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David W. Allan’s Diet and Exercise Habits

Because of the significant benefits, I have derived from what I have recently learned from Dr. Benjamin Bikman and for those desiring to know the change in my diet, as well as my eating habits and exercise routines, given what I learned from him and others over the years, I share highlights here for those interested.  I highly recommend Dr. Bikman’s book, Why We Get Sick. (WWGS)  At age 84, I think Dr. Bikman helped me find my “get younger” pill!

Insulin Resistance

I learned from Dr. Bikman that the most common health malady in the world is “insulin resistance,” yet most don’t know they have it.  Indications are that about 80% of US adults have it.  The main cause of the “insulin resistance” disease is continuous carbs throughout the day, which is the typical American diet.  The seriousness of this disease is when we realize that it exacerbates most of the chronic diseases of which most people die.  In other words, if they were cured of insulin resistance, then it would significantly reduce the probability of them dying from a chronic disease.  Dr. Bikman profoundly shares that “the key to a long-lean life is to keep insulin under control.”

Carb Meal

I focus on having one carb meal a day; the rest are controlled proteins and healthy fats.  The best choice is to have your carb meal be dinner and eat your proteins before the carbs, as the body better processes the carbs that way.  I enjoy my carbs, and I enjoy eating the IDEAL MEAL. Savor the fancy carb deserts for the weekend.
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Be kind to your Pancreas or Die

The Pancreas is a critical gland that is rarely discussed, but its health or sickness determine yours to an amazing degree.  It is located just behind and below the stomach.  It is essential in the digestion of food, and the proper processing of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for use by your body along with a thousand other functions.  It is an amazing gland.  And as Dr. Benjamin Bikman points out, by taking care of your pancreas, you are taking care of every cell in your body, as it services them all.

“Insulin Resistance” is a not well-known, but serious health disorder of the pancreas.  Surprisingly, 85 % of the adults in the US may have it.  Because my family genetics have a tendency for hypertension, and one of the symptoms of insulin resistance is high blood pressure, I was particularly interested in learning more. Thus, I would like to share some research on the pancreas that could save your life, or at least prolong your life and this research has helped me tremendously.

What we Eat and How it is Processed by the  Pancreas

Every time you eat carbohydrates, your blood sugar rises which causes the pancreas to release a surge of insulin, to process the glucose generated.  If you eat proteins, the insulin release is a lot less.   If you ingest healthy fats, your insulin doesn’t surge at all, and you have stored it for energy use later.  I have learned that good fats are very good for you!  The more you study the digestion process, you see it is a marvelous process and gives evidence of Intelligent Design.

So, as we continuously eat carbohydrates throughout the day , we create a big problem causing “Insulin Resistance.”  I will explain, thanks to the work of Dr. Bikman:

Insulin Resistance is the Most Common Health Disorder

Professor Benjamin Bikman has shown in his game-changing research at BYU that too much insulin in the blood, which is called “insulin resistance” plays a major role in all chronic diseases.  In other words, all chronic diseases are made worse by having this health disorder.  You can see why I had the title be: “Be Kind to Your Pancreas, or you will Die!”  I need to point out that by following Dr. Bikman’s guidelines in his book, Why We Get Sick, (WWGS) you are really being kind to every cell in your body along with the pancreas.

Bikman shares that, “insulin resistance is the most common health disorder world-wide, and it affects more people – adults and children – each year than any other.”  As mentioned above, “85 % of all US adults may have it.” (p, xv WWGS)

How Do I Know I Am “Insulin Resistant?

In his book,  He asks,  “How do I know if I have it?”  To get a sense of your own risk level, answer these questions: (p. xviii WWGS)
·        Do you have more fat around your belly than you’d like?
·        Do you have high blood pressure?
·        Do you have a family history of heart disease?
·        Do you have high levels of blood triglycerides?
·        Do you retain water easily?
·        Do you have patches of darker-colored skin or little bumps of skin (“skin tags”) at your neck, armpits, or other areas?
·        Do you have a family member with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes?
·        Do you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS, for women) or erectile dysfunction (for men)?

He then points out that, “If you answered “yes” to one question, you likely have insulin resistance.  If you answered “yes” to any two questions (or more), you most certainly have insulin resistance.

Insulin Resistance Is On the Rise

A paradigm shift is needed to understand why “insulin resistance” is so common, on the increase, and why it is so important to understand.  He gave an excellent talk at BYU explaining “insulin resistance.”  The Plagues of Prosperity | Benjamin Bikman – BYU Speeches.  In other words, from the title of his talk, our abundant lifestyles have led to this disease being so common and being on the increase.  As he says, it is a subtle and a most serious health disorder, and most don’t know they have it.

I am still learning from Bikman and others. And I highly recommend you read his book, but for those of you who may not have that opportunity, I will do my best to give you an explanation.

What Is Insulin Resistance?

The opposite of resistance is conductance.  In terms of “insulin resistance,” we can take the opposite point of view and call it insulin conductance – how well the cells are receiving insulin’s most important functions.  So insulin conductance is the opposite of the disease; it is moving toward health.  The great thing about Professor Bikman’s work is that he has found the great significance of the problem and also gives the solution.  How to move toward conductance.

So, insulin conductance translates to our cell’s sensitivity to insulin – how well the cells in our body are receiving insulin’s most important functions.  Amazingly, insulin services all the cells in our body with a thousand different functions.  It is both a hormone and a protein.  In a healthy person, the cells happily receive the services of this hormone.  As Bikman says, “Insulin regulates how a cell uses energy, changes its size, influences the production of other hormones, and even determines whether cells live or die.” (p 5 WWGS)

Why We Get Sick

As Dr. Jason Fung shares in the Foreword of Bikman’s book, “Why We Get Sick connects the dots between insulin resistance and problems of the head, blood vessels, internal organs, and more, to create a startling picture of why chronic conditions are on the rise and what we can do about it.”

I have improved my eating and exercise habits to take advantage of what I call the Bikman approach to a healthy lifestyle.  Because, hypertension runs in my family, taking what I learned from Dr. Bikman, in four days my blood pressure went from 159/99 down to 128/80; you can imagine how happy that made me, as I have been fighting this problem and its issues for many years.  My resting heart rate dropped as well from 65 bpm to 56 bpm.  I have always exercised, so I typically have a healthy heart rate.

Some of the simplified suggestions to go to insulin conductance, where you make the cells of your body happy by giving them a rest as they need it, he suggests for your diet: “Low carb; control proteins, and eat good fats.”   Our son, Nathan, who told me about Bikman’s book, has a good suggestion.  Have the carbs you like in one meal a day, and enjoy proteins and healthy fats for your other meals.  Nate, also suggest enjoy your sweet treats on the weekend with family and friends.  I enjoy my carbs!

Bikman has a whole chapter on the importance of exercise.  In America, the insulin resistance health problem is driven in large measure by our continual diet of high carbohydrates.  Most Americans are addicted to sweets.  Sugar is in most processed foods, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is found in almost all soft drinks as well as in a number of processed foods.

As Michael Pollan shares in his book,  Omnivore’s Dilemma, the liver doesn’t know what to do with HFCS and turns it into fat.  HFCS dulls the satiated sense.  This may be one of the main drivers for the obesity epidemic since most soft drinks use HFCS as a sweetener.  My wife and I avoid it like a plague when we are shopping.  HFCS is FDA-approved, but is a slow poison.  Sugar is a slow poison as well and contributes in a major way to the insulin resistance problem.

When constantly digesting foods such as sugary drinks, such as soda, juices, sports drinks, processed foods, and baked some goods, your blood sugars soar, your insulin spikes to counterbalance heavy blood sugars.   Any carbohydrates, like white rice, bread, and pasta can also cause insulin spikes.  Hence, the all too common disease “Insulin Resistance” from the improper diet and lack of exercise decisions in our prosperity!

Basically, all carbs get turned into glucose in our digestive process to provide the fuel our body needs, and insulin helps us use it in the right way when we are in a healthy insulin conduction mode (homeostasis).  Bikman shares in the several chapters of his groundbreaking book, Why We Get Sick, how different parts of the body become insulin resistant and how this major health problem ties to all of our major chronic diseases.  Then he shares what can be done about it.

An example is type 2 diabetes.  The medical community and those who have this disease typically measure the blood sugar with a glucometer or in a blood test.  If it is too high, they bring it down by injecting insulin.  What Bikman’s findings show is that injecting insulin is like “giving another glass of wine to an alcoholic.” Administering that moves them toward death, not life and many of the medical community have not learned this yet.

What is the Solution to This Problem?

Bikman’s insights show that the type 2 diabetes epidemic could be turned around and stopped by some straightforward lifestyle changes.  And his solution applies to a large degree with all the chronic diseases. It’s never too late to change your course and save your life, or at least prolong your life.  We live in the most exciting time in the history of the planet: enjoy the ride and look to Him who is over all, where we find peace, love, and joy, and not fear.

David W. Allan

PS   Following what I have learned from Dr. Bikman and over the years: I have one carb meal a day; the rest are controlled proteins and healthy fats.  The best choice is to have your carb meal be dinner and eat your proteins before the carbs, as the body better processes the carbs that way.  Avoid all vegetable oils, except for tropical oils like coconut oil, palm oil, and avocado oil, for example.  Many of these non-tropical oils are commonly used in processed foods and those foods should be avoided.   Avocados and most nuts are excellent foods and provide healthful fats.

The body naturally increases blood circulation to the stomach, etc. to bring about proper digestion.  Then exercise after carb consumption to burn the glucose is good.  The body converts carbohydrates into glucose in about 1-2 hours.  Eat fruits, don’t drink them, to get the bulk and maximum benefit the Lord designed; in the same light eat “whole foods” — not processed, preferably organic, and especially preferred if home grown and organic.  Be well hydrated.

Dr. Bikman suggests two tablespoons of apple-cider vinegar in a glass of water morning and night.  Our friend, Dr. Fred Bohman suggests to, “drink your food, and eat your drink.  Chew your food 29 times until it is liquid, and chew your drink so your saliva can mix well.”  Then the stomach and the pancreas best know how to process it.  The pancreas dumps different digestive juices depending on whether the food is carbs, protein, or fats.  ENJOY THE IDEAL MEAL!

Dr. Bikman has several talks on the internet.  I have listened to several.  The one he gave at Brickenridge, CO, is particularly interesting: Dr. Benjamin Bikman – ‘Insulin vs. Ketones – The Battle for Brown Fat’ – YouTube.

If a person has “insulin resistance,” this can be measured with a blood test, which can be done by those who have the facility — your doctor for example.   Such a test is not that convenient and costs money.  Dr. Bikman suggests a much simpler  test, “Ketones, in the context of insulin resistance, are most useful because they’re an inverse indicator of our insulin levels — they simply tell us how we’re doing keeping our insulin in check.” (p. 162 WWGS)  When we are in a healthy state of  ketosis, we breath out and urinate out ketones which can be measured easily with a ketometer — to know our state of ketosis.  This is the process of burning healthy fats.  I bought a meter for $38 that directly measures the ketones in my breath.  Now it is easy for me to know I am in a state of healthy insulin conductance — making all my cells happy.  I deeply appreciate Dr. Bikman’s enormous contributions.

The Watchmen On The Tower

The watchman on the tower sees afar off to warn that the enemy is coming.  Because of the scriptural insights, I believe the Lord has given me, which I discuss in Chapter 23 of my book, It’s About Time,  helps us see where we are in the Lord’s timing of latter events, and who the enemy is, so we can hear the “sound of the trumpet” and be warned of the enemy’s intrigues.

Satan is so incredibly subtle, and he knows it is his last hour.  My hope is to alert you, as we look at the days ahead – knowing who the enemy is and how we can best prepare – in the summary of Chapter 23 and many other things I have learned about where we are and what is coming.

We Have Been Warned By Spiritual Watchmen

Ezekiel was sent by the Lord to be a watchman on the tower for the House of Israel, (Ezekiel 33:1-7) as are other prophets generally. But, specifically for our day are the words of Isaiah. In the Book of Mormon, it says: “…in the days that the prophecies of Isaiah shall be fulfilled, men shall know of a surety, at the times when they shall come to pass.  Wherefore, they are of worth unto the children of men…” (2 Nephi 25:7-8).

Similarly, the Lord has said, “And then shall my revelations [Book of Revelations] which I have caused to be written by my servant John be unfolded in the eyes of all the people.” (Ether 4:16)  We are especially blessed to have the Book of Mormon where all the prophets knew this was to be the book for our day.  Reading it is like reading the “Daily Newspaper,” but with clarity and much more accuracy.

Moroni saw our day very clearly, “I speak unto you as if ye were present, … But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing.” (Mormon 8:35) Then, he goes on to describe the sins and pollutions of our day.

In the book of Ether, Moroni also describes in great detail our “awful situation”, describing the goals of secret combinations, which is to get power and gain for the purpose of overthrowing freedom. (Ether 8:18-26)

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The Covid-19 Vaccination Debate

The Covid-19 vaccinations are now readily available. The question arises on whether or not you and your family should receive one. I am not a medical doctor, but I am a scientist; for those where church credentials are important, I served six years as a Bishop and ten years as the Stake President of the Boulder, CO, Stake.  When I desire to learn about a topic, I go to the best sources I can find on the planet and learn from their data and avoid the hype on the internet where the question of vaccinations is highly controversial.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD testified in December 2020 to the Senate Homeland Security that he had treated over 3000 COVID-19 cases and those who followed his protocol had 0.0% mortality rate.   Dr. Lee Merritt is well credentialed, and she has a most insightful interview with NEW AMERICAN.  The video and podcast on her website are very interesting and helps clear many misunderstandings as well.  I found the insights from Dr. Larry Palevsky, a pediatrician with the Northport Wellness Center, NY, to be very convincing, as his information is based on data. Here is his testimony.   Having a strong immunity system is paramount as well.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Regarding COVID-19, Dr. Joseph Mercola’s web site is probably the most popular medical information website on the internet. He shares James Corbett’s Report on the COVID-19 vaccine.  We have these four reliable witnesses.  I will not take the vaccine, and I am encouraging my family to not do so as well. As Dr. Palevsky shares, the survival rate for COVID-19 is better than 99%.  Having a strong immunity system is a much safer and much healthier path in my mind.
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Benefits of Vitamin K2 MK-4 and Vitamin D

The enormous benefits of Vitamin K2 MK-4 are not well known. The proper amount of K2 MK-4 works in harmony with vitamin-D causing the body to put calcium where it is needed and to remove it from where it is not needed.  The deficiency in the American diet of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and including K contributes to several health problems — including osteoporosis, obesity, heart-attacks, and cancer, strokes, and diabetes, and stunted growth, women’s inability to conceive and to have children as healthy as they could be, and the list goes on.

It is fascinating to me how the micronutrients available in these vitamins can have such a far reaching effect on our health.  Then to know that they are naturally occurring and were common in the diet of our ancestors.  Our modern processed foods have taken much of them out.  And this appears correlated with why Americans spend more on medical expenses per-capita than any other country and yet have poorer health than many others.

I recently read an article in WISE TRADITIONS IN FOOD, FARMING, AND THE HEALING ARTS, a publication of The Weston A. Price Foundation, entitled, “VITAMIN K.” (Vol. 21 No. 1, Spring 2020).  It is a most enlightening article, and changed my paradigm regarding this very important vitamin and gave me a healing path for an allergic reaction rash that I have been  having for months and for a high blood pressure problem as well.

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Mormon Sugar Consumption

Sugar consumption in Utah has increased to epidemic levels. More than 60 percent of Utahans are Mormon, who generally refrain from coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco. However, sugar treats are an acceptable, an ever-present component at family and LDS church gatherings. According to Bloomberg, a research company, Utah is known now as the “Sweet Tooth Capital of the United States,” consuming twice as much candy than any other state in America.

Sugar-Laced Soda

If  BYU is any indicator of Soda consumption within the predominate LDS populace, Mormons rank very high in consuming sugary soda as well. As stated in the Daily Universe, the school’s newspaper, “Culturally it is almost a fad to be drinking soda constantly within the LDS demographic.”

More than a dozen soda shops have opened in Utah County since 2013. On a weekday in July, Swig, successful soda shop served 838 customers.

Perhaps you have heard the bad joke; the way to tell a Mormon from a non-Mormon is by the temperature of their caffeine.

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Healing Shoulder Pain

It is surprising how many individuals are unaware that healing shoulder pain is possible. It is ironic that when I wrote the blog article How to Avoid Joint Pain”, I subsequently developed pain in my left shoulder, and I had been exercising consistently, so I wondered why?

Seeking an answer to my question, “Why”?

I went back and reviewed Dr. John M. Kirsch’s book, “SHOULDER PAIN? The Solution & Prevention.”  Dr. Williams suggested from Dr. Kirsch’s work, hang from a chin-up bar for 30 seconds three times a week. Paying closer attention to details related to my problem, I found some additional important answers to my shoulder pain problem.

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What are the Health Benefits of Eating Onions

“An Onion a Day keeps the Doctor Away.”

According to Dr. David Williams, in his January 2018 Alternatives For the Health Conscious Individual, says that onions are“at the very top of my list of healing vegetables.” He says an onion a day is much better for you than an apple and has greater health benefits than any other vegetable.

Treating Health Problems With Onions

Quoting further from his newsletter, it is useful in treating “open wounds, stomach ailments, constipation, erectile dysfunction, headaches, coughs, snake bites, hair loss, infertility, muscle weakness, heart problems, breathing difficulties, and a host of other problems.”  He goes on to share how it is useful in treating heart and vascular diseases, periodontal disease, asthma and lung cancer, as well as some other cancers, such as prostate.  It helps to “inhibit bone loss associated with menopause,” and alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease causing the hair to fall out in small, random patches.  It is also beneficial for diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis.  It can also be used to stimulate hair growth along with many other benefits as well, such as having strong antioxidant properties.

Onion Benefits Documented

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How to Avoid Joint Pain

Joint pain can become so debilitating that often the simplest of  tasks cannot be accomplished without great effort. Shoulder pains, hip pains, back pains, knee pains, etc. are all too common.

Our bones and tendons generate electricity when used. If they are used properly in all dimensions in which the Lord designed them then that diminishes the chances of joint pain. The importance of this principle to your health is amazing and shows intelligent design. The lack of understanding by almost everyone — including the medical community – has led to a massive amount of pain, suffering, and medical costs.

I just learned about the importance of this principle in Dr. David Williams’ November 2017 issue of his monthly newsletter for the “Health Conscious Individual,” Alternatives.  As Dr. Williams points out, this information is not taught in medical schools. I have made many beneficial changes in my exercise program as a result of what I have learned.
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Glyphosate (Roundup) – A Serious Cumulative Poison

A Health Care Crisis and Some Solutions

In this blog post, I give a synopsis of the problem of Glyphosate (Roundup) and refer you to “More Commentary” for the article “Glyphosate – A Health-Care Crisis” to get more details and solutions.

If you knew your neighbor was being poisoned and you love your neighbor, you would tell them. That is where I am. I have recently learned of the horrible extent of poisoning by glyphosate, a poison in Roundup, that it tends to be cumulative in our bodies.
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