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Finding Peace On Earth

We are also dreaming of a system better than GPS that could help bring “Peace on earth.”  This will require collaboration with other countries in a large variety of scientific activities.  Our goal is to use technology to help further the effort of “Finding Peace on Earth Good will toward men.” I will show you how and why precise timekeeping plays a major role in this goal.

Precise timekeeping has improved by a billion fold during my 82 years on this planet, and it has been exciting to be part of it.  It is the most accurate and precise of all technologies and growing faster with enormous benefits to the human family.  GPS is an example: the heart of GPS is precisely synchronized atomic clocks; it would not work without them.

(By reading this blog article, it may help you under stand in five minutes how GPS works. )    The incredible accuracies of the ever improving atomic-clock technologies opens an opportunity to make an advanced GPS with much greater precision than it has now and with enormous benefits.  It is now about 5 meters accurate; can you imagine 1 millimeter?
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