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Book of Mormon Conference Review – April 2019

The Book of Mormon Evidence Conference was a smashing success (11-13 April 2019) – showing the Book of Mormon to be a Hebrew text and proving its validity with strong Jewish traditions.

Joseph Smith prophesied that the world would prove him a prophet.  We are there.  The millennials want proof and to know what is true; we have it for them.

I have never had so many sincere complements on a presentation that I have given. I offered proof of where the Book of Mormon took place and why it is very important for America to wake up and REPENT – to come to the God of this land, who is Jesus the Christ!  The backgroud for my address came from an article I have written.

Two of the conference speakers were Jewish converts.  I received permission from Robert Kay, who is a Cohen descendent and well learned in the traditions of the Jews, to tell about his conversion story and his contributions pertaining to Hebraisms in the Book of Mormon. 

I am reading again his version of the Book of Mormon showing the Hebraisms and how it profoundly ties to the Adamic language as well as to Hebrew culture.  LDS Living published an article showing my research on the Adamic language. 

Book of Mormon Midrash

Most people don’t know what a Hebrew Midrash is:  The Torah (the five books of Moses) is explained in great detail by the Tabbies in the Talmud.  In the Talmud they often uses a Midrash to show the significance and implications of meaning to a particular verse of scripture.

At the conference I was greatly impressed to learn that Nephi, Jacob, and Abinadi were doing Hebrew Midrashs on the scriptures they were quoting from Isaiah and Zenos.  In particular, Nephi is doing a Midrash on Isaiah 48 and 49 (1 Nephi 20 and 21) in 1 Nephi 22 – showing its relevance for our day.  This chapter has been one of my favorites over the years; now it has even greater meaning.  In addition, Nephi is doing a Midrash on Isaiah chapters 2-14 (compare 2 Nephi 12-24) just after he quotes them.  His Midrash follows in 2 Nephi 25-29.

Jacob is doing a Midrash on Zeno’s allegory as he shares it and his comments in Jacob 4-6.  I have a blog article showing the significance of this allegory: Some of Zenos’s writings were found in 1906.

Abinadi is testifying of the atonement of Christ in King Noah’s court as he does a Midrash on Isaiah 53 before he was martyred.  See Mosiah chapters 14-16.  Abinadi’s testimony converted Alma.  The impact of the conversions of Alma and his son, Alma the younger, have impacted millions of lives in bringing them to Christ.

Some of the protagonists say that Joseph copied scriptures from the Bible into the Book of Mormon.  At the conference, this was proven not true.  There are 433 verses of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon and over half of them are significantly different, and those differences often reflect the Hebraisms.

The historical documentation around the coming forth of the Book of Mormon proves its divinity.  It was translated in approximately 65 days and the printing was a miracle also.

In contrast, it took the 51 King James scholars seven years to pull together the KJV of the Bible, then 76 % of what they used was William Tyndale’s translation.

Book of Mormon Museum

Jonathan Neville gave three great presentations at the conference and shared their grand plan to put a Book of Mormon museum in Washington D.C. with scriptures on the face of the museum showing that, “The Book of Mormon is a sacred book of ancient scripture that is evidence of God’s love for all people of the world.”

Book of Jasher

At the conference, I learned from David Hocking that the Book of Jasher, which is referenced in the Bible but not included, was found in Europe in Hebrew and translated into English in 1840 – ten years after the Book of Mormon was published.  The Book of Jasher has 91 chapters and covers from Adam down to Joshua.  Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon references contents of the Book of Jasher.  This itself shows direct evidence of the validity of the Book of Mormon.

David Hocking and Rod Meldrum are the editors of the newly published Annotated Book of Mormon, which sold 5,000 copies of the first printing last Fall.  They have printed 20 thousand more and they are nearly gone.  Rod has added quotes from the prophets and pictures of likely places for the geography.  I have read it and believe it is one the best books on the planet to build faith in the Lord and to show that America is the Promised Land spoken of in the Book of Mormon and prophesied of in the Bible.

Timothy Ballard Address

The capstone talk of the conference was Timothy Ballard’s.  Tim has probably done more than any other human on the planet to stop the horrible human trafficking problem.  He has consulted with President Trump on this problem, been on the Glen Beck show, written the bestselling book, The American Covenant, and has saved a large number of children along with arresting many of those involved with this heinous sin.  One of the amazing arrests of 15 perpetrators of child pedophelia and the saving of 125 children in that operation was so significant that Columbia Pictures is going to make a movie of it that should be out this November, “The Sounds of Freedom.”

Tim also shared a synopsis of his bestselling book, The Lincoln Hypothesis, showing how the Book of Mormon changed Lincoln’s life and religious freedom in this country.  It is an amazing story and a story everyone should know.

It is so exciting to see the Lord’s hand in sharing the gospel around the world and to be a part of it.  The best thing we can do is to “learn of me…” (Matt. 11: 28-30) “find rest unto your souls.” Live and share His glorious message of LOVE.

David W Allan