Muslim Ideology Differences

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The above words have very different meanings, and there are a lot of misunderstandings of them. Muslim varied ideology has led US policy makers down harmful and destructive paths.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an Islam defector, who testified before a Senate hearing, gives important insights into the deep meanings of these words in her book, The Challenge of Dawa. 

She divides the 1.9 billion Muslims on the planet into three kinds. 1. She calls them “Medina Muslims” wanting to carry forth the seventh-century mentality imposing their beliefs on everyone; they are the most problematic.  2. She calls the “Mecca Muslims” composing the clear majority wanting to be peaceful. 3. Muslim reformers – knowing that changes are needed.

The Quran coming from Mecca is religious. Ten years later as Mohammad went to Medina the Quran included political and military overtones. In 1981, I was invited to give a talk in New Delhi, India.  Islam is the second largest religion there, and I learned from their history how the first kind of Muslims mentioned above had imposed their religion on the population of India.

The Hoover Institution Think Tank

The Hoover Institution at Standford University is a public policy think tank promoting the principles of individual, economic, and political freedom.  It is one of the top “think tanks” in the nation. Peter Robinson, who is with the Hoover Institution, is currently the host of Uncommon Knowledge.

Robinson, is a particularly interesting guy. He wrote the famous speech for President Reagan when he declared, “Yes, this wall will fall”, and that, “As long as this gate is closed, as long as this scar of a wall is permitted to stand, it is not the German question alone that remains open, but the question of freedom for all mankind.”

I knew nothing of dawa (dawah) until I heard Peter Robinson interview Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who defected from Islam to escape a forced marriage.   Much can be learned about Ms. Ali in her Wikipedia article.

What is Dawa?

As developed by Mohammed in Mecca and in Medina, Islam is a religion but it is also has a political and a military agenda in its goal of converting the world to Allah.  “The ultimate goal of dawa is to destroy the political institutions of a free society and replace them with the rule of sharia law.” (p3, THE CHALLENGE OF DAWA by Ayaan Hirsi Ali) Her book can be downloaded for free from the Hoover Institution.

Because Islam is a religion it has the protection of the US First Amendment, and now uses any means, which can include political activities, indoctrination using the media, cultural activities, educational activities, and jihad terrorist activities, as examples to achieve its goals.

Because of this broad base of activities, Islam through dawa has much more power than communism or Nazism to achieve its proselytizing goals using force or by whatever means.  When Ms. Ali testified in a US Senate hearing she declared “The biggest challenge the United States faces is combating political Islam and the extent to which agents of dawa can exploit the constitutional and legal protection that grants American citizens freedom of religion and speech – freedoms that would of course be swept away if the Islamists achieve their goals.”  You can view Ms. Ali’s six minute powerful testimony before the Senate committee, 23 June 2017)

Why Past US Tactics have Failed

As Ms. Ali points out, the Bush and Obama administrations were only adding fuel to the fire by fighting terrorism.  It is a battle of Islam ideology against individual liberty given Americans by the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.  Islam dawa is an ideology, which comprises a religion, a political system, and a military system, again with a design to accomplish their goal by any means “…to destroy the political institutions of a free society and replace them with the rule of sharia law.”  Does it concern us that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world?

She powerfully points out on page 42 of THE CHALLENGE OF DAWA that the moral difference between the constitution of political Islam and the constitution of liberty is: “The US Constitution grants individual human beings natural, inalienable, God-given rights.  The job of the US government is to protect those inherent rights.”  In contrast, she quotes analyst Cheryl Benard that Islam is, “totalitarian in its negation of a private sphere, instead believing that it is the task of state authorities to compel the individual to adhere to proper Islamic behavior anywhere and everywhere.  And ideally, it wants this system – which it believes to be the only rightful one – to expand until it controls the entire world and everyone is a Muslim.”  On page 17 Ms. Ali lists the six main elements of Dawa.  One of which is “to reduce women to the status of reproductive machines for the purpose of demographic transformation.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Answer

The good news of the gospel is, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)  We become free individually from sin as we come unto Him, and are blessed with His promise of a free and sinless society in due process called Zion (the pure in heart).

Because of the inability to do missionary work among the Muslims, the Lord is reaching out to them anyway in fascinating and miraculous ways.  Javid, who was a devout Muslim, is now a devoted Christian missionary having great success.  He reports that there are about a thousand Iranians converting to Christianity each week. I am sure the Lord is having similar success with other Muslim nations.

God loves all of His children, and so should we.  The core principle of Heavenly Father’s perfect plan of happiness is agency (free choice).  This is beautifully explained by the ancient prophet, Lehi (2 Nephi 2:25-27)

Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.  And the Messiah cometh in the fulness of time, that he may redeem the children of men from the fall.  And because that they are redeemed from the fall they have become free forever, knowing good from evil; to act for themselves and not to be acted upon, save it be by the punishment of the law at the great and last day, according to the commandments which God hath given.  Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man.  And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil; for he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself.

God’s Perfect Plan

Interestingly, in God’s perfect plan – in the midst of all our imperfections – in our premortal sphere all of us born into this world chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan – knowing that the Messiah would provide a way back to our heavenly home with a glorious resurrected body and an opportunity for a fullness of joy if we would continue to follow Him on our mortal journey.  Because God is perfect, the Apostle Paul tells us that where and when we were born is optimized for our best chances to get back home. (Acts 17:26)  We participated with our Loving Heavenly Father in that choice and our life’s plan. (See Chapter 2 of .

Do we choose to love or not to love?  To love God and our neighbor are His first two great commandments.  How we answer that question makes all the difference in our lives.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest love story ever.  The lack of love and the bigotry between cultures and nations are the main causes of wars.  If we truly love, we will respect the agency (free choice) of all Father’s children.  Anything that takes away from individual liberty and from the nation’s liberty is adversarial. Islam dawa is designed to do just that.

Ironically, Muslim, Jew, and scattered Israel are all the children of Abraham. These children of Israel have been scattered among the Gentiles. However, when studied carefully, all three of their major celebrations are tied to the infinite atonement of the Messiah.

Genesis 22:8 in the Hebrew translates “God will provide himself a lamb…” to provide our Savior’s infinite atonement, so that all three cultures focus on the ONE TRUE GOD.  Only He will bring final peace to all three.

David W. Allan


Assessing Priorities

What is Your Top Priority in LIfe?

Do you have your “Priorities straight? The dictionary says the word “Priorities” means: prime concern, most important consideration, and precedence. What is important to some, may not be important to others. It is critically important to have our priorities right that we may move toward the “Fullness of Joy” Heavenly Father promises the faithful.  Heavenly Father’s main priority is you and I (Moses 1:39), and “God so loved the world” that He gave His Beloved Son to this end (John 3:16).

Saving Mother Earth

Our dear friend, Delta Bement, sent us an interesting YouTube link put up by Mark Rober, who feeds Bill Gates a plant-based FAKE hamburger that looked like, tasted like, and juicy like the real thing.  Bill and Mark, who care about mother earth, did this video to show a solution to our destructive planet, meat and dairy centered diet.  Do they have their priorities wrong?  Take a look at their video, and then let’s ask some questions.

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Book of Mormon – Where We Are and What is Coming

On Monday, February 10th 2020, a fireside was held in Fountain Green. Presentations were given by Rod Meldrum of Book of Mormon Evidence and myself.  Rod’s address was entitled “The Book of Mormon Current as the Daily News”. My focus was: “The Book of Mormon tells US Who and Where We are, and What is Coming”.  Here, US means the United States of America as well as “us.”

The Incredible Value of the Book of Mormon

Rod Meldrum and I shared “The Incredible value of the Book of Mormon that tells US where we are and what is coming.”  Again, US stands for United States. The main writers of the Book of Mormon are Nephi, Jacob, Mormon, and Moroni.  They saw our day. What was compiled and written by them is what will best help us prepare for the Lord’s coming – bringing about the fulfillment of the covenants of the Father and gathering Father’s children into the Fold of God that they may partake of a fullness of joy and eternal life.

Fulfilling of Mormon Scripture

Rod shared some amazing insights on how many Book of Mormon scriptures are being fulfilled before our vary eyes. While the media is biased, the scriptures are both clear and accurate. I highly recommend you get Rod’s DVD, which happens to also be the  title of his lecture, “The Book of Mormon Current as the Daily News”. It can be purchased from the bookstore on his site: Book of Mormon Evidence Bookstore.   Note: I have purchased some copies of this particular DVD in bulk and you are welcome to get them from me for $5.00, if it is convenient for you.

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The Date of the First Vision

The date of the First Vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith withheld ’til Now! 

How many of us heed the Lord’s profound admonition, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” (Matt. 7:7-8)

Ask, Seek, Knock

At age 14 Joseph did ask, seek and knock, and what happened changed the world!  His soul hungered to know the truth and which church was right.  He also wanted to know if his sins were forgiven.  In his asking, seeking, and knocking, James 1:5 touched his heart to the core as he read, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

Where he went to inquire of the Lord, we now call it the “Sacred Grove.  He shares, “It was on the morning of a beautiful, clear day, early in the spring of eighteen hundred and twenty.” (JS-H 14)

The First Vision

That spring day, unfolded the most important event since the infinite atonement of our Lord and Savior, as Joseph was visited by Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  There he came to know the true nature of God; to know the Father and the Son is eternal life. (John 17:3)

Heavenly Father called Joseph by name, and said, “This is my Beloved Son. Hear Him!” (JS-H 17)  He was told they had a work for him to do.  This was the beginning of opening the of Dispensation of the Fullness of Times prophesied by the Apostle Paul. (Eph. 1:10) Because of all the false traditions that had crept into Christianity over the centuries there was a need for a restoration of the fullness of the gospel, “restitution of all things,” before the Second Coming of our Lord, as prophesied by the Apostle Peter. (Acts 3:19-2)
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Hebrew Midrash and The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a Hebrew book written in the “Manner of the Jews”.  It is  often difficult for those who are not familiar with the Jewish culture, traditions and mannerisms to understand or appreciate the  complexities and subtleties of this amazing witness of Christ.  We will see that the Hebrew Midrash is an extremely important methodology going back thousands of years for the Hebrew culture.  Understanding the Tree of Life is one of the great benefits.

Torah and Talmud

The Manner of the Jews – Let’s begin here:

What is the difference between the Torah and Talmud?  Torah:  It is the Hebrew Bible which includes the first Five Books of Moses.  Talmud: The Rabbis, wanting to amplify and better understand the Torah wrote  the Talmud. It is collection of the writings of the wisdom of the rabbis over many millennia discussing or debating what the Torah means, which covers Jewish law and traditions.
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GPS Moving Forward To Zion

My experience with GPS is a fascinating one.  I spent many man-years helping in the development of GPS – working with Brad Parkinson, who I consider to be the father of GPS.   He was both a colonel in the Air Force, but also got his Ph.D. at Stanford University graduating in 1966, with a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Colonel Parkinson and  his Air Force blue suiters came to our seminars in Boulder, CO, to learn how to best use atomic clocks.  Atomic clocks are the heart of GPS.  The signals from the satellite constellation  need to be synchronized to about a billionth of a second (a nanosecond) for GPS to meet its navigation goals.  In 2018 Brad received the IEEE Medal of Honor Award for his leadership in developing GPS.  I congratulated him at the time and offered him a copy of my book.  He said he already had a copy.

When I published by book in 2014, part of it was a special letter to the GPS Headquarters folks suggesting four things that could help improve the system.  Ironically, I heard nothing back from them until last week (six years later).

IEEE Nomination

This recent interaction with them occurred because of a series of events in which the IEEE’s previous president, John Vig, recently nominated me to be an IEEE Fellow, and I needed five people to be part of the nomination process.  I asked Brad, and he agreed to do so.  This opened up an e-mail dialog coming back to my letter of six years ago.  They have a GPS Phase III planning meeting coming up and will consider what I have shared.  It will be interesting to see where it goes.

I love how the Lord is in the details of our lives, and He sees the end from the beginning.  Because of His infinite love, He orchestrates events to best help us find our way back to Him and helping us better live our lives and how to serve – never violating our free choice (agency).  He sees us from pre-mortal to where we can go in eternal realms of glory, and lovingly wants the best for us.  I see this GPS interaction event as just another means leading me to better ways to share His glorious gospel message.

The IEEE is the biggest technology institution, and has the largest scientific papers data base.  As our really good friend, BYU Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Chauncey Riddle, taught me, technology has advanced society further along than has science – though most scientists would have you believe otherwise.  GPS, cell phones and the internet are three great examples of technology advancement.  With over 400 thousand members in 120 different countries, and with its 41 different societies the IEEE is the greatest organization on the planet for promoting technology.  I was pleased that Dr. Donley, representing the IEEE/UFFC, came to our home in November 2018 and spent two days recording my ORAL HISTORY, which they put up on their web site, and gave me opportunity to share my testimony.

This Is My Joy

In those six years, I have overcome some major health challenges: quadruple by-pass open heart surgery, three strokes, serious blood clots in my legs and lungs.  But in that time, I have enjoyed miraculous healings and learned some extremely important lessons from the Lord about who I am and how I can best serve His children.  “This is my joy.” (Alma 26:37; 29:9) Indeed, these challenges have been a “trial of my faith,” (Ether 12:6-7) but it is in that process we grow closer to Him.  As we use our time and talents with an eye single to His glory, joy will come to our souls.  The above is case in point for me.  And know that the Lord’s healings in my life have me back on my mountain bike, and I rode to the Post several times last week in the snow!

We live in the most exciting time in history.  GPS will continue to improve its timing, navigation and position accuracy, but know there is a better navigator and that is the Lord. We may not know in detail what the future holds, but we know who holds the future, and to be in step with Him is the greatest opportunity of our existence.  We know a Zion (the pure in heart) society is coming that the Bride may meet the Bridegroom in great rejoicing, and the exciting thing is we can be part of it if we will truly come unto Him.  He will navigate us HOME!

David W Allan

Evolution And Faith

Faith or Evolution BYU Studies are soliciting ABSTRACTS for a special issue on EVOLUTION AND FAITH, which will come out next year. (An abstract is a brief summery of research on a particular subject.)

Since BYU just installed a permanent display of the evolution of humankind in their Bean Museum and because  the theory of evolution is taught at BYU as the primary inception of mankind, a dear friend of mine suggested I submit an abstract for this special issue.  I have great respect for him. He taught for the Church Education System, was in the Stake Presidency with me, was a Mission President, and an executive secretary for a General Authority.  At his suggestion, I have prepared the following abstract.

My Expertise

My expertise is precise timing – having helped with the development of GPS and official atomic time for the USA and the world.  I have witnessed a billion-fold improvement in the accuracy and stability of timekeeping, as the world moved from astronomical time to atomic time starting in 1967 with the redefinition of the “second” in terms of the Cs-133 hyperfine quantum transition.

My ORAL HISTORY has been recorded by the IEEE.1 (The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.) For this Abstract, I have applied my scientific background as a time metrologist to the theory of evolution.

The Theory of Organic Evolution

Every scientist knows a theory or hypothesis cannot be proven true.  Data consistency does not prove it true.  But a theory or hypothesis can be proven false, if reliable falsification data exist.  This falsification standard is very powerful in determining the TRUTH, since it does provide proof of what is not true.  This gauge can be applied to Darwin’s theory of organic evolution.
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What Really Happened on 9/11?

Wake Up America!

As of 25 Dec. 2019, three thousand two hundred and thirty-five architects and engineers, and over 24 thousand at large, have signed a petition “…calling for a new investigation of the World Trade Centers’ destruction.

They have done an outstanding job of writing peer reviewed papers and books documenting their findings.  Their excellent work has been used by a “Lawyers Committee for 9/11,” to petition NY Attorney General, who is required by law to hold a Grand Jury.

The far reaching and profound evidence provided by the architects and engineers for the Lawyers Committee totally convinced them that controlled demolition brought down the three buildings, and that it was impossible for the three towers to fall from the impact of the airplanes and internal fires. The Grand Jury is secret and is in process now.  We do not know what the Grand Jury will do with the evidence, but we can hope and pray that the jury members have integrity that the justice system in this country can work in a good direction – a critical direction given this most egregious crime ever committed on  the American people on 9/11 eighteen years ago in 2001.
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8 Pointed Star of Christ

Did you know the eight-pointed star is the Star of Christ?

The horizontal and vertical points denote the cross, and the other diagonal, the blessings of the infinite atonement: the only way back to the Father and a fullness of joy.

John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

3 Nephi 27:13-21 is the best summary in all of holy writ as to what is “My gospel.” We will all be “lifted up” to be judged of our “works, whether the be good or whether they be evil.”

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we celebrate the life of Hm who is, “the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6)

I believe the Lord inspired us to put the eight pointed star on the cover of my book, It’s About Time, that we might invite the world to come to Christ.

My Greatest Christmas Gifts

My Greatest Christmas Gift I have given, am giving, and will give is sharing the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Greatest Christmas Gift Received

My Greatest Christmas gift received was 60 years ago today (18 December 1959) our first born arrived three weeks early, Shelli Allan Owen.  All our other children are great as well, but Shelli was the only one in time for Christmas.  What a great joy she has been in our lives, and has helped us immensely in raising our other precious children.  In 1977 I was invited to give a lecture about flicker noise or 1/f noise in atomic clocks at an International 1/f Conference in Tokyo, Japan.  We left Shelli in charge of the family for two weeks while we enjoyed this amazing cultural and scientific experience.

When we came back, all seven of our children met us at the Denver Airport.  What great joy filled our souls as we saw their happy faces.  Nathan, our last born, was less than a year old; and he grabbed hold of his mom around the neck and wouldn’t let her go he was so happy to see her!  It was a special experience driving back to Boulder in our little Datsun 500 with nine of us in the car with all our luggage!  Shelli had done a great job in our absence.  She had the children doing work in the morning, and then they would have a special activity in the afternoon.

Regarding my Greatest Gift Given, I learned an incredibly important lesson from the Lord back in 1965, when I was working on my master’s thesis at the University of Colorado.  We had gone to Boulder, after graduating from Brigham Young University with a BS in physics with a goal to get a PhD and come back to BYU and teach and do research.  The Lord had other plans – in His infinite wisdom knowing what would be best for me.
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