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Intelligence Squared Debates – Science Refutes God

Intelligence Squared is an organization that stages Oxford like debates around the world.  How do you know the truth?  Do we rely on “Intelligence Squared?”

Most people trust in science to bring forth truth.  But scientists know their truths are with a lower case “t,” and may well be modified or abandoned over time.

Many believe the Bible is the standard of truth.  But, most scientists believe the Bible is a myth, and tend to worship the human mind.  That is called idolatry.  As Steven Hawkins says, we can figure out how the universe came into existence without God.  I find many atheists don’t want God in their lives so that they don’t need to feel guilty for their sins.  Richard Dawkins finds it absurd to believe that if there is a God, God would care about what he does with his genitals.

Truth cannot contradict truth.  Scientific truths must harmonize with religious truths if they are, indeed, both TRUE!  So, how do we know?

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Standing an Egg on Its End – Exciting Science With an Egg

standing-egg-on-endStanding an egg on it’s end is an good example of the UFT (United Field Theory) you can experiment with. You can be a scientist in your own kitchen and improve on Einstein.

About a hundred years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves. Einstein was working on the UFT before he died, but did not finish the work. Many have been working on it since, and there has been major progress with no actual proof….that is until now!

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