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David W. Allan’s Diet and Exercise Habits

Because of the significant benefits, I have derived from what I have recently learned from Dr. Benjamin Bikman and for those desiring to know the change in my diet, as well as my eating habits and exercise routines, given what I learned from him and others over the years, I share highlights here for those interested.  I highly recommend Dr. Bikman’s book, Why We Get Sick. (WWGS)  At age 84, I think Dr. Bikman helped me find my “get younger” pill!

Insulin Resistance

I learned from Dr. Bikman that the most common health malady in the world is “insulin resistance,” yet most don’t know they have it.  Indications are that about 80% of US adults have it.  The main cause of the “insulin resistance” disease is continuous carbs throughout the day, which is the typical American diet.  The seriousness of this disease is when we realize that it exacerbates most of the chronic diseases of which most people die.  In other words, if they were cured of insulin resistance, then it would significantly reduce the probability of them dying from a chronic disease.  Dr. Bikman profoundly shares that “the key to a long-lean life is to keep insulin under control.”

Carb Meal

I focus on having one carb meal a day; the rest are controlled proteins and healthy fats.  The best choice is to have your carb meal be dinner and eat your proteins before the carbs, as the body better processes the carbs that way.  I enjoy my carbs, and I enjoy eating the IDEAL MEAL. Savor the fancy carb deserts for the weekend.
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COVID-19 – Turning Bad Into Good

The Covid-19 pandemic has gotten the world’s attention.  And I am here to give you HOPE!  In my experience, God is the Master of turning “bad” into good.  We all have bad things happen to us.  I have learned that life’s challenges can be great teachers, if we try to look at lessons learned from God’s perspective, as best we can.  After a heart attack requiring quadruple open-heart surgery, three strokes, two blood clots in my lungs, and several other challenges, I would not trade any of these experiences because of the lessons I learned and God’s healing powers along the way.  I know God is lovingly in the details of our lives.  I am happily still riding my mountain bike at age 83 with all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.  Chapter 2 of my book explains why bad things happen.

The Master Physicist

I have learned that the Lord is also the Master physicist, and it has been my privilege over my career path “standing on the shoulders of giants” in my field of expertise of precise timing and with wonderful Divine assistance to help in the development of the nation’s and the world’s official atomic clock timing systems  and to also help in the development of GPS .  I thank the Lord and humbly share the following — giving honor to Him who knows all things.  I have learned over time, that if I get stuck in a question or problem, and have done all I can to solve it, I can get on my knees and pray to the Greatest Scientist of All—even our loving, wise, all-powerful and knowing, Heavenly Father. God. Anyone can.

Joseph Smith, Jr. lived in the early-1800s, and through him, the Lord restored the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to bless all mankind.  In answer to young Joseph’s humble prayer as a 14-year old boy, Joseph had a grand epiphany in which our Heavenly Father and His Son appeared to him in a vision, thus commencing the “Marvelous work and a wonder” prophesied of by Isaiah (Isa. 29).  And now the world is the beneficiary of this “opening of the heavens”. As a scientist, I find it interesting that the ancient prophet Enoch prophesied the actual date of this vision. He lived more than 4,000 years before Joseph’s heavenly vision, where Joseph learned about the true nature of our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, His son—as two distinct Beings. 

Miraculously Joseph translated from ancient records the Book of Mormon into English to be a second witness with the Bible that Jesus is the Christ.  Now the Book of Mormon is in 110 languages and going across the globe telling of the resurrected Christ’s visit to America – totally authenticating the Bible story of His glorious resurrection. His resurrection is the best-documented miracle in history, which is part of His infinite atonement.

Lessons Learned From The Pandemic

What lessons have you learned from the pandemic?  We trust in the Lord regardless of life’s challenges – knowing that glorious days are ahead, despite the secular world turning from God and believing that science –rather than God– can save them.  I believe we can know of the future by reading and listening to His word in the Holy Scriptures, including the Book of Mormon, with much more clarity than we can learn from the media!  We can know that this pandemic is a temporary thing!

I also know that God loves you. He is your Heavenly Father and mine.  He knows our pains and struggles and trials.  God created  our first parents in His image as described in Genesis 1:27-28. I know personally that He hears and answers prayers; He has so promised (Matthew 7:7-8) and His promises are sure.  He answers every sincere prayer, but it will be in His time and in His way because He knows what is best for us –and has an eternal perspective.  He taught us a pattern of prayer in the Lord’s Prayer found in Matthew 6:5-13, in the Holy Bible.

To me, one of the most exciting dimensions of the Lord’s prayer is that God is asking us to pray that His Kingdom will come on earth “as it is in heaven”, and now, we live in the days when that is going to happen! In the middle of the bad, comes the good.  He intends that a ZION society (a pure in heart people) will come out of the hard times and those that choose to live right, will be included— it will be glorious! All that dwell“in Zion” will be motivated by the pure love of Christ.  Civilizations throughout history have achieved this state of happiness, Enoch’s City was one of them–they followed a formula to get to that state of happiness.  And the most exciting thing is that we can be part of it, as we truly come to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who is the King of Heaven and Earth (Matthew 11:28-30; John 14:6). 

The scriptures tell of the “great and dreadful day of the Lord”.  It will be a GREAT day for the righteous, who repent of all their sins and come unto Him – out of the world and away from its wickedness — and a dreadful day for the “wicked”; they who have turned their back on their own Redeemer, Jesus Christ—and God that sent Him to raise us from the dead back to our heavenly home. We get to choose.  Now we have our millennial’s, many of whom are good people doing good things, but see the inconsistencies and hypocrisy in current Christianity and become non-believers.  God knows our hearts and His mercy extends to all who are striving to do good.

Who Can You Trust?

Now concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, based on my research of several who are now involved with “guiding the public”, I’ve discovered that some of them have less than honest objectives that simply do not promote health, well-being, and liberty–as given to us by God–and as stated in our inspired USA Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  And they have no problem trampling on our God-given liberty. 

And on the other hand, many are coming forward with sound scientific data—only to be silenced by the “elites”.  As I have studied their life’s work and scientific data, the second group, have an honest concern and care for our health.  This health crisis has turned into a kind of battle where controlling people, is more important than actual sound scientific health data. Regardless of what these “elites” say, GOD designed all mankind to be sovereign, as individuals. Not under some oppressive government (2 Nephi 2:25-27).  I also hold to the belief that  free choice—the ability to act and not be acted upon—is fundamental to our Heavenly Father’s perfect plan of happiness.

I HOPE and PRAY that in these “last days” –before the coming of the Son of God –that each of you will come to know the Father and the Son,  which is eternal life and a fullness of joy with God and our loved ones (John 17:3).   What can be better than that?  I also believe that God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. And just like the children of Israel at the time of Moses –where he rescued them from bondage and a tyrannical government, God can literally “put a shield around us, as He did them”—as we pray to Him in faith—and that with His power, will protect us against all the “fiery darts of the adversary.” (Ephesians 6:16)  

To me, the” signs of the times” are evident, and God is hastening His Great work.  Are there huge challenges ahead?  YES!  But each challenge will add to our character and we will be offered the opportunity to join the Noble Ones as we strive to ever draw closer to Him. The faithful followers of Jesus Christ will grow in amazing dimensions of light and truth, where what we ask, will be given! And those that follow the Son of God will become His People. Healthy, liberated, and happy — becoming one with the Father and the Son, as Jesus prayed in His last prayer recorded in John 17! 

I know in whom we can trust and there I find peace, love, and joy in spite of life’s storms.

David W. Allan

P.S.  Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., is a senior research scientist at MIT. She testified before a congressional hearing regarding the dangers of glyphosate.  She believes glyphosate and COVID-19 may be connected.  She just wrote a fascinating research paper on this extremely important topic In it, she asks the loaded question:

Why no COVID-19 in Bhutan?
Bhutan is a landlocked country in the eastern Himalayas, bordered by Tibet and India. The population of Bhutan is a little over 807,000 people.

As of this writing in early April 2020, only four cases of COVID-19 have been reported for Bhutan, two of whom were visiting foreigners. Bhutan has embraced the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first 100% organic nation. Is it possible that there is so little COVID-19 because Bhutan’s people aren’t being over-exposed to glyphosate?

If you have the theory that COVID-19 is contagious to everyone, then if the people of Bhutan were exposed and didn’t get the disease, you have proven the theory false.  It seems probable that having a strong immunity system is extremely important.  We can imagine a world free of toxins and eating healthy organic foods in loving relationships with Christ-centered motivations; it is called ZION and there will be no disease and the Lord “will wipe away all tears” (Revelations 7:17; 21:4)!  The Lord has promised that for the faithful.  It is exciting to know that it is coming and soon! 

David W Allan – IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award

David W AllanLast Wednesday, 23 May 2018, David W. Allan received the IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award in Instrumentation and Measurement at the International Frequency  Control Symposium in Squaw Creek, CA.  The citation read, “for leadership in time determination and precise timing instruments.”

Atomic Clocks

Keeping time, or more precisely, keeping accurate time, has been the focus of David W. Allan’s career. He developed a device to automatically remove systematic timing errors from quartz-crystal oscillators used for generating the United States’ official time. He also created a dual-mixer time-difference measurement system with sub-pico-second precision for comparing atomic clocks.

GPS Receiver

His group developed a GPS common-view timing receiver, which has been used to transfer time from timing centers around the world to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures for generating coordinated universal time (UTC) as the world’s official time. This receiver was also used in synchronizing the NASA/JPL Deep Space Network high precision clocks.  His “smart-clock” method for enhancing GPS civil signals has been instrumental in synchronizing cell phone towers. The Allan Variance, Modified Allan Variance, and the Time Variance, which he developed, have become international standards for designing and constructing time and frequency equipment for systems like GPS, navigation, and telecommunication.
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David W Allan – The Allan Variance

The Allan Variance is perhaps the most famous of David W. Allan’s achievements, with its derivative for telecom:  TDEV, the Time Deviation.

In 1965, Mr. Allan’s Master’s thesis gave birth to what the world knows as the Allan variance, the efficient technique for characterizing the performance of clocks and for knowing how to optimally use them in time keeping, and for which he is best known.   Because the Allan variance is used in characterizing the performance of atomic clocks, it was used extensively to sort out the performance of atomic clocks used for GPS to meet the stringent specifications for that navigation and timing system.

World Recognition

David Allan is as well recognized in the field of time and frequency technology as any other figure in the world. He helped to develop our nation’s official time and frequency standards based on atomic clocks and wrote the algorithm for keeping time for the United States.  He spent many man-years helping in the actual development of GPS. He also helped other nations with their official time standards, as well as helping with International Atomic Time and Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), which is official time for the world as kept at the BIPM (International Bureau of Weights and Measures) in Paris.
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David W Allan and Jonathan Neville

By popular demand, Jonathan Neville and I are on deck to speak again next Monday evening, 26 June, 2017
in Spring City, Utah

We both have significant, remarkable information to offer you.

David W. Allan

I will be adding significant new particulars  to my discourse on ‘Where We Are in God’s Time.’

Jonathan Neville

Brother Neville will discuss how Joseph Smith actually translated two separate sets of plates which came from two separate locations in the Hill Cumorah. This historic and far reaching research which will likely have significant impact on the Church’s present curriculum.

Monday June, 26th – 6:30 pm   …  City Building at 150 East Center Street.  Admission is Free!

Brief Neville Bio

Jonathan Neville, MS (Agribusiness), JD, is a lawyer, businessman, educator and author who has written 10 books about Church history and the Book of Mormon. He has spoken at many conferences, firesides, and other groups on these topics.

On June 1, 2017,he spoke to the annual meeting of the Mormon History Association in St. Louis, Missouri. His main focus is on events in Church history that affect our understanding of the Book of Mormon. His research indicates that Joseph Smith never once connected the Book of Mormon to Central or South America and that the original understanding of Cumorah in New York remains correct.

Brother Neville has lived overseas for 10 years and hasvisited every continent and over 60 countries. He and his wife Beverly recently returned from attending the open house ofthe temple in Paris, France. While there, Brother Neville presented a Church history fireside in French. They currently lives in Salt Lake City where Brother Neville serves on his stake’s high council.


The IEEE Highest Scientific Award – David W Allan

Davids awardThe IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the biggest scientific publishing house in the world, and the special issue celebrating the 50th year of the Allan variance came out 4 April 2016 is an awesome issue. They had three guest editors for it along with the regular editor.

All by itself, I felt greatly honored by the nomination letter submitted by the who’s who in international time and frequency to the IEEE, let alone be chosen to receive their highest award in recognition of my work.

On May 10th, 2016, my wife, Edna,  and I  had an amazing experience in Nor’lens (New Orleans). This annual symposium was the 70th providing for the international community the best in atomic-clock and precision timing research results.
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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Allan Variance

250px-David_W._Allan,_croppedI just received word of the publication of a “Special Issue on Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Allan Variance.”

On May 10th, I will be received the highest award IEEE gives at an an international meeting (International Frequency Control Symposium) in New Orleans, LA, on the 10th of May for my life-long contributions.  The citation reads, “For seminal work to the UFFC community regarding time determination, time prediction, time dissemination and timekeeping through contributions to atomic frequency standards, space-based navigation, time and frequency stability analysis, time-scale algorithms, and timekeeping devices.”
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Everyone Can Understand GPS

Learn How GPS Works in Five Minutes!

Get Ready to Paint a Picture in Your Mind

GPS Satellites Around The Earth
GPS Satellites Around The Earth

Think in your minds eye that you can look up into the sky and see three GPS satellites in very different parts of the heavens.  Think further that you have three looooooooooooooong measuring sticks that are able to reach out from you to each of the three satellites, so that you have a way of measuring the distance to each of them.

The picture you have is an upside down tripod with you at the focal point, and with each of the three GPS satellites at the end of each stick.  This, of course, is totally absurd in practice, but there is a fascinating way to do the equivalent that is practical using the speed of light as your measuring stick.  If you are traveling in your car at 60 miles per hour (~90 kph), and you travel for an hour, you know the distance you have traveled is 60 miles.

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