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What is an Ideal Society?

An ideal society is promised, and soon, which is exciting.  But what is it?  What can we do to best prepare to be part of it and to help it come forth?

Look at the definition of a society; it is, “the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.”  Presently, our society seems to be positioned in the “less” category” as it appears to be in a state of disruption, confusion, and conflict. The conflict appears to center around individualism (priority given to the individual) and collectivism (priority given to the group or the state.)

Also, far from ideal, Americans are becoming less healthy as a nation in comparison to others (we are now ranked 38th); yet, our health-care costs are the highest per capita of any in the world, which is a massive contradiction with a message for us if we will pay attention.

Who Sets the Standard?

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