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What are Chemtrails?

What are “Chemtrails” and are they hazardous to your health? If so, what can we do about it?

What is the difference between “Chemtrails” and “Contrails”?

The fist Contrail was observed in 1919 when a German test pilot, Zeno Diemer reached an altitude of 30,500 feet above Munich.

With the advent of jet aircraft, we saw a significant increase on “Contrails” or jet-trails, which naturally occur from high flying jets under specific atmospheric conditions. Contrails consist of engine emissions (water, carbon dioxide, in a efficient combustion, and soot).  They typically do not persist and often disappear quite quickly. However, they can persist and form clouds if the atmospheric conditions are conducive.

Chemtrails resemble Contrails but they are not the same at all. Chemtrails have purposefully added particulates and they persist for a greater length of time and appear thick and clumpy and can be mistaken for clouds. Unfortunately these particulates are dangerous, minute particles which rain down upon us and can cause illness. Respiratory ailments are the most common.
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