Am I A Monkey’s Uncle?

Monkeydo.jpgIs Darwin right?  Are we evolved creatures as is taught in most schools and universities including BYU?  Is science correct and the Bible wrong in regard to evolution?  Could I be a “Monkey’s Uncle”? Many believe God used evolution to bring about the human family.  The theory of organic evolution leads to atheism.  Of the leading American scientists, 93% are atheists or agnostics and don’t believe the Bible story of creation or salvation. Do you know where you came from, your potential, and where you are going?  Is there salvation; if so, how are we saved?

Answers to These Questions Are Vital to Our Happiness

The answers to these questions have an enormous impact upon how we feel about ourselves.  Did we come from God or slime?  Will we go back to God or to dirt, forever?  Am I a monkey’s uncle?

What is our attitude: survival of the fittest or how can we best love and serve to bring honor and glory to our loving Creator?  If Darwinian evolution is false, there has been a massive world-wide deceit for more than a century and a half with enormous implications in our personal lives. If Darwin’s theory is true, then we have what we have: a world that has become morally bankrupt with increasing atheism and materialism.

It seems like we are back to the famous “Scope’s  or Monkey Trial” of nearly a century ago, where Clarence Darrow, an agnostic, laid before the world that the Bible must be a myth and that evolution was sound science .

This trial basically launched evolution being introduced into our education system.
Now, we have a reversal to the question: is the Bible true, or is science true?  We will see several instances where this reversal is taking place.

Dog’s Barking – Angels Singing

The two books by Stephen C. Meyer, Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt, document intelligent design (ID) in the DNA, and show a major flaw in Darwin’s theory in that a large number of species show up in the same epoch without evolutionary predecessors in what is known as the Cambrian explosion; the data are irrefutable.

Of Meyer’s book, Signature in the Cell, George Gilder says, “Meyer demolishes the materialist superstition at the core of evolutionary biology by exposing its Achilles’ heel: its utter blindness to the origins of information.  With the recognition that cells function as fast as supercomputers and as fruitfully as so many factories, the case for mindless cosmos collapses.  His refutation of Richard Dawkins will have all the dogs barking and the angels singing.”

Is God Hidden?

Dawkins, probably the world’s most famous atheist and author of the best-selling book (over 1 million copies), The God Delusion, was interviewed by Ben Stein.  Ben asked Richard, “What if after you die you run into God…” what would you say?
Richard responded, quoting Bertrand Russell, “Sir, why did you take such pains to hide yourself?”

Ben’s response, “But if the intelligent-design people are right, God isn’t hidden.”
Furthermore, as is shown in Darwin’s Doubt, the Cambrian explosion documents several species coming forth without evolutionary predecessors.  Such fossil records have been found in Europe, Canada, and south China – all contrary to Darwinian evolution.  Louis Agassiz, the world’s foremost naturalist, pointed this out to Darwin at the time.

Darwin chose to go with the theory rather than the data, and at the end of his life regret it.  There is plenty of data showing evolution within a “kind,” but no data to show evolution from kind to kind.  Darwinian evolution has now been shown to be a “false” theory without data to support it!  There has been a massive deceit.  Evolution within a species is well documented.  God designed additivity to our environment.

Darwin Is Wrong

At the University of Washington, Dr. J.Y. Chen lectured on the China fossil find.  One of the professors attending the lecture asked him afterwards, wondering if in China they could question evolution.  He responded, “In China we can criticize Darwin, but not the government.  In America, you can criticize the government, but not Darwin.”

A brand new book from the Discovery Institute (July 2016) by Douglas Axe, Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed, brings the latest and best information showing that Darwin was wrong and in laymen’s language.  As cited from one of the many 5-star reviews on, Axe is an eminent microbiologist, who has published extensively in scientific journals, the writing here–while professional and instructive–is easy reading for the non-scientist.  The evolutionists will hate this book.
Even back in 1980, Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould stated, “that neo-Darwinism is effectively dead, despite its persistence as textbook orthodoxy; the weight of critical opinion in biology has grown steadily with each passing year.”

Clovis Culture Findings

A good friend of ours is writing a science book in which he shows that the Clovis culture corresponds beautifully to the family of Adam and Eve.  For example, this culture had its origin in North America before the “earth was divided” (Genesis 10:25) and ended cataclysmically, i.e. Noah’s flood.  I give more detail about this culture’s ties to the family of Adam and Eve in Chapter 6 of my book.

Our friend further shows that with autoclave experiments, fossilization can occur in months and doesn’t take millions of years.  His data show that the dinosaur fossil record can be elegantly explained by the temperatures and pressures coming from Noah’s flood, which are similar to those in an autoclave.

A beautiful and large quartz crystal can be grown in an autoclave in a little over a month.  Then such is cut in special ways to make electronic filters and oscillators.  The quantity of these manufactured is in the billions per year.  You probably have several of them in your electronic devices.

The conditions of the flood, as our friend points out, were also ideal for growing quartz crystals, but the additional feature of the flood is that they may often end up with little bubbles of water in them – called enhydro-quartz crystals.  These can be found around the globe and can easily be explained by the flood, while geologists “scratch their heads” trying to figure out how they were made – denying the Bible account of the flood conditions providing exactly the conditions needed to grow these flood-validating quartz crystals.

Historical Point of View

From a linguistic and historic point of view in Chapter 3 of my book, “It’s About Time,” I show with a high mathematical probability, evidence for the existence of the pure Adamic language and a consistency of phraseology for all of the scriptures (ancient and modern, Eastern and Western hemisphere) that could have only happened under divine guidance.

No human could have authored the same.  LDS Living published an article of mine explaining this finding in some detail. So, for the intellectually honest, we have profound evidence of God’s loving watch care over the ages and across the globe in all the scriptures now available to us.  The information in this blog is a synopsis of Chapter 6 of the book, “It’s About Time” as well.

David W Allan

Darwin is wrong! Thank my lucky stars, the bible is right and I’m NOT a “Monkey’s Uncle.”