It’s About Time – Audio Book Release

“It’s About Time  – Science Harmonized with Religion”  Audio Book was Released on May 9, 2017

I have had several express an interest in having an audio version of this book, which we first published in 2014 and updated in 2016.

My 80 year old voice is not up to it.  After counseling with my publisher, Boyd Tuttle of Digital Legends Library, (books that uplift & inspire) suggested Nathan T. Dunford of Sound Voice Over,  who has a great reading voice.

Nathan fell in love with the project and felt the Spirit in it.  He was moved to tears as he read Chapter 5, Mary’s Miracle but was tied up at the time and unable to begin the project.

My wife, Edna and I have a dear friend, Shauna Newmeyer Chriss, who offered to help for free.  She is a brilliant lady and has a very good speaking and reading voice. To get the book rolling Shauna read Chapter 1, 2, and 3 at the end of last year.  Eventually, Nathan was able to take on the rest of the project.

We were so pleased to have Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Chauncey Riddle, read the Foreword which he had authored for me.  Chauncey is 10 years older than I am and did a great job with his very mature voice, which radiates wisdom.

I read some of the testimonial and science portions, where language and heart-felt feelings were important.

I went back through the whole book twice to assure textual and pronunciation accuracy.  My personal joke is, “I learned a lot from myself in doing so!”  Drawing from 207 of the world’s experts on various subject, provided a lot of depth to the book. Feeling again the inspiration I received as I wrote it was refreshing and inspiring to my soul.

It took about three months to get it in its final form.  It was a night and day massive effort at times.  The studios for recording were first class.  Nathan’s studio is in Salt Lake City, and he has a friend, Clark Jackman, in Orem,  who has an excellent studio as well.  Shauna, Chauncey and I used JackmanStudios  for travel convenience.

It has been a real team effort, and those who have listened so far are impressed with what we have done.  It is now available from and from itunes.

David W Allan

For an opportunity to get a free copy of the audio book, click on the image.