Healthy Habits: Piezoelectric Effect In Our Bones

What does the Piezoelectric Effect have to do with our bones? Before I tell you, a short science lesson may be helpful.

What is the Piezoelectric Effect?

Simple Definition: The Piezoelectric Effect is simply the generation of a voltage when something is compressed, stretched, or twisted.  Quartz crystals have this unusual property as do bones.

Because of this effect in Quartz-crystals they are used extensively in electronic systems. You probably have a several them in your home, in your car and there are many in your computer.  For instance, the striker button on your barbecue generates a voltage or electric charge which ignites the flame by compressing a Quartz-crystal. So when you light your barbecue, the Piezoelectric Effect has been set in motion. There are about as many quartz-crystal oscillators and resonators manufactured each year as there are people on the planet.

The Piezoelectric Effect is evidence of Divine Design

When your bones are compressed, stretched, or twisted as you use them, they send voltage signals to your body.  Piezoelectric Effect then tells your body you are using your bones in a certain way.  Your body responds by helping you to develop that functionality and increasing your performance in that area in which you are using your bodies amazing capabilities.  As an example, we witness the performance of a graceful figure skater maneuvering around the ice-rink.  Unknowingly, they have been using this piezoelectric effect in the bones of their body to perfect their performance over the years of practicing.

Healthy Habits: How I Use The Piezoelectric Effect For My Bones

As a result of knowing of this piezoelectric effect in our bones, I purposely compress, stretch, and twist my bones as I do my exercises each day.  This knowledge has helped me overcome back pain. This knowledge has also helped me deal with shoulder pain and how to avoid joint pain.

I continually thank the Lord for the incredible design of our bodies.  Indeed, this Piezoelectric Effect signaling is a direct manifestation of Divine Design.

David W. Allan

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