A Miracle In Houston

Believe in MiraclesI believe in miracles but have never experienced one so profoundly clear as I did this past week.

Last Monday, (14 May 2018) I had a stroke. I was packing the truck getting ready to go to the airport to give an invited talk in Houston in conjunction with the 2018 IEEE Keithley Award.  Our neighbor, Natalie Wright, who had been visiting us, could tell something was wrong, and said, “Dave, are you alright?”  I had dropped my keys to the ground and had trouble picking them up and my speech was slurred.  She immediate called her husband, Kevin, who was home, to come over.  He is a State Highway Patrol Sargeant, and he knew what to do.

 You Are Having a Stroke

They sat me down on the couch in the living room, and he did several tests quickly, and said, “You are having a stroke.  We are going to call 9/11.” Then he asked if I wanted a blessing, and I immediately said, “yes.”  The blessing was what I needed.  I felt coherent and basically fine and said, “I am on the Lord’s errand.  I will be fine.”

Dear Family and Friends

A few days  before I left for Houston, I e-mailed family and friends and explained that I felt the Lord’s hand in my preparation. I felt that I could touch souls in this international community with my presentation.  I had integrated my religious feelings into my scientific talk and believed I could do more with this talk than perhaps any address I have ever given at any scientific conference.  I ask family and friends for their prayers.

Off to Houston

I drove to the airport, got on the plane, arrived in Houston with no significant effects and went directly to the hotel. I went out to eat that evening, walking about a mile round-trip to the restaurant and back to the hotel. However, I could tell my right leg didn’t seem to be working as well as the left, but it was functional.

Nathan had recommended Dr. Mercola’s suggestion to get some niacin.  And I got some aspirin as well.  Because of the shuttle service it took a long time to get those.  When I finally got to the Concierge at the hotel, I knew I  was in trouble. I could not speak a coherent word, and finally blurted out, “Stroke!” They took me to Houston Memorial Herrmann Hospital. I think it is the best equipped hospital I have ever seen, and they ran every test: brain scan, MRI, EKG, Echo-cardiogram, and many more.

A Second Priesthood Blessing

Nathan contacted a local bishop Tuesday morning and he sent the Elders by to give me another blessing. The blessing was profound.

Karie caught an early flight so she could be with her dad; she is such an angel.

That afternoon, as my speaking voice was getting stronger, I told them I had an international keynote presentation to give Wednesday morning. They could not sort out from all the tests what had really happened. They could tell I had a stroke, but I had all my motor skills and my speaking voice was returning. So, they released me. One of the conference organizers, Steve, called me at the hospital concerned about my well being.  I told him that I thought I could do it. He sounded greatly relieved, but said, “Your health is our primary concern.”

When we got back to the hotel, they received Karie and me most graciously. The hotel staff were remarkable – giving Karie a free room.

The Conference Experience

On Wednesday, everyone we greeted at the conference was concerned and most cordial. Before my lecture they gave me a wonderful introduction.

As I stood up to talk, I said, “I don’t know how many of you believe in miracles, but we have had one. I had a stroke last Monday.  I am glad to be here with you!”  And then I went on with my 77 slides, which I had been working on for months.

They had asked for an hour and 20 minutes for this keynote address, and I finished in just over an hour. It was interesting that I could read the slides perfectly even though I stumbled from time to time as I was trying to find the right words. All in all, I was able to provide coherence to my 58 years in helping atomic clocks, GPS, navigation, and telecommunnication move forward in their enormous technical contributions.

I believe we touched some lives, and many came to us in deep appreciation. We sold or gave away fifty-five books, and Karie and I had some great conversations with several individuals. They came from all across the world.  A  colleague from China wants Karie and I to come to Beijing to speak, and they will pay all expenses.

One man from Italy, said my talk was the highlight of the conference for him, and I could tell he was emotionally touched. I found there were several using the Allan variance in their work. I am guessing we had about 400 in attendance for my keynote presentation.

I Believe in Miracles

Yes, I believe in miracles.  I’m so thankful for the prayers and blessings on my behalf. The Lord is good and blessed me greatly, but I am so pleased that He could use me,  through this miracle and the IEEE Keithley Award and presentation, to serve others that they might draw closer to Him and perhaps feel a miracle and change in their lives.

David W Allan