My Greatest Christmas Gifts

My Greatest Christmas Gift I have given, am giving, and will give is sharing the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Greatest Christmas Gift Received

My Greatest Christmas gift received was 60 years ago today (18 December 1959) our first born arrived three weeks early, Shelli Allan Owen.  All our other children are great as well, but Shelli was the only one in time for Christmas.  What a great joy she has been in our lives, and has helped us immensely in raising our other precious children.  In 1977 I was invited to give a lecture about flicker noise or 1/f noise in atomic clocks at an International 1/f Conference in Tokyo, Japan.  We left Shelli in charge of the family for two weeks while we enjoyed this amazing cultural and scientific experience.

When we came back, all seven of our children met us at the Denver Airport.  What great joy filled our souls as we saw their happy faces.  Nathan, our last born, was less than a year old; and he grabbed hold of his mom around the neck and wouldn’t let her go he was so happy to see her!  It was a special experience driving back to Boulder in our little Datsun 500 with nine of us in the car with all our luggage!  Shelli had done a great job in our absence.  She had the children doing work in the morning, and then they would have a special activity in the afternoon.

Regarding my Greatest Gift Given, I learned an incredibly important lesson from the Lord back in 1965, when I was working on my master’s thesis at the University of Colorado.  We had gone to Boulder, after graduating from Brigham Young University with a BS in physics with a goal to get a PhD and come back to BYU and teach and do research.  The Lord had other plans – in His infinite wisdom knowing what would be best for me.

Lay Ministry Blessing

Because I was willing to do things the Lord’s way, I received major inspiration for my master’s thesis. I also acknowledge help from great scientists as I wrote my thesis — out of which came what the world calls the “Allan variance,” which if you Google, you will find over 100,000 hits.  It became the main metric for characterizing the performance of atomic clocks around the world and was used in the development of GPS.  With the help of outstanding colleagues and inspiration from the Lord, we developed derivatives of it – the Modified Allan variance and the Time variance.  All three variances became important metrics for time and frequency, navigation, and telecom communities, respectively.  All three became international IEEE standards in 1988.

I share this not for self-aggrandizement, but because the Lord knows I love Him and will share His glorious gospel message wherever I go.  I give him the credit for the inspiration and success in my career path, and He has blessed me with remarkable opportunities to share His glorious message of peace, love, joy, and hope in a world that has turned from God and believes more in science.  Because of my successes, the IEEE/UFFC sent Dr. Elizabeth Donley to conduct a two day documentary of my life history, which they posted on their web site this year.

It’s About Time Book

In 2013, the Lord inspired me to write a book. “It’s about Time”.   Now the book’s website has 86 nations visiting and gets over 4,000 visits a month, and the rate is exponentially increasing.  The book harmonizes science and religion, and shares the solutions to several false traditions that have impacted society in serious ways.  The book is available on Amazon; it is also available in Kindle and audio versions as well from my book’s web site, and has mostly five-star reviews.  I have over 200 pages of free material on the web site which complement the 400 pages in the book.

I share how GPS works in a simplistic way and how time is kept in the world.  Using the information from my master’s thesis, help from colleagues, and inspiration from the Lord, in 1968 I wrote the algorithm AT-1 for generating time from an ensemble of atomic clocks to provide official time for the USA.  With improvements by colleagues AT-1 is still generating time today.  Most importantly, I share where we are in God’s TIME.  In laypersons terms, I share seven experiments we have done validating a new Unified Field Theory, which has profound spiritual implications as well as physical.  In one of the blog articles, I share how the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible has done more good than any other book ever published.

A recent survey showed 93% of the leading American scientists believe the Bible is a myth.  Joseph in Egypt prophesied that would happen and the Book of Mormon would be brought forth and validate the Bible.  The Book of Mormon is a second witness to the Bible that Jesus is the Christ documenting His resurrection and visit to the native Americans after His resurrection.  My book is a partial fulfillment of this prophecy (2 Nephi 3:11) and using the scientific method, I show the validity of the Bible from the Book of Mormon and latter-day scriptures.

Seventy-six percent of the KJV is William Tyndale’s translation.  He was fluent in eight languages and totally devoted his life to bringing the Bible to us in English. Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon into English by the gift and power of God. 

  Joseph Smith and William Tyndale have brought more good into the world with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ than any other persons in the last millennial epoch and up to our current time.

The World’s Greatest Christmas Gift

The Savior told the Twelve, “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” (John 15:8)  President David O. McKay said, “Every member a missionary.”  May we all be true disciples of our Lord and Savior.  “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” (Doctrine and Covenants 18:10)  “How great shall be your joy” (18:15) in so sharing and doing as you are engaged in His work of bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of His precious sons and daughters. (Moses 1:39)

I am so happy to share my Greatest Christmas Gift with the world, because I know the gospel of Jesus Christ leads us to the greatest of all the gifts of God – Eternal Life.  I am happy to share the gift of the Lord’s infinite atonement year around.  He promises you the greatest happiness in this life (John 10:10) and a fullness of joy in the life to come, as we come unto Him. (Psalms 16:11; Matthew 11:28-30; Moses 7:67) Because of the seventh step in His infinite atonement, we will all be resurrected (Doctrine and Covenants 93:33-34) without which we would all be damned and we would never be able to have fullness of joy.  The Savior’s glorious resurrection cap-stones His infinite atonement with ramifications beyond our fondest dreams.  Is there a greater gift than this message of gladness?  May we share it year around I pray.

David W Allan