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Help Stop Suicides

With the pandemic creating fear and other enormous social problems, the suicide rate is epidemic and on the increase.  Dr. Joyce Brown, a dear friend, is the best person on the planet to help stop suicides.  She has received hundreds of letters thanking her for saving their lives after reading her book, God’s Heavenly Answers.

Dr. Joyce Brown knows something about suicide because she’s been suicidal before. She also has experience with suicide in her family, including her father and sister, and four cousins. But now, after her transformational near-death experience, and with a unique set of coping techniques, Dr. Joyce has a critical message for those who are contemplating suicide – a message directly from God: “Life is worth living, and loving, even with all of its challenges!”

A Few Suicide Facts

Dr. Joyce Brown organized: Stress and Grief Relief, Inc. a small non-profit with a big message: Suicide is not the answer. Tragically, since COVID-19, the suicide rate has risen dramatically, particularly among students. For those in the 10 to 24 age group living in the Rocky Mountains, suicide is the leading (#1) cause of death. “The number of people who said they have seriously considered suicide in the past 30 days has increased most dramatically among the youngest adults (ages 18 to 24).” The percentage of young adults seriously considering suicide jumped from 10.7% in 2018 to 25.5% in August 2020. All ages nearly tripled, growing from 4.3% to 11% in the same period.

Books – Donations – Hotline – Contact

Her new book is an excellent complementary addition to help:  Near-Death Survivor Conquers ALS, Depression, Grief, Suicide & More: A Book of Hope, which you can obtain as an e-book at her website for a donation for the cause. (See Link Below) She also has a toll-free hotline number for people to call: (888)375-6923.

How You Can Help

I wrote about how suicide rates were epidemic in Utah nearly two years ago: it has become worse: (Utah Suicide Epidemic).

If you know of someone who is suicidal or hear of someone, please get this information to them.  For Dr. Joyce’s story, testimonials (including mine), more information, and the book purchases can be found at the following link. www.HopeDr.org

For Those Who have Lost Faith

Using the scientific method, I have found 1,800 phrases in our scriptures that tie back to the language of Adam and prove the validity of the scriptures: Even though it is not perfect the King James Version of the Bible has done more good than any other book.  The resurrection of Christ is the best documented miracle in all of the earth’s history, and because of His infinite atonement we receive of His love and mercy as we repent. and we know when we come before Him, His  judgement will be perfect.

Faithfully yours in Christ, who can heal all wounds, minds, and hearts.

David W. Allan













Suicide Epidemic Utah

Suicide is an epidemic. It has doubled in the USA in the last 15 years and has now increased to 8% per year. Utah is the 5th in the nation in deaths by suicide.  I was surprised to learn that the ratio of male/female suicide deaths is 4/1.  Men want to be macho and not talk about there problems.

I went to a SUICIDE prevention stake fireside last Sunday evening (28 April 2019).  Suicide is:
·       The leading cause of death in the Rocky Mountains for ages 10-24
·       The second leading cause of death in the US for ages 10-24
·       The third leading cause of death in the world for ages 10-24

Do you know where suicide victims go when they die?

Suicide counselors will not tell you where suicide victims go; they leave it to God to judge.  But, unfortunately, their counseling is not slowing down the rate. We need to know; people need to know where suicide victims go!  Then we can reach out to them in loving ways and help them know suicide is not the way to go.  SUICIDE will not end your problems; it will make things worse!

True Suicide Stories

I will share some true stories that will touch your soul.  All souls are precious to our loving Heavenly Father.  If we can save one soul from suicide, we should do it.  I write this to help.

Dr. Joyce Brown’s Experience

Our dear friend, Dr. Joyce Brown was suicidal. She died from a dental infection. She saw how bad it was for suicide victims and promised the Lord she would tell everyone she could if she could come back.  She was to tell her dentist to extract a “gold-crown” tooth, and it would cure her infection.  He did, and to his surprise he found a horribly infected tooth, which had caused her death.

Joyce Brown drove all the way up from Mesquite, NV, to be at the fireside Sunday evening, and she had to hire a driver, because she has lost her sight. I was able to introduce her to our stake presidency, and we had a great visit with our wonderful Bishop Owens, who is both a counselor and a member of the state legislature.  He shared how the state is doing what they can to stop suicides.

Dr. Brown has written a book about her incredible experience, God’s Heavenly Answers; Near-Death Experience Revealed and has received hundreds of letters from suicidal folks thanking her for saving their lives.  You can get her book at the above link or you can get a copy from me. She has a suicide hotline, 1-800-734-3439, and her line is hot with calls!  She has given hundreds of her books away, so you can help with the cause as well by donating on her web site.

Howard Storm’s Experience

I share the following experience of Howard Storm from my book. He was an atheist, and then had a near-death experience. I suggest you read his book, My Descent Into Death and the Message of Love that Brought Me Back.  This experience totally changed his life.

He died from complications when his duodenum perforated — opening a hole allowing the hydrochloric acid in his stomach to leak into his abdominal cavity resulting in ever increasing and searing pain until he passed through the veil of death.

There his spirit was in indescribable darkness with other spirits tormenting him. He says, “There was a profound sense of timelessness… A terrible sense of dread was growing within me. This experience was too real… it was Hell… and it was more horrible than anything I could possibly have imagined.” Before he had thought that life was every man for himself — survival of the fittest — and he was about building his ego. He thought that when you died that was it — nothing, and he found something very different.

He heard a voice that sounded like his voice saying, “Pray to God.” He remembered thinking, “Why? What a stupid idea… I don’t believe in God.” He heard this three times. From his childhood Sunday school experiences he tried reciting the 23rd Psalms, the Star Spangled Banner, the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and God Bless America and whatever phrases came to mind. The tormenting increased as the evil spirits tormenting him hated to see him trying to pray.

Then, again, from his childhood he heard his voice singing full of innocence, trust, and hope, “Jesus loves me…” He said, “I desperately needed someone to love me, someone to know I was alive. A ray of hope began to dawn in me, a belief that there really was something greater out there. For the first time in my adult life I wanted it to be true that Jesus loved me. I didn’t know how to express what I wanted and needed, but with every bit of my last ounce of strength, I yelled out into the darkness, ‘Jesus, save me.’ I yelled that from the core of my being with all the energy I had left. I have never meant anything more strongly in my life.”

And then, like the thousands if not millions of others who have had NDEs from all parts of the world, he met the Savior of mankind and felt of His infinite and profound love.

Trials and Challenges

Suicidal folks need to know that taking their lives will not end their problems and take them to a better place.  In the Book of Mormon, Amulek said:
…if we do not improve our time while in this life, then cometh the night of darkness… when ye are brought to that awful crisis [death] …that same spirit which doth possess your bodies at the time that ye go out of this life, that same spirit will have power to possess your body in that eternal world. (Alma 34:33-34)

As the Savior has taught us, let us use our lives to “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” Matt. 6:20.  Trials and challenges in life can help us to grow.  From them we can often learn great lessons.

When Joseph Smith was incarcerated in the Liberty Jail on false charges in horrible circumstances for him and for the saints, he cried out to the Lord, “How long shall thy hand be stayed, and thine eye, yea thy pure eye, behold from the eternal heavens the wrongs of thy people and thy servants…?” Then the Lord replied, “My son, peace be unto thy soul, thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment…  Thou art not yet as Job;… The Son of Man hath descended below them all.  Art thou greater than he?… if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high…” (Doctrine and Covenants sections 121 and 122)

The Lord never gives us more than we can handle (1 Corinthians 10:13), and all of life’s experiences can be for our growth, if we will but look at them from an eternal perspective.  Many blame God for the evil in the world not knowing it is man’s inhumanity to man.  Chapter 2 of my book deals with this question of, “Why evil?” in detail.

The Healing Balm of the Infinite Atonement

I offer my book for free to those who have lost faith, have addictions, are suicidal, or want to know of the Lord’s love and the healing balm of the infinite atonement.  If they will read it, I will gladly sign a copy especially for them.  For me, we live in the most exciting time in the history of the Earth, and I see God’s love manifest in every direction as we see the preparations for His Glorious Second Coming.  The millennials like to know the truth.  In my book, I provide it showing a grand harmony between true science and true religion and showing God’s love.  I know God loves us, and those who are suicidal critically need to know that and feel that from us.

David W Allan