David W Allan and Jonathan Neville

By popular demand, Jonathan Neville and I are on deck to speak again next Monday evening, 26 June, 2017
in Spring City, Utah

We both have significant, remarkable information to offer you.

David W. Allan

I will be adding significant new particulars  to my discourse on ‘Where We Are in God’s Time.’

Jonathan Neville

Brother Neville will discuss how Joseph Smith actually translated two separate sets of plates which came from two separate locations in the Hill Cumorah. This historic and far reaching research which will likely have significant impact on the Church’s present curriculum.

Monday June, 26th – 6:30 pm   …  City Building at 150 East Center Street.  Admission is Free!

Brief Neville Bio

Jonathan Neville, MS (Agribusiness), JD, is a lawyer, businessman, educator and author who has written 10 books about Church history and the Book of Mormon. He has spoken at many conferences, firesides, and other groups on these topics.

On June 1, 2017,he spoke to the annual meeting of the Mormon History Association in St. Louis, Missouri. His main focus is on events in Church history that affect our understanding of the Book of Mormon. His research indicates that Joseph Smith never once connected the Book of Mormon to Central or South America and that the original understanding of Cumorah in New York remains correct.

Brother Neville has lived overseas for 10 years and hasvisited every continent and over 60 countries. He and his wife Beverly recently returned from attending the open house ofthe temple in Paris, France. While there, Brother Neville presented a Church history fireside in French. They currently lives in Salt Lake City where Brother Neville serves on his stake’s high council.