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Hebrew Midrash and The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a Hebrew book written in the “Manner of the Jews”.  It is  often difficult for those who are not familiar with the Jewish culture, traditions and mannerisms to understand or appreciate the  complexities and subtleties of this amazing witness of Christ.  We will see that the Hebrew Midrash is an extremely important methodology going back thousands of years for the Hebrew culture.  Understanding the Tree of Life is one of the great benefits.

Torah and Talmud

The Manner of the Jews – Let’s begin here:

What is the difference between the Torah and Talmud?  Torah:  It is the Hebrew Bible which includes the first Five Books of Moses.  Talmud: The Rabbis, wanting to amplify and better understand the Torah wrote  the Talmud. It is collection of the writings of the wisdom of the rabbis over many millennia discussing or debating what the Torah means, which covers Jewish law and traditions.
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