storms.  All who believe that gospel will make it into the millennium.  I also pray for our missionaries who are bringing the fullness of the gospel as contained in the Book of Mormon to as many as will.  We know the gospel will go to all before He comes.  Let us join arm-in-arm to get the good news out there – live it and share it. (John 15:8)

My Own Research, Findings, and Testimony

As to Joseph Smith, it is as Jeremy Runnells says, he is either a modern-day prophet or he is the greatest fraud ever.  This reminds me of C. S. Lewis’s comment about the Savior: he said, “There can be only one of two conclusions: 1) He is the greatest deceiver of all time, or 2) He is exactly what and who He said He is: the Son of God and the Redeemer of mankind.” 

Again, Jesus gives us how to know, “By their fruits, ye shall know them.” (Matt. 7:20)  The information in the following link is adapted from a book about 100 people who knew Joseph intimately.  I would much rather rely on their testimonies than on the many others who did not know him and chose to denigrate him not knowing the facts.  Both the translation of the Book of Mormon as well as the printing were major miracles for anyone who is willing to look at the history with a desire to know the truth.

Another fascinating fingerprint from the Lord  came to me.  At 4:28 (MST) on 20 March 2017) was the moment of the Vernal Equinox. Spring sprung upon us!  The early morning hours are my best time for meditating.  I had the impression that morning that the ratio of the height to width of the first printing of the Book of Mormon was in the divine ratio or the Golden mean.  The divine ratio is ever-present in nature.  Dr. Hugh Nibley, Brigham Young University said, “Measurement is the very essence of creation.”  The Lord has said, “Behold, all things are created and made to bear record of me.” (Moses 6:63) When I got up – having a replica of one of the 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon first printed – I measured it, and found it to be exactly as the Spirit had taught me.  (190 mm high x 117 mm wide; 190/117 = 1.62.  The golden mean is 1.618033989…, an irrational number)  We have more than two thousand books in our library, and I have not found another with the divine ratio.  I thank the Lord for this insight.

I believe we should let each person follow their hearts in terms of their religious beliefs and be happy therein.  As I see it, the confusing teachings that are causing many to leave the Mormon religion are based on misinformation that Satan has put out there. Unfortunately, many have “thrown the baby out with the bathwater” and no longer believe in Christ.  Interestingly, the Lord gave Joseph Smith the name of His Church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Indeed, we who follow the teachings of the restoration of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ coming through the Prophet Joseph Smith count ourselves among true Christians, as we come unto Him with full purpose of heart, and hearken to His voice.

My life has grown in light and truth spiritually and temporally mainly because of internalizing the beautiful truths of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is not only the “good news;” it is for me the BEST NEWS!  I believe the success the Lord has given me scientifically is because He knew how I love to share this most important message, and I am so pleased that we have over 70 thousand visits a year to my book’s website from across the globe and increasing.

David W. Allan


Rob Kay’s website:  The Mormon Yeshiva

Rob Kay’s conversion story: “Voices from the Dust.

There is Hope, Not Fear Regarding Covid

The covid issue has created a lot of misunderstanding and fear.  Covid and vaccine debates are going on everywhere. Whether you have had covid or have been vaccinated, there is still an element of concern.  The “Great News” is there is hope, whether you have had COVID-19, or taken the shot, or neither.

First, we need to understand the greater threat to the population of the world. We need to know the facts regarding the globalists. The main tactic of the globalists is to use fear to get everyone in the world compliant and vaccinated.  It is about control, depopulation, and wealth transfer.

The covid vaccine mRNA code is a BIOWEAPON developed via a digital SIMULATION.  This is explained in a video interview by Mike Adams with Dr. David Martin. The video is incredibly insightful with many excellent suggestions and guidelines going forward. I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to the whole thing.  I have the link below showing that the mRNA Code is a bioweapon.

Both Mike and David are God-centered, gifted men who are focused on and love the truth.  Dr. Martin is the most credentialed person regarding world economic affairs that I have heard, as well as regarding the historic background on how the “so-called pandemic” came about.  I learned a lot from them both.
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What You Should Understand About Covid-19

Bob Webster
Guest Post by Bob Webster
Some Non-Virus      Non-Pandemic Facts

The Covid 19 vaccination debate has reached an all-time high. So, who do you believe? This guest post was written by Bob Webster, whose extensive experience and background warrant your consideration of his knowledge and research of Covid 19.

About Bob Webster
Bob Webster’s professional career was spent evenly in three occupations: USFS R4 Forester in SE ID & W. Wyo, including Public Information Officer in Idaho Falls; Medical-Nutritional Sales Rep in the same SE ID-W Wyo zone; and Environmental Health Scientist for Dist 7 HD in ID Falls, including 3-times awarded State EHS of the year, plus two years as part-time EHS in Utah County, while Donna continued as an LPN Home Health nurse. (A more detailed account of his background is below this article.)

Covid-19 Division

For over 18 months, Americans have been overwhelmed by shocking information originating from WHO of a global disease, possibly as serious as the 1918 influenza, with potentially millions of deaths. In a knee-jerk response, political administrators issued mandates virtually paralyzing entire societies worldwide.

Over a year later, those societies have divided into two opposing groups – those obedient to the mandates, and those who disbelieve and resent the lockdowns, economic destruction, masks, social distancing, and the 24/7 media saturation with distorted information. Not even the disease name or its effects are acceptable to a vocal minority of physicians and non-mainstream media.

Three Brief Summaries of the Material

#1 – An analysis summary of hundreds of articles indicating fraud is connected to all factors of the Covid-19 crisis. Their supporting medical research details are far too numerous to cite. At this point, it is helpful to see such a summary of factors, exposing the fraudulent nature of this global issue.

#2 – It is an edited version of one of the main vaccine manufacturer’s claims.

#3 – It is a valuable website link that will allow you personally examine numerous medical warnings and the reports of adverse effects of a Covid vaccine that have been developed by several different companies.

#1 –  Warnings and Findings

*America’s original 2019 “alarm”  regarding COVID-19 came from WHO, and was promoted by Dr.  Anthony Fauci;

*No one has Constitutional authority to create law, except an elected legislature with jurisdiction;

*Covid is a man-made non-virus disease originating in the labs of UNC-Chapel Hill, and further developed in Wuhan, China;  COVID IS NOT A VIRUS.

* Covid is Graphine Oxide disease; Graphine Oxide is the flattest and hardest of all nanoparticles made with the same atoms as our organs tissues and cells.  Its nature causes unique interactions with blood proteins and membranes and can lead to severe effects such as loss of cell function and pro-inflammatory responses.  However, it is disabled by Glutathione, which is found in the following natural foods: Brussels Sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, (all in the Cucurbitaceae family) spinach, avocados, tomatoes, peaches, watermelon, rice bran;  Unprocessed raw eggs, raw goats milk, fresh meats,  garlic, onions. Brazil Nuts, nuts, grains, seafood.

*Covid-19 never did qualify as a pandemic;

*THERE IS NO COVID VACCINE! There is NO  injection yet which qualifies as a C-19 vaccine.

*Injections being promoted are Experimental Biological Agents (EBA), with controversial nano-particle contents, NOT medically-qualified vaccines. Thus, the “shot” is not a vaccine; we are injecting the patented bioweapon S1-spike protein. The patent office rejected calling this “shot” a vaccine because this “shot” doesn’t prevent infection.

*COVID-19 tests are still being illegally run by labs at excessive standards, yielding 90% fake records of “Positive cases;”

*94% of Deaths are still being illegally counted as “COVID” despite only 6% as the legal cause of death.

*98% of COVID-19 cases still survive;

*Only people with preexisting COVID-19 vulnerabilities (especially pulmonary) become infected; children, youth and active athletes are least at risk, and least in need of masks or distancing mandates.

*No medical criteria exist for “social distancing” for COVID-19;

*No cloth masks qualify as “protection” against transmitting C-19; surgical masks come closest;

*Hydroxychloroquine remains an effective preventative treatment for COVID-19 disease, but not a treatment for infected humans.

*Ivermectin remains an effective preventative treatment for COVID-19 disease.

*Medical records show as many deaths and disabilities following COVD-19 injections as from the disease itself.

Glutathione disables Graphine Oxide (Covid disease cause). See the list of natural foods above for Glucothione support of the natural immune system.

*Public media-promotionals that COVID-19 injections are “safe and effective” are Fake Science and Fake News.

#2 – Pharma Vaccine Information

Once you know the above facts, you can see a large amount of disinformation in the following, which is from Pfizer’website using the official pharma language. I would dare say that most of those who have received the so-called vaccine, have never viewed this information before getting the shot.

In Pfizer’s 2020 “vaccine” packaging, it boldly tells users:

1 . The vaccine has been marketed & used without FDA approval.
2 The disease is a virus.
3. FDA has approved all of this under emergency conditions.
4. The product “is an unapproved vaccine.”
5.  It is not intended for anyone under age 16.
6. Serious and unexpected side effects may occur.

Note: The FDA has recently approved Pfizer’s non-vaccine. However, the medical-science facts remain the same therefore the FDA approval is moot, since
1. isn’t a vaccine;
2. It still can’t claim to prevent the disease or protect anyone;
3. The disease still isn’t a virus;
4. The non-vaccine claims to be for the SARS-Cov-V2 disease, which doesn’t exist
That the vaccine’s intent is to “prevent the disease.”
These are pretty shaky standards and incriminating to FDA’s already questionable reputation.

#3 – Further Medical Information

1. Proponents fail to mention one of the side effects is death.  If you go to the CDC website under Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination, there are over 13 thousand deaths reported following vaccination.

2. Coroners are prohibited from doing autopsies.  One was done by a private individual for his mother, and the blood tells the sad story.  See this video to know what happens to the blood after the jab which is symptoms like Rouleaux clotting of the blood. 

3. Proponents fail to mention massive vaccine failure: “JERUSALEM, July 22 (Xinhua) — The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 has dropped to 39 percent in Israel, the country’s Ministry of Health said on Thursday. The new figure refers to the period between June 20 and July 17, the ministry said, adding that the ongoing decline was observed along with the spread of the Delta COVID-19 variant in Israel where 95% of the population over 60 and 80+% over 20 is fully vaccinated.”  New hospitalizations among vaccinated people in LA are up 4x in a week.

4. Hear What These Drs. Have to say:
So many caring and competent doctors have been demonized on social media, attacked by the press, and had their personal websites assaulted because of their warning voices. There are very few platforms that allow opposing discussions. I invite you to click the link below for in-depth information. I suggest that you’ll refuse the “Covid Jab” after you hear what these doctors have to say.

Carefully consider this information, because the health and life of you and your family may be depended upon your decision to be vaccinated or not.

Bob Webster

Background:  Bob Webster was born in SE Minnesota, and divided his growing up years between Billings, Montana, and S. California. He graduated from Alexander Hamilton HS in W. LA, where he played FB, BB, and track. He then was among the pioneer students of U. Cal Riverside from ’55 – ’57. At UCR he thrived as their starting QB & threw UCR’s 1st -ever TD. He also held high-point honors on the BB team. Obviously, Bob is a sports fan. Following UCR, he attended one year at BYU, prior to a 30-month Spanish mission to Uruguay, SA. After that, Bob enrolled a year at Cal poly Pomona and completed a BS in Forestry at USU in Logan in 1964.

Bob married Donna J. Jolley of SLC in Logan, UT. Temple in Sept 1962. They eventually parented nine children, from whom came 22 grandchildren and 12 great grands. He likes western clothes.

Bob’s professional career was spent evenly in three occupations:  USFS R4 Forester in SE ID & W. Wyo, including Public Information Officer in Idaho Falls;  Medical-Nutritional Sales Rep in the same SE ID-W Wyo zone; and Environmental Health Scientist for Dist 7 HD in ID Falls, including 3-times awarded State EHS of the year, plus two years as part-time EHS in Utah County, while Donna continued as an LPN Home Health nurse.

Bob became an avid gardener to support their large family, including chickens, rabbits, and milk goats. He specialized in home preparedness and home maintenance, construction, and creativity.  He attended church and community choirs and was the male lead in MY Fair Lady stage production.

In addition to missionary service in Uruguay, his church service record includes Stake 70, Stk Mission Presidency, Stk Executive Sec, Stk Athletic Dir; and Ward Choir Dir. He and Donna served a 2-yr Microfilming mission in the Dominican Republic, ’06-‘07.  They moved to PG in 2003, remodeling  a home across from the PG Cemetery, “So we can keep an eye on our plot.”

Bob has a passion for Truth, with active written files under Truth -vs -Tradition, focusing on Religion, Science, and Politics. His favorite is a 10-chapter unpublished manuscript, Creation-vs-Evolution. He is especially alert to Constitutional issues in government, education, and public lands.   He is currently a repeat volunteer teacher’s aide in an elementary school in Utah County’s Foster Grandparent Program, helping slow learners and Latino move-ins. On the bright side, he loves word-play jokes.  “College professors’ favorite snack food is Academia nuts.”