The Transparent Truth Shall Set You Free

Truth and freedom Transparent Truth Shall Set You Free

With the apparent election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice-President and watching the House impeach President Trump, we need to know what the future holds – to know where we are in God’s TIME TABLE.

As we look at the earth on which we orbit the sun and the world through God’s eyes as best we can, we see a most exciting future that He is preparing for us.  As I read the scriptures, it gives me great solace that I know He knows the end from the beginning.  To see current events laid out in them and the signs of the times are exciting.

Many think there is not much any of us can do to change things, but after doing the research for this blog article, I have learned we can and should do a lot.  First, we can better understand who they are who want to take away our liberty and know what we can best do in our lives to preserve our freedom.  Knowing, sharing, and living the TRUTH “shall make you free!” (John 8:32) We need not fear the future, but rejoice in the Lord!

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved many into fear.  People generally don’t like change, and the year 2020 not only brought fear but many undesirable changes.  But if we will take God’s view, He has many major desirable changes in store, and the net of them is glorious.  The battle ahead is Christ versus Satan.  We need transparency to know what is going on so that we can help in the cause of Christ and be totally free – have true liberty.  We know who will win.  Let us learn how we can best be on His side.

The New World Order (NWO) Vs Christ

The New World Order (NWO) folks are on Satan’s side, and the Christ-centered folks are on the other.  It is the difference between knowing and trusting God’s Plan of Happiness which is based on “freedom to choose and individual sovereignty” versus the state being the sovereign entity and making us slaves. “…because of the righteousness of his people, Satan has no power…” (1 Nephi 22:26)

New World Order  Digital Plans

Here, I share TRANSPARENCY on how the NWO folks plan to enslave us and how we can avoid being deceived by them in their plans.  If we expose their plans, then they cannot succeed.  They are working for Satan, and we need to know that. Digital technology, artificial intelligence (AI), control of the internet, all media including social media are extremely important tools in their plans.  In addition to digital technology, other plans are being implemented.

1. First, digital technology will change how we buy and sell. The digital currency will be the mode by which we purchase food and other goods. This will introduce the mark of the beast.  If you don’t accept the mark, then you will not be able to purchase goods.

2. Robots are digital.  If they can teach a robot how to do your job, then the NWO folks can get rid of you and use the robot, or artificial intelligence.

 Display of Other Manipulative Powers

1. One of the most recent displays of their manipulative powers was with the so-called war on terrorism triggered by the events of 9/11. 911 What Really Happened.

2. Next, is their planned control tactic to take away our guns. The NWO folks fear the populace in America in this regard because they know that most Americans hold sacred the 2nd Amendment.

3. We also hold sacred 1st Amendment, “freedom of speech.”  Now, the NWO folks are trying to take over the internet with AI to take down anything that is contrary to their AGENDA – destroying digital free speech on the internet.

4. With the computer “cloud” and orbiting satellites, they are moving forward with implementing 24/7 monitoring of every person and doing digital facial imaging. The Chinese are already doing this to a large degree, and the long-range plan is to follow their successful example of controlling the populace.

5. The NWO folks, which Catherine Austin Fitts calls “Mr. Global,” are using digital technology to take control of our lives and turn us into slaves.  Ms. Fitts was Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing in the Bush administration.  Her excellent video explains this threat, video.

6.   One of their goals is to control and to massively decrease the population. Previously we have seen anthrax attacks.  Now we have COVID-19 as a health-scare crisis to control the world populace by fear tactics.  Next is depopulation through vaccines.

The NWO see themselves as a different species. They see the world’s problem of overpopulation and the use of natural resources as their problem to be solved by their more brilliant minds by depopulating, abusing us to fulfill their purposes, to satisfy their atheistic view of life, while they appear to be helping us through this COVID health crisis.

Who Are These People?

1. Who are these people?  They are the very rich – using their wealth to further their agenda and often using philanthropy to make them look like the “good guy.”  They are meeting this month (Jan.’21) in Devos, Switzerland, to plan the big “reset.”  I don’t know the date; I wasn’t invited; I’m on the wrong team as a devout disciple of Jesus Christ.  They are atheists – serving Satan and taking the title of “God” unto themselves – and preparing the anti-Christ – for his prophetic devilish activities.

2. The NWO folks are not new.  They have been at it for generations and include folks from the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J. P. Morgan, and now George Soros, and many more of the rich and so-called famous.

Some of them don’t understand the big picture and are playing along with their AGENDA.  If you look at AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 2030, their goals sound most helpful for the world, and many who are helping don’t know they are augmenting Satan’s subtle strategies.

3. How many are grateful to shop on Amazon?  The richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos, the President and CEO of Amazon, and a member of the Bilderberger’s Group.  Through his philanthropy is impressive, I noticed that in 2020 he pledged $10 billion to combat climate change, which is a big NWO agenda item.

4. James Corbett has a two-hour documentary on Bill Gates – the second richest man in the world, who is a big promoter of the vaccine for COVID-19.  Look out for that one.  Corbett documents that Gates’s goals are control and depopulation.  Global warming, climate change, and the carbon tax are part of their strategies to make everyone believe it is overpopulation that is at fault.

Stay on God’s Side

We need to be working for Christ and not let secularism control the future. This digital era in which we live has brought us enormous blessings. The Lord inspired digital technology to help spread His word.  The internet is our main tool in sharing the gospel and doing genealogy. Satan has taken this wonderful source of communication and distorted its purposes.

1. Recognize that we are in a war,  Christ versus Satan. There are many precious souls, who enjoy “freedom of choice” versus “deep-state” sovereignty.  Satan uses subtle language to make what they are doing appear to be for the good of humanity, when their long-term AGENDA is totally otherwise.

2.  Examine your own life and repent of your own sins and misdeeds.  Invoke the Lord’s promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

3. The most important work any of us can do is help Heavenly Father share the glorious message of the gospel and bring souls to Christ.

4. Help with TRANSPARENCY by recognizing who they are and help to expose those who have a subversive agenda and not be deceived by their digital technology. Learn how you can be a “Voice of Warning” with  all you can.  Use the wonderful digital tools the Lord has given us to share His word.  If we will treasure up His WORD, we will not be deceived. (JS-M 37)

5. Grow your own food and be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in anticipation of the Glorious Day of the Lord – know that Satan will be bound and we can help bind him by knowing, living, and sharing the TRUTH.

6. Build up your immunity system by healthy eating: Fundamental Messages for Strong Immunity.

7. Protect yourself during a Pandemic.   Buy organic foods, fresh as possible, and avoid processed foods – avoid GMO, MSG, HFCS, and know that table sugar takes down your immunity system and is a slow poison.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is to trust in God; repent; be one with Him; inculcate fully the blessings of His infinite atonement, and share His glorious gospel message with all who desire to receive it.  The TRUTH shall make you free; TRANSPARENCY will get you there, and living the Law of Love – of God and all His precious children.

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