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Moral Decay In Our Universities

As early as 1636 many private institutions, beginning with Harvard, religious instruction was woven into the fabric of student life. As universities have become secularized, the lack of ethical standards have increased among college students. This trend has many Americans worried about the decay of moral values that is evident on college campuses today.

More Harm Than Good

When Dennis Prager was interviewing Jordan Peterson as shared in this blog article, Dennis asked the poignant question: “If all North Americans graduating HS decided, ‘I’m not going to college.’ Would North America be a better or worse place?”

Jordan replied, “I believe our universities, not necessarily colleges, do more harm than good now… The post-modern collectivist doctrine is so psychologically and politically toxic. [They] deny the existence of the individual… The idea that human beings are made in the image of God, fundamentally.”  [This concept is being attacked by academia and being replaced by Darwinian evolution.]  “The idea of the sovereignty of the individual…”

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