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Synchronizing Deep Space Network

How GPS helped NASA/JPL synchronize their Deep Space Network tracking stations and my personal involvement in that process.

I just learned of the passing of a friend and colleague from Boulder, Dick Davis.  Dick was an amazing electrical engineer, and he was part of the team that developed TV captioning – earning them an EMMY AWARD.  Later on he was part of my time and frequency dissemination research team.

I had listened to a JPL talk at the Frequency Control Symposium in Atlantic City, NJ, on how they synchronized the Deep Space Network using quasar signals and hydrogen maser atomic clocks. The DSN locations were in Canberra, Australia, Goldstone, CA, and Madrid, Spain. They would point their 64 meter wide dish antennas at the same quasar in the center of our galaxy, and then using the excellent time stability of the hydrogen maser atomic clocks, they would correlate the signals being received between these DSN sites.
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