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Power of Fifth Dimension – Meditation – Prayer

The scientific concept of the “Fifth Dimension” was advanced by Swedish physicist Oskar Klein. Einstein’s theory of relativity gives us four dimensions – longitude, latitude, altitude, and time. Klein’s theory proposed a fifth dimension, unseen by humans where the forces of gravity and electromagnetism unite to create a simple but graceful theory of the fundamental forces in nature.

Additional Research

While I was employed at NBS/NIST in Boulder, Colorado, we had contracted with Professor Neil Ashby to do the relativity needed for GPS, and we published several papers together.  After I retired in 1992 and during our time serving a mission for our church in Cote d’Ivoire, I was asked by John Wiley and Sons to write a collage text about GPS and Precise Timing.  I started that when I got back to the states, but then felt impressed to do some experimentation in Unified Field Theory, which Einstein had not finished before he died.

While doing this we found experimental evidence of a “Fifth Dimension” and we learned that when we pray we couple into that dimension.  We showed experimental evidence of diallel-field lines. During some energy density experiments we were able to modify gravity. More detailed information concerning these studies can be found in my book “Its About Time.” Chapter 21 relates the seven experiments we have done to date validating this theory, and in Chapter 22 I share that when we were born as children of God in a premortal epoch. We were given a diallel-field line connection to God that is always there.

During the sixties, there was an explosion of attention given to the “Fifth Dimension” consciousness. It presently is an excepted concept. In other words, The “Fifth Dimension” is more than just the name of a 1969 vocal band.
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