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Boulder County CO – Fire – Memories – Insights

Boulder County Fire One of the 991 homes destroyed in the recent Boulder-Marshall fire was the one we built in 1967-8 out in Boulder County on 7225 Empire Dr. Nearly 1,000 Boulder County Colorado residences were driven from their homes last week by this  terrifying wildfire that destroyed their homes.  Boulder County was our home for 32 years while I was employed by the US National Bureau of Standards (now NIST).  I was so sad to learn that the home we built there was destroyed as a result of this recent horrific fire storm — we have so many found memories there.

 Numerous Memories of the Boulder Area

We moved to Boulder in 1960 to do graduate work at the University of Colorado. Boulder is basically where we raised our family until I retired from NIST in 1992.  Just before we moved in 1992, our fourth daughter, Celeste’s and her husband Kevn Lambson celebrated their marriage and had their wedding reception at the home we had  built there.  And in 1984, our oldest daughter Shelli married Bruce Owen, and we held their reception there as well. (There are too many other wonderful memories to make an accounting here.)  We moved to Fountain Green, Utah, in 1992, when I retired from the government.

Good Friends in Boulder

I became good friends with three wonderful men: Dr. Grant Athay, who was our first bishop when we moved to Boulder in 1960. Gail Loveless, who sold us two acres of prime land for which we extended the road, Empire Drive, and built there in 1967. And, Mike Crawford, who built his home next door to us to the north, and was one of my counselors in the bishopric. (Both Grant and Gail had already built their homes in the country on Paragon Drive, and were our wonderful neighbors.)
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