The Power of Prayer Is Real – Mary Owen’s Miracle

Documented Power of Prayer

Mary Owen mt. hood When her ice-axe broke loose at 4:00 a.m. on Mt. Hood, Mary Owen, our grand-daughter, fell 40 feet into a snow slope going down into an icy stream. She scrambled to stop herself just before going into the stream. During the fall a tree root or limb impaled her near her groan making an eight inch gouge coming within a ¼ inch of the ephemeral artery.

Also, during the fall she sprained her ankle on her other leg. She was immobile with no cell phone coverage, and no one knew where she was. However, she had left a note at Timberline Lodge of her plans to climb to the summit of the mountain.

About a thousand feet before reaching the top, she got caught in a white-out, got disoriented, and ended up going off the west side of the mountain and was near the bottom working her way toward some lights when she had her disastrous fall. This was during Spring Break (2013) with freezing temperatures on the mountain.

Feeling Alone

For several days (Monday through Thursday) when she prayed, she felt that no one was praying for her and that the Lord was not talking to her.

“One of the hardest things out there was from Sunday night to Friday morning, I hadn’t heard from God at all,” she said. “It was just dead quiet. There was nobody praying for me. I didn’t hear anything or feel anything.”

What she was feeling was exactly the case; no one knew, and no one was praying or looking for her because we were not aware she was missing.

“I kept thinking, ‘Where is everybody?'” Mary said. “Usually when people are looking for you and praying for you, you can feel it. And there was just nothing. That was really hard.”

However, on Friday, she woke up to a totally different feeling; she knew thousands were praying for her, and that is exactly what was happening and the Lord was talking to her. And she also knew she would be found.

Feelings of Peace

“I woke up with a lot of peace and the sense that thousands and thousands of people were praying for me,” she said. “That was really powerful. I thought, ‘Today is the day they’re going to find me.'”

Mary ended up spending six days and six nights on the mountain. She never reached the summit, but Friday evening a search and rescue plane saw where it looked like a sleeping bag had been on the summit and then a track going off to the west. A Coast Guard helicopter picked up that track the next morning and followed it directly to Mary near the bottom of the mountain; their shortest rescue ever (nine minutes)! Who made the track? It was not Mary! She came from the other side. The believers say, “Angels did it!” The non-believers say, “We don’t know.”

When our daughter, Shelli (Mary’s mother) called me Saturday morning, and told me they had found her, I fell to my knees in tears of gratitude. I knew the Lord was in it. Everyone involved knew it, including the Coast Guard helicopter crew.

A Mighty Miracle

Mary miraculously survived and was miraculously found.

Finding her was a documented answer to prayer which made international news. I share many more details of this incredible experience, entitled Mary’s Miracle; God is closer than you think in my book, It’s About Time.

If you Google her name: Mary Owen and Mt. Hood, you will find a lot of pictures showing her black feet and toes from the frostbite. That she has been totally healed from that is a miracle all by itself.

I love it when we have things like Mary’s miracle to substantiate God’s word. We see His love and His goodness everywhere, if we have but eyes to see. Our hearts brim over in deep gratitude to our Lord as we contemplate Mary’s miracle. It has touched thousands of lives. She and her family know God hears and answers prayers.

The power of prayer is real. The existence of a fifth dimension has been shown scientifically and it’s called the Eternity-Domain. How personal and intercessory prayer simply works is shared in chapters 21 and 22 of It’s About Time. The Lord is in the details of our lives.

David W. Allan