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What Really Happened on 9/11?

Wake Up America!

As of 25 Dec. 2019, three thousand two hundred and thirty-five architects and engineers, and over 24 thousand at large, have signed a petition “…calling for a new investigation of the World Trade Centers’ destruction.

They have done an outstanding job of writing peer reviewed papers and books documenting their findings.  Their excellent work has been used by a “Lawyers Committee for 9/11,” to petition NY Attorney General, who is required by law to hold a Grand Jury.

The far reaching and profound evidence provided by the architects and engineers for the Lawyers Committee totally convinced them that controlled demolition brought down the three buildings, and that it was impossible for the three towers to fall from the impact of the airplanes and internal fires. The Grand Jury is secret and is in process now.  We do not know what the Grand Jury will do with the evidence, but we can hope and pray that the jury members have integrity that the justice system in this country can work in a good direction – a critical direction given this most egregious crime ever committed on  the American people on 9/11 eighteen years ago in 2001.
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