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A Missing Christian Teaching

Premortal Epoch Missing from Most of Christianity

In millennial preparation language, the Lord declares this profound statement: “And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold I make all things new…” (Rev. 21:5)

Fiona and Terry Givens new book entitled, “ALL THINGS NEW”, comes from the above scripture. The book shares two truths that are missing from Christianity: 1. The understanding of “Premortality”, and 2. The “Parenthood of God.”

Fortunately, these truths have been restored with deep meanings and implications.  In this blog article, I deal with the great importance of premortality, as part of Heavenly Father’s perfect plan of happiness.


Two of the world’s best experts, Sarah Heinze, and Roy Mills have written about pre mortality because of their personal experiences. I introduce and expand upon the validity of their experiences and information in my book, “It’s About Time”. Their premortal account supports the scriptures and amplifies upon them significantly.

Premortality – Midwest Earthworks

It is particularly fascinating to me that the Jaredites and the Nephites, in the Book of Mormon, paint the picture of the importance of the premortal state as part of a 4 and ½ square mile earthworks near Newark, Ohio.  Fortunately, these were documented by Squire and Davis back in 1848, before most of them were destroyed.  I share a link below describing these earthworks.

Why is it Important to Understand Premortality

The importance of the truth about premortality is to know we are literally spirit offspring of Heavenly Parents and hence gods in embryo with the potential to become like our infinitely loving Heavenly Father and Mother.  When we were with them there in that premortal epoch and witnessed their love and celestial greatness and goodness, we were motivated to do everything we could to be like them.

They created the earth for us to gain a physical body, to house our spirit, and through the perfect plan of happiness come back to them in celestial realms of glory.  In so doing we fulfill our grand purpose here in mortality as described in the following blog article: What Is Our Purpose in Life?  How blessed we are to have had these beautiful truths now made available in exciting detail for all to partake of if we will.

Remembering Heaven

We are also fortunate that recently an award-winning movie was made by Sarah and Brent Hinze, REMEMBERING HEAVEN, documenting the premortal.  It was shown at BYU Friday evening, October 8th, 2021.  It was wonderful to be there and see Sarah and Brent again.  We became very good friends with them in 2013 and 2014, when I was writing my book www.ItsAboutTimeBook.com down in Mesa, AZ, and we spent a lot of time in their home.  Brent is a very good racket-ball player, which became most apparent to me, as we played together; he is much better than I.

This film won all the major Utah and Latter-day Saint film awards this year, including the Best Feature Film Documentary at both the LDS Film Festival and the Utah Film Festival, Best of State Award for Utah, and Audience Choice Award at the LDS Film Festival (where it sold out in record time).

Premortality Ties us Back to Our Heavenly Parents

The perfect plan of happiness was explained to us by our Loving Heavenly Father in our premortal epoch.  We rejoiced as God’s children with our anticipated opportunity to come to earth, to gain a body, and to experience mortality.  We knew it would be challenging, but that as we looked to the Christ, who walked the mortal path perfectly, and as we embraced His teachings and came to know and partake of  God’s love, we knew the grand plan was there for each of us to be like our Heavenly Parents.  THIS IS ENORMOUS!

David W. Allan

Newark Earthwork Explanation Link