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Drama of Lost Disciples

Disciples Brief Book Report

The Drama of the Lost Disciples, by George F. Jowett, a well-documented account of Christian history during New Testament times and beyond. While the doctrine and gospel teachings of the New Testament are fundamental to our faith, the vast historical information in this book is largely unappreciated by the world.  Yet, the historical information in this book is fundamental to understanding the main origin of the Christian movement following the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord.  For example, Jowett shares that Britain was the main reason why Christianity exploded throughout the then known world.

Key Players

Our key player is Joseph of Arimathea – Jesus’ uncle, who took the Savior’s body from the cross and laid Him in his own tomb.  Joseph was not only a well-respected member of the Sanhedrin but also a very successful merchant.  He had ships carrying tin from Britain to many places in the known world.  Jesus accompanied him on some of these trips.
Because of the extreme persecution of the Christians by the Jews and the Romans after Christ’s resurrection, they decided to send Joseph of Arimathea along with the family and close friends of Jesus to a watery grave by putting them in a boat without oars or sail.  Besides Joseph, this included Jesus’ mother, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lazurus and his sisters, Mary and Martha, the blind man, whose name was Maximum, healed in Chapter 9 of the gospel of John and others totaling twelve.
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