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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Destroying Liberty  

Liberty destroyed The uses of artificial intelligence (AI) have grown exponentially. And now we live in the information age because of artificial intelligence and the digital computer, which is now conveniently in everyone’s cell phones.

Quoting information from an earlier blog article: It States: “Because AI has no conscience, it only reflects the intelligence of human programmers. Hence, AI can be used for good or evil depending on the intent of the programmers and the computer architects who designed the programs. In recent times we are seeing how AI is taking away the freedom of speech on the internet.” (The entire blog article is in a link at the bottom of the post).

My scientific work began before the use of computers.  As they became available in the ‘60s, I learned to program and knew what a powerful tool they could be. We had these two common jokes among computer programmers. 1) “Garbage in, garbage out!” 2) “There is always one more bug!”  There is no perfect computer program, because we are imperfect.  The flaws in any computer program can be technical and/or ethical — including AI.

The globalists use AI to police the internet and to take down or flag that which doesn’t agree with their agenda and with the intent to take away our God-given individual sovereignty. In addition to controlling us, the globalists have three main goals: wealth transfer, global depopulation, and taking away our liberty — using fear to make us compliant. In their atheistic view, they have effectively no conscience in doing that; so, using AI toward their depopulation goal is no problem for them.  They think they are doing the world a service in doing so.

The Globalists’ Propaganda is Vaccinate!

The globalists’ propaganda is that the only solution to the pandemic is vaccination. This has been proven totally false. And recently, at an FDA hearing, the following was shared showing that the COVID vaccinations are neither safe nor effective. In addition to tens of thousands dying following the COVID vaccination, a large number have had serious side effects typically caused by blood clotting issues.  BOMBSHELL: FDA Allows Whistleblower Testimony that COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing and  Harming People!ealthimpactnews.com

Satan is using the globalists in a most seditious way. Using fear tactics, the globalists are using their orchestrated pandemic to move their agenda forward with lies and using the communists’ disinformation strategy — telling you one thing and meaning something else. As mentioned before, their satanic goals are the transfer of wealth, depopulation, state control by taking away our liberty and our God-given individual sovereignty.  In the history of the earth, there has not been a greater satanic outreach.  In the link shared below are suggestions about what we can do about this enormous worldwide encroachment.

An Example of AI Filtering

An important example is how AI on the internet filters out the truth, which is, natural immunity is better than the vaccine.  Everyone should be practicing and preaching natural immunity’s importance.  Our God-given natural immunity is a major miracle in the human body – showing His loving watch-care without taking away “free choice.”

As an example of how the globalists are going forth with their agenda that the COVID vaccine is the answer and ignoring natural immunity, during a Sept. 30 U.S. Senate hearing, Sen. Rand Paul, (R-Ky.), went head to head with Health and Human Services Sec. Xavier Becerra. Paul called out Becerra for ignoring the science of natural immunity.  As Paul pointed out, Becerra is neither a medical doctor nor a scientist, but Becerra is traveling the country calling people “flat-earthers” for believing they don’t need the vaccine if they’ve already had COVID.  Paul confronted him, “We find that very insulting. It goes against the science,” And, Paul added, Becerra is doing this in spite of an Israeli study of 2.5 million people that found the vaccinated group was actually seven times more likely to get infected with COVID than those with natural immunity from a previous infection.

Sen. Rand Paul Calls Out HHS Sec. Becerra for Denying Natural Immunity.  Children’s safety is at risk and they are in serious danger after receiving the vaccine.

Because of Serious Technical Problems with AI

The IEEE, which stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers,  has the largest membership (400,000) and the largest repository of scientific papers in the world. Most of my more than a hundred published papers are in this “I triple E” database.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the leading question posed in the IEEE Spectrum periodical, October 2021 issue, with the major probing title page question: “Why Is AI So Dumb?” This special report issue is totally focused on this serious question.  One of the excellent articles in this issue is entitled, “7 Revealing Ways AIs FAIL.They are: 1) BRITTLENESS, 2) EMBEDDED BIAS, 3) CATASTROPHIC FORGETTING, 4) EXPLAINABILITY, 5) QUANTIFYING UNCERTAINTY, 6) COMMON SENSE, and 7) MATH. This profound article shares the details of how these seven fundamental ways AIs fail. I don’t have space in this article to review these, but to let you know the globalists are using AI in massive, liberty-destroying ways.

These 7 Ways Carry Over to Ethical Problems

Many of the globalists are brilliant, but because AI has no conscience, and the globalists are for the most part atheistic, their lack of COMMON-SENSE  is an enormous  problem. The ethical “EMBEDDED BIASES” of the globalists is a huge world problem as well, and their use of AI is turning the world upside down. They are extremely well funded and are using the internet and the media to move their agenda forward.

The globalists’ use of AI have all the technical problems that the IEEE identifies in addition of their great misuse of AI ethically.

Censorship of Constitutional Rights 

There are 27 amendments to the US bill of rights that are to protect Americans. The first amendment states that citizens have the right to freedom of religion, speech, press assembly, and petition. We see the curtailing of “freedom of speech” every day in the press, and social media  under the guise of “Fact-Checking.” And, that begs the question of who is “Checking the facts?”  The restriction of free speech is not only being abused on the internet and social media but dialogue between school boards and parents and city councils and local citizens.

A Victim of Unconstitutional “Fact-Checking” 

Dr. Joseph Mercola began his practice in 1985 in Schaumburg Ill. In1990s. He began shifting to natural health medicine and opened his main website, Mercola.com, to share his treatments,  cures, and advice. The site urges people to “take control of your health.” In that time, he has garnered thousands of readers who have enjoyed the benefit of his counsel.  He has become the most popular health and wellness website on the internet.

Because of his stance on Covid-9, his site has been threatened to be taken down through “Fact-Checking” which claims many of his positions are not factual. His position on Covid-19 is the rub.  Again, who’s checking the facts? Whether you agree with his position on not, it’s not the point.

Dr. Mercola has served the needs of thousands of individuals who have better health and extended life. His position on Covid is supported by thousands of doctors in the world. Dr.  Mercola has the right, under the first amendment, to offer his medical expertise on any platform he desires. Unfortunately, thousands of doctors have been silenced as well.

Importance of Vitamin D

I just listened to a lecture he gave, where I learned a lot. He shares that most have “drunk the cool-aid” from the Global Psychosis orchestrated by the wealthy globalists, and have swallowed their propaganda distributed widely on the internet and through the media, which they control with AI. Most of what I learned from him in this talk was about proper nutrition and proper exercise, which I’ll not share here, except about vitamin D.

He shared a graph of the COVID death rate as a function of the vitamin D level in the blood. The graph showed a 100 % death rate, when the vitamin D level was too low, and going down to 0 % death rate when the vitamin D level was at or higher than 34 ng/ml, which with supplementation can be most probably reached with 8000 IU of Vit. D-3 per day. To know for sure that you have high enough Vitamin D, you should have your blood tested.

I subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s daily newsletter, which is available for free. I have learned many important nutritional suggestions from him. His motto resonates with my soul: “Take Control of Your Health.”

Dr. David Martin’s Great Insights

Regarding the pandemic, I also highly suggest you listen to the outstanding interview by Mike Adams with Dr. David E. Martin, which has received over two billion views. Both are God-fearing men, and Dr. Martin provides the best documentation of anyone I have seen about how the pandemic came about: Dr David E Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ,  Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW – Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Dr. Ryan Cole Shares Serious Blood Clotting Issues after COVID Vaccination

Another must-watch is a short video by Dr. Ryan Cole, an Anatomy Pathologist who discusses the negative effects of the vaccine that is just now beginning to appear in the body and we don’t know what other issues those who have taken the jab face.   His data showed that 60 % of those vaccinated for Covid had blood-clotting issues.

Because God Lives and Loves Us, there is HOPE  

However, as Dr. Mercola says, “We know with absolute certainty, we will win!” It is God versus Satan, liberty versus slavery, light versus dark, and joy versus misery.  We know on whose team we want to be on — and living and sharing what we know to be true.

David W. Allan

P.S. I highly recommend you read the following blog article as it ties into what the Lord has in store for those who follow Him and is complementary to the above. It will fill you with hope, faith, and to know that trust in Him puts you on the winning team, and tell you things we can do to combat the evil encroachment: Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Don’t “drink the cool-aid” and be compliant!  STANDUP for LIBERTY!