There is Hope, Not Fear Regarding Covid

The covid issue has created a lot of misunderstanding and fear.  Covid and vaccine debates are going on everywhere. Whether you have had covid or have been vaccinated, there is still an element of concern.  The “Great News” is there is hope, whether you have had COVID-19, or taken the shot, or neither.

First, we need to understand the greater threat to the population of the world. We need to know the facts regarding the globalists. The main tactic of the globalists is to use fear to get everyone in the world compliant and vaccinated.  It is about control, depopulation, and wealth transfer.

The covid vaccine mRNA code is a BIOWEAPON developed via a digital SIMULATION.  This is explained in a video interview by Mike Adams with Dr. David Martin. The video is incredibly insightful with many excellent suggestions and guidelines going forward. I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to the whole thing.  I have the link below showing that the mRNA Code is a bioweapon.

Both Mike and David are God-centered, gifted men who are focused on and love the truth.  Dr. Martin is the most credentialed person regarding world economic affairs that I have heard, as well as regarding the historic background on how the “so-called pandemic” came about.  I learned a lot from them both.

No Need to Fear

Because we have those who have tackled the covid issue through extensive research and found ways to combat or at least neutralize the effects of Covid, there is no need to fear.  In fact, fear turns off the relaxation response mode for natural body healing. The theory that the only cure for the pandemic is vaccination can be proven false, and there are many natural cures.  Having a strong immunity is key.  Society tends to look to doctors, pharmaceuticals, and vaccinations for the solution to their health problems instead of to God and our body’s marvelous built-in immune system designed by Him.  When properly nourished, it is capable of miracles, which happen every day without us knowing it.

There Is Hope For the Vaccinated

The COVID vaccinations cause Rouleaux-type symptoms – a clumping of the red blood cells and blood clots. This link documents the various serious blood clotting problems coming from the vaccine.  I had Rouleaux several years ago and after two weeks my blood was clear of it by getting off of sugar and going on a fresh fruit and vegetable diet.  I lost 20 pounds in the process and felt great.  The diet Bob has in his blog article will help, but those who have been jabbed, need to do all kinds of cleanses – heavy metal, etc. and move the body’s pH positive (Alkaline) – mainly by getting off of the “Great American” diet.  Eat organic and unprocessed foods.  Grow your own and eat a lot of greens.  Avoid vegetable oils other than the more tropical ones like Coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, and olive oil, for example.  Most processed foods are cooked with bad vegetable oils.  AVOID THEM LIKE A PLAGUE!

There is Hope for Those Who Get Covid

Dr. Peter McCollough is the best credentialed and has published more than any other doctor on the planet regarding COVID.  I have an earlier blog article documenting his excellent work in discovering misconduct at the beginning of Covid. Recent studies share some good news for people who have had COVID, as well as for those who have not, but who have worked to keep their God-given immune system strong. “Those who have had COVID have a strong immunity for all the variants and those who have a strong immunity need not fear.”  Documenting the above statement is an excellent discussion between Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Peter McCullough, includes early treatment protocols. There is new information posted this week.

In summary, the GREAT NEWS is that those who have had COVID have an immunity to all the variants, and those who work at having a strong immune system, as God designed it, move out of fear and into love, joy, and peace in the midst of the storms of life.  They are in the natural built-in relaxation response mode that brings about the healing God designed. 

More Great News

Dr. Levy’s Free Book
Dr. Thomas E. Levy’s book, Rapid Virus Recovery – no need to live in fear!, can be downloaded for free online: Rapid Virus Recovery: Dr. Thomas E. Levy: Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming: Internet Archive.  A lot of really useful information here as well.

Bob Webster’s  Guest Blog Article

Because of his clear thinking and amazing investigative research, as a scientist, on things political, religious, and social, I asked Bob Webster to write the last blog post for our website: SOME NON-VIRUS NON-PANDEMIC FACTS.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you will find that he has some great suggestions on how to strengthen your immune system with some simple dietary suggestions.  Bob’s article along with the information provided in the links provided in this article brings us to the GREAT NEWS promised and so needed TO GIVE HOPE in these critical times.  We are made in the image of God, and our incredible immune systems are designed to deal with disease.  The vaccinations being offered were created by the globalists to destroy this Divine design.  Please follow the suggestions in Bob’s article and read this blog article I wrote a year ago on how to have a strong immune system, and may God bless you in following TRUTH and LIGHT.

Whom Can I Trust

We know we can trust in the Lord.  Are we being tested? Are there greater purging times ahead? You better believe it, and they have a divine purpose.  The wicked will be destroyed and there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth.  We live in the most EXCITING time in the history of the earth.  YOU HAVE EVERY REASON TO HOPE AS YOU HEARKEN TO HIM IN FAITH FOR HIS OFFERING OF ETERNAL LIFE AND THE ABUNDANT LIFE. (John 10:10)  Listen to Jonathan Cahn‘s great prophecy, and to his warnings to Biden and to us to repent and turn to God with all our hearts.

David W. Allan

Link showing the vaccination is a BIOWEAPON.