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Evolution And Faith

Faith or Evolution BYU Studies are soliciting ABSTRACTS for a special issue on EVOLUTION AND FAITH, which will come out next year. (An abstract is a brief summery of research on a particular subject.)

Since BYU just installed a permanent display of the evolution of humankind in their Bean Museum and because  the theory of evolution is taught at BYU as the primary inception of mankind, a dear friend of mine suggested I submit an abstract for this special issue.  I have great respect for him. He taught for the Church Education System, was in the Stake Presidency with me, was a Mission President, and an executive secretary for a General Authority.  At his suggestion, I have prepared the following abstract.

My Expertise

My expertise is precise timing – having helped with the development of GPS and official atomic time for the USA and the world.  I have witnessed a billion-fold improvement in the accuracy and stability of timekeeping, as the world moved from astronomical time to atomic time starting in 1967 with the redefinition of the “second” in terms of the Cs-133 hyperfine quantum transition.

My ORAL HISTORY has been recorded by the IEEE.1 (The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.) For this Abstract, I have applied my scientific background as a time metrologist to the theory of evolution.

The Theory of Organic Evolution

Every scientist knows a theory or hypothesis cannot be proven true.  Data consistency does not prove it true.  But a theory or hypothesis can be proven false, if reliable falsification data exist.  This falsification standard is very powerful in determining the TRUTH, since it does provide proof of what is not true.  This gauge can be applied to Darwin’s theory of organic evolution.
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The Resurrection Disproves the Theory of Organic Evolution

I Am a Unique Scientist in Many Ways, and I Do Not Support the Evolution Theory.

I appeal to logic, reason, reliable data, and what we can KNOW!  Most of the world believes in organic evolution – along with a large percentage of Christians — and the internet is full of information in support of this theory.

My Science Background

To give background for how I provide proof that the resurrection falsifies Darwin’s theory, I share the following.  I have been studying the sciences and how nature works for 68 years, but the most important truth I have learned is that God is the Master Scientist. I am known by many of my colleagues as the “Praying Physicist.”
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