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The Lord’s Space Age Program

While the world is doing their space age activities with GEOs, MEOs, and LEOs, the Lord is doing a far greater space age program in preparation for this satellite called EARTH, to be celestialized.

The Earth’s Space Age Program

The GEOs are Geosynchronous Earth Orbit Satellites with an orbit period the same as the earth’s rotation period so that they appear at the same place in the sky over the equator. There are over 200 of them and they are mainly used for data transfer and telecommunications. They are at an altitude of about 6.7 earth radii.
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What are Chemtrails?

What are “Chemtrails” and are they hazardous to your health? If so, what can we do about it?

What is the difference between “Chemtrails” and “Contrails”?

The fist Contrail was observed in 1919 when a German test pilot, Zeno Diemer reached an altitude of 30,500 feet above Munich.

With the advent of jet aircraft, we saw a significant increase on “Contrails” or jet-trails, which naturally occur from high flying jets under specific atmospheric conditions. Contrails consist of engine emissions (water, carbon dioxide, in a efficient combustion, and soot).  They typically do not persist and often disappear quite quickly. However, they can persist and form clouds if the atmospheric conditions are conducive.

Chemtrails resemble Contrails but they are not the same at all. Chemtrails have purposefully added particulates and they persist for a greater length of time and appear thick and clumpy and can be mistaken for clouds. Unfortunately these particulates are dangerous, minute particles which rain down upon us and can cause illness. Respiratory ailments are the most common.
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Standing an Egg on Its End – Exciting Science With an Egg

standing-egg-on-endStanding an egg on it’s end is an good example of the UFT (United Field Theory) you can experiment with. You can be a scientist in your own kitchen and improve on Einstein.

About a hundred years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves. Einstein was working on the UFT before he died, but did not finish the work. Many have been working on it since, and there has been major progress with no actual proof….that is until now!

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Everyone Can Understand GPS

Learn How GPS Works in Five Minutes!

Get Ready to Paint a Picture in Your Mind

GPS Satellites Around The Earth
GPS Satellites Around The Earth

Think in your minds eye that you can look up into the sky and see three GPS satellites in very different parts of the heavens.  Think further that you have three looooooooooooooong measuring sticks that are able to reach out from you to each of the three satellites, so that you have a way of measuring the distance to each of them.

The picture you have is an upside down tripod with you at the focal point, and with each of the three GPS satellites at the end of each stick.  This, of course, is totally absurd in practice, but there is a fascinating way to do the equivalent that is practical using the speed of light as your measuring stick.  If you are traveling in your car at 60 miles per hour (~90 kph), and you travel for an hour, you know the distance you have traveled is 60 miles.

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Scientific Evidence for Noah’s Flood

enhydro-quartz crystalsScience and religion are coming together through new evidence that Noah’s flood actually happened just as it is written about in the Bible.

There are two basic assumptions made by scientists regarding the geology of the Earth that have led most of them to disbelieve in the Bible.  I show both assumptions are flawed in Chapter 6 of my book.  The first assumption is that things change gradually over time (many millions of years) – the evolutionary assumption.  The second assumption is a spin-off of the first: if you include God, then it is not science.

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