David W. Allan’s Diet and Exercise Habits

Because of the significant benefits, I have derived from what I have recently learned from Dr. Benjamin Bikman and for those desiring to know the change in my diet, as well as my eating habits and exercise routines, given what I learned from him and others over the years, I share highlights here for those interested.  I highly recommend Dr. Bikman’s book, Why We Get Sick. (WWGS)  At age 84, I think Dr. Bikman helped me find my “get younger” pill!

Insulin Resistance

I learned from Dr. Bikman that the most common health malady in the world is “insulin resistance,” yet most don’t know they have it.  Indications are that about 80% of US adults have it.  The main cause of the “insulin resistance” disease is continuous carbs throughout the day, which is the typical American diet.  The seriousness of this disease is when we realize that it exacerbates most of the chronic diseases of which most people die.  In other words, if they were cured of insulin resistance, then it would significantly reduce the probability of them dying from a chronic disease.  Dr. Bikman profoundly shares that “the key to a long-lean life is to keep insulin under control.”

Carb Meal

I focus on having one carb meal a day; the rest are controlled proteins and healthy fats.  The best choice is to have your carb meal be dinner and eat your proteins before the carbs, as the body better processes the carbs that way.  I enjoy my carbs, and I enjoy eating the IDEAL MEAL. Savor the fancy carb deserts for the weekend.

Healthy Oils

I avoid all vegetable oils, except for tropical oils like coconut oil, palm oil, and avocado oil, for example.  Many of these non-tropical oils (Canola, soy, sunflower, etc.) are commonly used in processed foods, and those foods so processed should be avoided.
Avocados and most nuts are excellent foods and provide healthful fats.  The best low-carb nuts are macadamia, Brazil, pecans, almonds, and hazelnuts.

Burning Carbs

The body naturally increases blood circulation to the stomach, etc. to bring about proper digestion after a meal.  A nice rest after eating helps that to happen.  Then later I exercise to burn the carbs from the glucose.  The body converts carbohydrates into glucose in about 1-3 hours.  Taking Dr. Bikman’s counsel, I eat fruits, don’t drink them, to get the bulk and maximum benefit the Lord designed; in the same light eat “whole foods” — not processed, preferably organic, and especially preferred if homegrown and organic.

Additional Tips

Dr. Bikman suggests two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water morning and night.  Our friend, Dr. Fred Bohman suggests to, drink your food, and eat your drink.  Chew your food 29 times, he jokingly says, until it is liquid, and chew your drink so your saliva can mix well.  Then the stomach and the pancreas best know how to process it.  The pancreas dumps different digestive juices depending on whether the food is carbs, protein, or fats.

Avoid Sugar

Most Americans are addicted to sweets – giving them a high-carb diet.  Sugar is in most processed foods, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is found in almost all soft drinks as well as in a number of processed foods.  As Michael Pollan shares in his book, Omnivore’s Dilemma, the liver doesn’t know what to do with HFCS and turns it into fat.  HFCS dulls the satiated sense.  This may be one of the main drivers for the obesity epidemic since most soft drinks use HFCS as a sweetener.  My wife and I avoid it like a plague when we are shopping.  HFCS is FDA-approved but is a slow poison.  Sugar is a slow poison as well and contributes in a major way to the insulin resistance problem.

I learned nearly two decades ago when I cut out sugar and made some other diet changes that I got my eye-sight back.  I took my glasses off, and haven’t put them on since.  I have learned that table sugar (sucrose C12H22O11) that comes from sugar beets and sugar cane is a slow poison for the body and especially bad for your eyes.  Listen to www.DrDay.com CD, “Eye See.”  She shares that it is one of the main causes of cataracts in the eyes.  There are about 200 sugars, and only about eight of them are good for you: Stevia, Monk Fruit, Xylitol, honey, e,g,  Maple syrup is mainly sucrose with some glucose and fructose, but a lot of other healthful minerals making it desirable, if not used too often.


The chapter on exercise in Dr. Bikman’s book makes it worth buying all my itself.  I have three forms of exercise which I enjoy to keep my bones and muscles strong and my mind and spirit growing at the same time: 1) mountain biking; enjoying nature, I have some of my best thoughts while riding and praying in the mountains; 2) I purchased LIFEPRO, The Rumblex 4g vibration platform.  I stand on it with 5 lb. weights in my hands, which I squeeze and swing in all kinds of movements – like swimming, backstroke, and lifting them both as high as I can 45 times to keep the rotator cuffs strong. The vibration both strengthens the bones and muscles, and I listen to the Book of Mormon in French, which uses three of the seven learning centers in the brain.  I proceed with exercises on the rebounder to pump the lymphatic system.  And I follow the 10-minute vibration exercise along with the building the back exercises that I learned from Dr. Batmanghelidj And from Dr. John M. Kirsch’s “healing shoulder pain”.  And, I go walking with my wife whenever she wants.

A trick I learned some years ago from Dr. Mercola, is that one gets significant improvement in the benefits of exercising if you do some of your exercises at an extreme rate for about 30 seconds.  Three times for 30 seconds, gives you significant benefits.

The Importance of Hydration

Stay well hydrated.  The world’s expert, Dr. Batmanghelidj, on proper hydration suggests a simple procedure (drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day).  Of course, depending on body weight and exercise, the amount to drink will vary.  He also says, “Caffeine has diuretic properties. It… acts on the kidneys and causes increased urine production. It is physiologically a dehydrating agent. This characteristic is the main reason a person is forced to drink so many cans of soda every day and never be satisfied. Thinking they have consumed enough ‘water’ that is in the soda, they assume they are hungry and eat more than their body’s need… causing a gain in weight…” Alcoholic beverages do basically the same thing – put the body in a state of dehydration and confusion.

The Healthy State of Ketosis

If a person has “insulin resistance,” this can be measured with a blood test, which can be done by those who have the facility — your doctor for example.   Such a test is not that convenient and costs money.  Dr. Bikman suggests a much simpler test, “Ketones, in the context of insulin resistance, are most useful because they’re an inverse indicator of our insulin levels — they simply tell us how we’re doing keeping our insulin in check.” (p. 162 WWGS)  In this link, I share a set of questions from Dr. Bikman that also are indicators of whether you have “insulin resistance” or not.  I bought a ketometer for $38, and now it easy for me to know my insulin is in control as it simply measures the ketones in my breathe.

Essential Oil

I also enjoy the benefits of essential oils.  Most everyone knows the story of thieves – to raise the immunity so that you don’t get sick during a plague.  doTerra’s “On Guard” is equivalent, and I take a drop sublingually under my tongue every day and breathe it in as well.  I also use ASEA every day: two ounces every day and spray it on wounds to make them heal faster and spray it in my eyes, to clean out the “cobwebs” as it were.
When I had my heart attack in 2016 – caused by stress – I learned of Strophanthus  seed extract to ameliorate stress.  I also learned from Dr. Christopher, the Master Herbalist, the importance of grounding.  I went out on our west lawn in the nude where it was private and bathed in the sunshine every day to augment my healing and soak in some vitamin D.

Electric Universe and Grounding

Some years ago, Nathan and I went to an Electric Universe Conference in Albuquerque, NM, and there was an excellent talk on the “science behind grounding”. The earth’s surface is charged negatively with electrons.  Gerald Pollack, who discovered the 4th phase of water, and we heard his talk there as well, shows that the electric potential of the earth is what holds up the clouds as they have the 4th phase of water like a battery positively charged on the bottom of the clouds.  You will often see clouds with a nominally flat bottom, and several of them set at about the same height.  They are in equilibrium with this electric potential force holding them up.  The weight of a heavy cloud is more than that of an aircraft carrier!  Take your shoes off and enjoy the walk on the grass.  We watched the movie “Earthing Movie.com,” at Delta Bement’s recommendation. Very interesting.  But I had one problem with the movie.  It shows how most folks believe in evolution and worship “Mother Earth,” and don’t look to the Creator and Savior of us all.”

YouTube Video Must Watch

Dr. Bikman has several talks on the internet.  I have listened to several.  The one he gave at Breckenridge, CO, is particularly interesting: Dr. Benjamin Bikman – ‘Insulin vs. Ketones – The Battle for Brown Fat’.

David W. Allan