How to Reach Out to Those Who Lack Faith

Do you know anyone who has lost faith or an atheist or an agnostic who is searching for the truth?

I was asked to write about this subject by the Lord to reach out across the globe to those who are hungering and thirsting for the TRUTH. The information is in a new PDF article that you can download that will reach out to those honest seekers of truth.   It is titled: God Is The Greatest Scientist.  I give a scientist’s view of the gospel with logic and reasoning to help all who desire to know God loves them and is there for them.

It took me most of a month to write this article ever since the Lord gave me two dreams that got me focused.  The sixteen pages are loaded with the truths that will bring joy to the soul and hope to those who read it with real intent to know the TRUTH. It is my best effort to share the Gospel of Christ logically and reasonably as best as I understand it.  For me, as we consider God’s work, it is most EXCITING and gives great hope in the midst of the storms of life.

David W Allan