Losing Weight and Getting Healthier

Better than the ketogenic diet, Professor Benjamin Bikman (BYU) has pioneered a major break-through in health and healthy weight loss.  His work is internationally famous and is best described in his book, Why We Get Sick, (WWGS) available on Amazon with 887 mostly five-star reviews.  Up to chapter 3 are available on Kindle, as well.  And I have a blog article that summarizes his pioneering work: Be kind to your Pancreas or Die.  As he profoundly shares, “the key to a long-lean life is to keep insulin under control.”  The medical community is just learning about his work.  I find his diet and exercise counsel have been easy and enjoyable to implement.  At age 84, I have been looking for the “get the younger pill,” and I have found it in his counsel, for which I am most grateful.  I enjoy eating and love my carbs — properly distributed in my daily diet and exercise.

He shows that there is a relatively unknown disease called “insulin resistance.”  Quoting from his book, “In fact, insulin resistance is the most common health disorder world-wide, and it affects more people — adults and children — each year than any other.”   “A recent study hints that up to 85% of all US adults may have it.”  And it increases the seriousness of most chronic diseases and in some cases causes the disease.

In the US in 2020, six times more people died of chronic diseases than from COVID-19.  In other words, this relatively unknown disease is more lethal than COVID-19.  But the most interesting thing is that both this relatively unknown disease and COVID-19 are curable in natural ways.  His simple suggested diet is, “Low carb; controlled proteins, and good fats,” to both deal with this disease and to lose weight naturally.  When you are in insulin balance, the body also uses fats as the body’s energy source.

Insulin Resistance

In the blog article, I share his questions so that you can self-diagnose whether you have the disease or not.  I have benefited greatly from what I have learned from Dr. Bikman, and here I share a summary of what I have learned for your benefit should you desire to lose weight and get healthier.  The wonderful thing about his counsel and guidance is that it is neither hard to do and still allows you to enjoy wonderful foods.

What I Have Learned

So, following what I have learned from Dr. Bikman and over the years, I have concentrated my limited carbohydrates into one meal a day; the rest are controlled proteins and healthy fats. The best choice is to have your carb meal be dinner and eat your proteins before the carbs, as the body better processes the carbs that way.  Avoid all vegetable oils, except for tropical oils.  The topical oils like coconut oil, palm oil, and avocado oil, or an excellent source of good fat.  Many of these non-tropical oils, like soy, corn, canola, and sunflower, are commonly used in processed foods and those foods should be avoided.  Avocados and most nuts are excellent foods and provide healthful fats, but the best low carb nuts are macadamia, brazil, pecans almonds, and hazelnuts.  Fermented foods, Greek yogurt, and cheese are good also.

The body naturally increases blood circulation to the stomach, to bring about proper digestion.  Then he suggests to exercise after carb consumption to burn the glucose so that it doesn’t turn to fat and helps keep you insulin in balance.  The body converts carbohydrates into glucose in about 1 to 3 hours.  So some exercise during that time is good.  Eat fruits, don’t drink them, to get the bulk and maximum benefit the Lord designed; in the same light eat “whole foods” — not processed, preferably organic, and especially preferred is homegrown and organic.


Stay well hydrated. Dr. Bikman suggests two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water morning and night.  Our friend, Dr. Fred Bohman suggests, “drink your food, and eat your drink.  Chew your food 29 times until it is liquid, and chew your drink so your saliva can mix well.”  Then the stomach and the pancreas best know how to process it.  The pancreas dumps different digestive juices depending on whether the food is carbs, protein, or fats.  ENJOY THE IDEAL MEAL!

The exciting dimension of this easy diet direction is that it teaches the body to burn fat.
Dr. Bikman has several talks on the internet.  I have listened to several.  The one he gave at Breckenridge, CO, is particularly interesting: Dr. Benjamin Bikman – ‘Insulin vs. Ketones – The Battle for Brown Fat’ – YouTube.

Testing for Ketosis

If a person has “insulin resistance,” this can be measured with a blood test, which can be done by those who have the facility, or your doctor for example.   Such a test is not that convenient and costs money.  Dr. Bikman suggests a much simpler  test, “Ketones, in the context of insulin resistance, are most useful because they’re an inverse indicator of our insulin levels — they simply tell us how we’re doing keeping our insulin in check.” (p. 162 WWGS)  When we are in a healthy state of ketosis, we breathe out and urinate out ketones.  It is easy to measure your breath with a keto-meter — to know our state of ketosis.  This is the process of burning healthy fats.  I bought a ketometer for $38 that directly measures the ketones in my breath.  Now it is easy for me to know I am in a state of healthy insulin conductance — making all my cells happy, and on a pleasant weight loss path as I burn fat.

I deeply appreciate Dr. Bikman’s enormous contributions. I visited Dr. Bikman in his office and gave him a copy of my book at his request and he signed his book for me with the comment: “David. What a pleasure! Always remember: the key to a long-lean life is to keep insulin under control.”  I highly recommend you read my blog article based on Dr. Bikman’s work to get additional ideas on a healthy diet and exercise directions.  He has a whole chapter on proper exercises to help insulin in control.

David W Allan