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The Bicycle

Bicycle Efficiency

The bicycle is the most efficient transport mechanism on the planet.  In 1973 Scientific American shared a study showing this amazing result.  The biggest muscles in the human body coupled to two wheels makes this means of transport at the top of the efficient chart or at the bottom in energy expended.  As shown in the chart in the “bicycle efficiency” article, the efficiency is 0.15 calories/gram/kilometer.  This would be like a car getting well over 100 miles per gallon, while getting the daily needed exercise.

Steve Jobs was so taken by this study on bicycle efficiency.  he likened it to how computers allow us to expand the mind like a bike increases our efficiency of transport.  But for me, the computer is not to expand the mind, but a means to be more efficient in the work of the Lord, which brings the greatest of joy in time and in eternity.
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