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The Establishment of Zion

Guest Post – Chauncey C. Riddle

Thesis: Zion is established one person at a time. However, Zion is a group of persons, persons who have all traveled the same strait and narrow covenant path to having become like unto Christ Himself. The Holy Temple Ordinances are the engine for establishing Zion.

1. Personal Revelation

The absolute fundamental to become a Zion person is to know by the Holy Spirit that God lives and Jesus Christ is the Savior of all the inhabitants of this world. In other words, the beginning of becoming like Christ is to be personally founded on the rock of revelation. A person founded on that rock not only has had revelation but lives by it daily, thus being enabled to do the works of righteousness.

2. Baptism and Confirmation

The works of righteousness are ministering to one’s neighbors as Christ would if He were here. The ordinances necessary for gaining this foundation are baptism and confirmation.
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