Healthy Habits – Controlling Hypertension

Controlling Hypertension (high blood pressure) is vital for good health. Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood against the walls of the blood vessels. When blood pressure is consistently too high, the risk of heart disease and stroke and even death increases.

I inherited the tendency for hypertension from my mother.  For decades, she fought it with medications. I was on blood pressure medications after I had my heart attack and stroke.

Water Benefits For Controlling Blood Pressure

In my research I found a doctor up in the North West, USA who had dealt with her hypertension by using the Kangen home water filtration and ionization system.
Kangen water acts as an anti-oxidant, which is very powerful for both fighting disease as well as detoxifying the body and bringing about cell healing and replacement as necessary.

This water helps bring the body in homeostasis, which is the way the body maintains a stable internal environment. The purpose of homeostasis is to maintain a normal balance within the body regarding its temperature, salt concentration, water concentration, and food intake.

I have found that the Kangen water along with eating red beats, being properly hydrated, have been helpful for me along with proper dealing with stress for healthy blood pressure levels.

Meditation and Prayer for Stress Relief and Controlling Hypertension

Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa who is an American physician and medial researcher strongly advocates meditation for controlling stress. I use Dr. Khalsa simple and profound method of meditating. I was also happy to read of Dr. Khalsa’s great support of the power of prayer in healing and in moving one into a healthy meditative state.

A Water Side Note

I had a wonderful bike ride today up to the Big Springs that are gushing out of the mountains in such a refreshing way.  These springs supply the water for the biggest fish hatchery in the state, all Fountain Green’s culinary water needs, and the areas irrigation needs.

Last year with the drought, the springs were down to only 2 CFS (cubic feet per second).  Now they are over 18 – an answer to many prayers and fastings.  THANK YOU, LORD.
I cut off the lid of an empty beer can that I keep hidden by the spring to drink out of.  Two 12 oz. of that wonderful water works miracles and feels so good.

Healthy Healing Results

My blood pressure is 115/81 with a heart rate of 51 bpm. I haven’t seen those kinds of BP numbers for decades with hypertension being a genetic problem in our family. It is wonderful to be off of all meds and to feel good.

If this helps any of you, I will be very happy.  Please feel free to share with your family and friends.

David W Allan

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